He should have touched someone else’s mobile phone during this period, and pressed the button to make the screen light up and show a familiar smile.


Gao Libing’s eyes are smiling.
"This woman is beautiful. Where is she?"
He said that he rubbed his mobile phone screen photos with one hand and looked up at the people around him with an extremely selective attitude.
Zhou Jia bit his teeth and shook his head. "She didn’t come to this place."
Gao Libing nodded
"That’s a pity, or you can play …"
Taking his word, his face suddenly changed, and he lifted his foot and kicked it at Zhou Jia.
His leg speed is surprisingly fast, but it is even more mixed with this strong force to kick Zhou Jia directly several meters away.
The pain made Zhou Jia’s expression distorted and he shrank to twitch.
"What the fuck is your face!" Gao Libing cold face looks like.
"Looking for death!"
Said the mobile phone to throw a stomp.
"Click Cha" makes Zhou Jia’s body stiff and curled up. His eyes are red and his hands are blue and his drums are high, so he holds them tightly.
The crowd was scattered in all directions, and everyone had a panoramic view of the scene, but no one said anything
Chen Hui opened her mouth to come over and was stopped by Dai Lei and Cheng Qi.
"What’s the matter?"
At this moment, the waist is hung with double knives, and Stuart steps to punch a hole and sweep his head.
"The name is Gao, and there are still some places where you should be careful."
High interest grasp cold hum reached out and pointed to a tall woman in the crowd.
"Come here!"
The woman’s face changed slightly, and her eyes looked forward to looking at the people around her, but those who were familiar with her line of sight avoided one by one
White what’s going on Dai Lei and other women are more relieved.
The woman still walked towards Gao Libing. She was pale and her feet were weak, and she was almost separated by the other side.
Yu zhoujia
Still breathing
For a long time, I slowly propped up and picked up the pieces of my mobile phone bit by bit.
"If you enter here, you can be flexible, if you have a weak constitution, you can enter directly."
"Mr. Stuart, what do you mean?"
Compared with the other three peers, Stuart’s temper should be the best to smell speech and not be angry, explained
"Every step of eleven cowhide, two tiger bones, three strong, four changed blood, even if you have a certain self-protection here."
"There is a big difference in strength."
"Of course, it is common to really fight if you are armed with sharp weapons and have high martial arts skills."