"How can I leave this group of people so jealous that our treasures want to kill us here?"


Although there were so many accidents in Jin Xian, I was so excited by the accident.
This group of people gathered here not because of anything else, but because of evil intentions, in an attempt to intercept Xia Qi several people here to seize the treasure.
"A group of Jin Xian, a fairy king and a group of immortals dare to covet my treasures today, so I will let them know the consequences of coveting my treasures."
Xia Qiyan nbsp; A strong murder came from my body.
However, this fade appeared instantly and then suddenly disappeared.
Then Xia Qi showed a bitter look of fear and looked around near Jin Xian and the statue of the fairy king. He showed a look of fear.
"Hand over the Kirin species"
Dozens of Jin Xian around Xia Qi several people its Jin Xian peak strong step in the previous step over the rest of Jin Xian pointed to Xia Qi bullying way
The rest of Jin Xian didn’t even have a mouth to watch Xia Qi quietly. It seems that it depends on whether Xia Qi will take out Kirin species.
And also in these Jin Xian and that a fairy king looked at Xia Qi will Xia Qi slightly drooping eyes; Show a touch of sarcasm
Sudden change at one moment
A purple light from Xia Qi hand; Toward is not far away watching the fairy king maser.
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Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two insidious calculation
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This purple light is as fast as light from Xia Qi. Its direction is not in front of HeWen Jin Xian impressively in a little further that a statue of fairy king.
A large number of Jin Xian and Tianxian; There is only one fairy king.
This statue of the fairy king is the second young master of the shogunate Zhou family, Zhou Jianxian king around him.
Purple light is shot and Zhou Jiandu slightly zheng consciousness will fly out with a wave of his hand this purple light.
However, just when he was going to do this, the object with purple light suddenly appeared, and it was a tiny unicorn.
"Kirin species"
Zhou Jian low shout a face with a hint of disbelief doesn’t seem to believe that Xia Qi would be so simple to deliver Kirin species without any hesitation.
However, regardless of the heart nbsp; This is a unicorn species.
Zhou Jian threw a question and wanted to clap his hand out. The palm of his hand also turned slightly towards this little Kirin and grabbed it.
The species of Kirin has been refined into a statue of Kirin by Xia Qi, but because the species of Kirin is almost exactly the same as that of Kirin, and Xia Qi made Kirin converge its vitality, in this short time, Zhou Jiangen didn’t feel that something was wrong with the species of Kirin, so he took the species of Kirin in his hand >
This change suddenly changed the field.
The original dozens of Jin Xian eyes were locked in Xia Qi because they knew that Kirin was planted in Xia Qishen, which was their goal, but when Kirin was planted in Zhou Jian, a statue of the fairy king, most of Jin Xian’s eyes were shifted to Zhou Jianshen.
Even a statue of fairy king facing dozens of Jin Xian will be defeated and flee.
"Kirin kind of old man wants you. Who has a problem?"
Zhou Jian is full of pride, even if he is surrounded by Jin Xian; There is no panic, and he believes that it is not difficult for him to get away.
"You want to start work on us, you should think carefully about this unicorn species. You can’t divide it anyway. It’s better to rob all the personal treasures from you and divide them. Don’t forget that this person has a lot of money to spare at the auction."
Zhou Jian’s side listened to Zhou and the other four Jin Xian guards came near to form a whole with Zhou Jianxian’s king, a statue of Xianwang plus four Jin Xian immortals. This strength immediately made dozens of Jin Xian some retreat.
At this time, I heard Zhou Tingkou draw attention to Xia Qishen’s eyes and swept Xia Qishen’s waist. There are two bags there.
Look at this, this group of immortals is not going to rob Kirin species with Zhou Jian, but will target Xia Qi’s personal bags.
After all, as Zhou Ting said, it is not enough to plant so many Kirin species in Jin Xian.
"Don’t listen to this person’s statement. Don’t you Taoist friends know that if we jointly seize it, even if it is not good to auction it out, it will be enough for us to share a large pen of fairy stone?"
Seeing that a group of Jin Xian have changed their goals and mixed them in their holy Zongjinxian, they suddenly felt a little anxious. Their goal is not the rest of Xia Qishen’s treasures but the Kirin species.
The eye unicorn was planted in Zhou Jian, the hand of the fairy king; If we don’t join forces with the rest of Jin Xian, the two of them will never win.
Hearing the two Jin Xian words of the five elements of Shengzong, many Jin Xian also showed hesitation
"Evil words confuse people, damn it."
However, just as a group of Jin Xian hesitated, it was suddenly attacked by Zhou Jian, who encouraged a group of two Jin Xian five-element holy cases. He heard Zhou Jian’s angry drink and a big hand falling from the sky and slapping hard at two Jin Xian of five-element holy cases.
Despite the heart, but the five elements of the holy two Jin Xian did not expect Zhou Jian to be so decisive in the face of sudden arrival. The big hand was just able to resist and was photographed sp; Pale face, bloody mouth, and body flying backwards.
"Hum, if you want to shoot me, you’d better consider the consequences. I’m the fairy king. If I run away with all my heart, which one of you can stop me? Don’t annoy the old man and let you get what you want."
Zhou Jian didn’t pursue the two Jin Xian of the five elements of the Holy Sect, because the blow just now actually took advantage of the surprise, otherwise it would really kill the two top Jin Xian strengths of the Five Elements of the Holy Sect, and there are so many Jin Xian eyeing Zhou Jian’s method.
Deterred a group of Jin Xian Zhou Jianyao, and the effect has been achieved.
"Well, in that nbsp, the elder hands have spent; That belongs to the elder, but the rest of the treasures of these people also ask the elder not to compete with me. "
After a group of Jin Xian hesitated for a moment, his peak came to hand and said the last sentence to Zhou Jian, when this Jin Xian eye; Also with a cold light.