Lin Corps 3,000 warriors fell to the capital in the dark night.


Since Qin Yu and Lin Nianlei confirmed, the Lins have almost nothing to help HunChengLv.
This is the first and most important time.
Big Uncle personally led a team to help Qin Yu climb to the top of Sichuan House.
Five minutes later, there were parachutes all over the capital.
After the war, I was just a reinforcements in the ninth district, but I was overjoyed at the sight of the umbrella logo and the soldiers’ war. "Damn it! ! ! Big Brother came to Xiaoyu and got up! "
Zheng Xinghui, near the north entrance, also recognized the identity of the parachute troops, and he was full of despair and "can’t keep it."
Qin Yu rushed out, tugging at his neck and yelling, "All the combat units of Huncheng Brigade are splitting up with us!"
In the dark, a group of soldiers armed to Tooth Special Operations Brigade came from the side.
Lin Xiaoduan squatted down with a gun and shouted at Qin Yu, "This is a dowry from my father to Lei Lei."
The health of 3,000 people means that the issue of heavy capital ownership has ended.
Chapter 1564 Take the heavy capital
Lin Xiao-te’s first brigade broke the balance of the battlefield immediately after dropping its weight, and after a short struggle, the Guarding Guards fled irrepressibly.
It’s not that the self-defense forces have run out of fighting power, but that the soldiers and grass-roots officers are completely desperate. It’s like two people are fighting each other. You punched each other and I punched each other for half an hour, and I was ready to give the other side a blow with my last breath, but then a bystander suddenly joined the battle and punched one of them in the head.
This punch is enough to decide whether to win or lose. The person who is knocked down has no breath in his heart. He feels that victory is completely expected, and he can quickly get up and turn around and run.
As the old saying goes, this defeat is like a mountain. If a soldier wants to run, it will inevitably lead to a chain reaction.
Qin Yu took HunChengLv into the city, and the soldiers pinched the most closely defended special warfare brigade in the north, and cooperated with it to attack continuously. Less than five minutes later, the officers here also fled with the soldiers and ran in the direction outside the city without looking back.
Street Lin Xiao according to the right ear headset to drink and asked "autonomy will call? Get a good horse and control it. That’s it. "
Lin Xiao turned to Qin Yu immediately after the communication with his own special team leader and said, "Don’t chase the stragglers. The troops in the ninth district are on their way here. You have to quickly clean up the other management agencies in the city and stabilize the department first."
Qin Yuwen immediately waved his hand and commanded, "Give the fangs a fierce command to let him divide his troops and quickly take over the urban management organization."
"Yes!" Was fierce immediately replied.
Far mountain battlefield
The news that Lin Xiao’s special brigade lost its weight has reached four regiments of the Self-Defense Forces.
Gang Taiyong also forcibly ordered the officers to keep secret the news that Chongdu was lost, and prepared to chew off the courtyard of the remote mountain autonomous association in one breath and seize the main management team of Xu Yan to blackmail Qin Yu, but the news that Chongdu was lost was too fast. Not only did the main military chiefs of the four regiments hear the message, but many grassroots cadres also received the news from the comrades who were defending Chongdu and knew that their lair was gone …
What’s the point of hitting the distant mountains when the lethality of this kind of news is that the weight limit is gone? Besides, they fought so hard when there were no reinforcements in the distant mountains, not to mention now, or has the small white regiment of Hunchenglv arrived at the situation?
Grass-roots officers’ mentality collapsed, and they knew that if they didn’t run at this time, they would definitely be covered by distant mountains. There was also a large-scale flight in this battlefield
As soon as the troops were taken away, the attack was not smooth. It was too brave, and it was even more impossible to break into the autonomous compound. But it was almost impossible for him to run at this time. Because of the red eye and white eyes, he stared at the command position of too brave and surrounded him.
The two sides fought fiercely around the complicated streets of Yuanshan Town for half an hour. After that, they were too brave to run out of ammunition and food. Without the support of follow-up troops, they were finally blocked in an abandoned water house.
Small white kick gates led hundreds of soldiers rushed in "too brave how do you fucking want to die? !”