Although 90,000 people are staying in the blood mark, Xiao Wen can completely imagine what kind of expression 90,000 people would say this. He couldn’t help but soften his heart and said, "Ok, go to sleep first."


"If you can’t hold on, or catch up soon, call me."
Ninety thousand girls soon lost their activity, and Xiao Wen also withdrew his mind and concentrated on chasing the colt that day.
The chase between creatures is actually very subtle, especially those with similar speed. No matter what the purpose of chasing, there is no doubt that those who escape want to get rid of the chasing and those who chase want to catch the fleeing, which is their greatest wish. Having the greatest wish naturally has the smallest wish. The smallest wish of the fleeing party is not to be caught up, and the smallest wish of the chasing party is not to be lost. When the two chasing creatures all try their best and are as tired as dead dogs, they will enter that delicate stalemate. Seeing that the two sides are getting closer and closer, the fleeing party will definitely run hard. When the distance is getting bigger, the fleeing party is too tired to die, and the chasing party is afraid of losing it, so it will catch up again.
Two creatures with similar speed, under the condition of the same degree of perseverance and not affected by other factors, it is difficult to have a result unless one of them gets tired first.
Tian Dunju and Xiao Wen undoubtedly belong to this case. In fact, the distance between the two sides has been changing, but whether it is getting bigger or smaller, there is a degree. Tian Dunju didn’t give Xiao Wen a chance to shoot it directly with the golden body magic tactic. And Xiao Wen has always controlled the distance from the day to the colt within thyme.
Cross grassland, jungle, mountain, river and lake, and then continue grassland …
Xiao Wen and Tian Dunju began to chase from the grassland in the northwest of Tianlan demon world. As a result, Tian Dunju fled straight to the south in front, but he took Xiao Wen to the middle of Tianlan demon world first. And then to the south …
Both sides were a little overwhelmed along the way. It took more than half a month to chase and stop, and it has already reached the deep mountains in the southeast of Tianlan demon world.
Xiao Wen was so impressed that he fled the colt this day, and his endurance was strong! If he hadn’t taken some pills to restore xìng with him, he might have been dumped by Tian Dunju. However, even so. He is really a little overwhelmed now. Stimulating the flashing rainbow is a direct loss of the Taoist base of the deep and remote system. How can there be any medicine to directly replenish the Taoist base in this world …
It’s a pity that it’s not really stupid to escape from the colt this day. Otherwise, Xiao Wen really wants to take the transmission array directly to intercept it …
"Victory is just around the corner. Be sure to resist! " Xiao Wen is sitting on a piece of bluestone, eating dry food and drinking water. Ninety thousand girls are behind him, pinching their shoulders and cheering.
"Give in to the top …" Xiao asked weakly tunnel.
90,000 stealthily behind Xiao Wen, and slapped Xiao Wen on the shoulder again, saying, "It’s over!"
"So soon? !” Xiao asked obviously haven’t enjoyed enough, wondering.
"How many good meals do you owe this girl? Now you haven’t returned any. I don’t know if the current service will beat the dog with meat buns, hehe." Ninety thousand bad laughs.
"Well, how many meals? I really didn’t remember. " Xiao asked seriously.
"Twenty-seven meals." Ninety thousand immediately serious tunnel.
"I knew you wouldn’t be honest! What 27 meals, obviously 19 meals! " Xiao asked proudly.
After 90,000, he changed his face and said fiercely, "I know that I am still cheating this girl!"
However, even if it is playing the role of fierce, there is a faint smile on 90 thousand’s face, which makes people want to pinch it.
"Quick, the dead horse has run away again!" Xiao asked suddenly face se a change, got up and said.
Ninety thousand people knew that Xiao Wen wouldn’t joke about it, so they immediately returned to the blood mark.
As a result, this chase caught up with the southern coast. When the sun set, the sky didn’t stop, and it rushed directly into the sea!
There is brilliance flowing under its hooves, which is completely against the air, and its speed is not slower than that on the ground.
Xiao Wen, who chased after the coast, was completely stunned and exclaimed, "Is it trying to spend the end with us?"
The area of the sea in Tianlan Demon World is much larger than that of the land. Running straight ahead for half a year does not necessarily lead to the end. It’s really a bit like fighting with Xiao Wen to run to the sea so decisively.
His side just stupidly, the day dun colt stopped, turned to look up, eyes full of anger and unyielding …
Obviously, this day dun colt has been completely angered by Xiao Wen, and he will not fall on Xiao Wen’s hand to the death …
Moreover, the day dun colt’s eyes were still faint with a vicious spirit. It was a tame monster beast, and at this moment it was forced out of the real fire by Xiao Wen. This time, you can’t escape everything from nature. If you can really escape, you may even find Xiao Wen for revenge after RI.
Xiao Wen couldn’t help sighing in the sky, and then roared in the direction of Tiandun colt: "Don’t you just want to let you bleed?" If I were you, I’d rather shed some blood at the beginning than suffer now. Even running for half a month, even eating a meal is restless. Is this a horse’s son? … "
Don’t say, what Xiao Wen said is really reasonable. With the recovery speed of Tian Dunju, if Ren Xiao asked to put a bowl of blood, it would recover in a day or two at most, and even the wound would not be left. Now, I’m tired. The whole day seems to have lost a circle, which is worth a bucket of blood …
Unfortunately, Tian Dunju didn’t understand what Xiao asked, stared at Xiao again and turned and ran.
Xiao Wen had to continue to chase, and 90 thousand continued to be embarrassed in the blood mark.
After entering the sea, Rizi passed day after day, and unconsciously, it has been more than a month!
Don’t say that it’s time to escape. At this time, Xiao Wen has lost a circle, and his foundation has been greatly damaged, which is almost unsustainable.
The situation of Tian Dunju is even worse, because the sea is not like land, and there is not grass everywhere. In this more than a month, it has been running on an empty stomach for at least half a month …
Day dun colt’s body is getting thinner and thinner, but his eyes are getting brighter and brighter, which is completely exhausting with Xiao Wen!
On this day, after chasing for half a day, a big island with a shade of trees suddenly appeared on the horizon. Tiandun colt actually let out a whoop of joy and hissed, got up and ran to the island.
"Can’t let it eat!" These days, 90,000 people haven’t eaten anything good, and their hearts are in anger. They immediately urged Xiao Wen to catch up.
Xiao asked the governor, too, and played J and jīng God to catch up. To tell the truth, he was really unable to hold on. Think about it, too. Compared with the speed recognized in this world, the speed is one and a half months. Isn’t that asking for it …
Day dun colt first step into the island, at most 30 breath kung fu, Xiao Wen also came to the island.
"hmm? !”
Xiao Wen originally thought that he would seize all the time to fill his stomach that day, but the dead horse was still running forward, completely ignoring the grass around the island.
Not to your liking?
What time are you picky about food? !
"What’s that? !” Xiao asked suddenly exclaim aloud, because he actually saw a fairly large circular area in the running direction of Dunju that day, which was obviously artificially built!
It’s a magic circle!
There’s a magic circle on this island!
But at this moment, Dunju had already stood on that circle that day, and turned around and stared at Xiao with resentment.
"Hum! ! !”
For an instant, the whole island seemed to tremble, and the circle of magic suddenly spread out!
Even more frightening is yet to come. A circle of white light came out from that circle, with a larger radius and faster speed. Finally, it disappeared into the sky silently. However, Xiao asked how experienced he was, and he clearly felt that the white light did not disappear, but broke out! (To be continued. )

Chapter four hundred and thirty-three Exchange
Seeing those white lights break out of bounds, Xiao Wen was a little stupidly. How could this powerful avatar be inspired by a magic circle hidden on an island deep in the sea? If he hadn’t chased the silly day to escape from the colt, would there be other people and monsters here in this world? It’s impossible
However, now that I think about it, it seems that Dunju ran straight here that day after he was debunked. In other words, it was premeditated!
The situation is not good. Yes!
Xiao asked quickly bowed their heads and looked into the circle, and the result was one leng. I saw that Dunju was still there that day, and he was not even sent away!
"It’s … it’s rare that it hasn’t been used for too long, and it has failed?" Ninety thousand asked.
Xiao asked, but he was relieved. "Now it really can’t run away. You have to put some blood on it first."
"Brother, the situation seems to be wrong!" 90 thousand suddenly said.
Before Xiao Wen could react, he immediately said, "It was wrong, otherwise the dead horse would have run away."
"No. Look at the look on that dead horse. It doesn’t look like a little failure at all, but it is triumphant. " Ninety thousand nasty explained.