"Chen cold? He is … the boss, it seems that he really is … "There was screaming from the other end of the loudspeaker.


"Chen … I’ll do it!"
The voice suddenly increased by eight degrees, and it became like a little girl who was frivolous: "Stop! You bastards, stop for Lao tze, oh my god … He is … "
Like an aircraft carrier, a giant warship, which is thousands of meters long, emerged from a black hole like a teleport, followed by thousands of warships, flying saucers and fighter planes.
Chen Han looked at the amazing scene in front of him stupidly. He once stayed in the sixth largest Jedi in Europe, and after a challenge of future technology, he already knew about some surreal technologies. In less than 500 years, I didn’t expect that the world, which was still in the era of nuclear weapons and primary space, had developed to such a point in the field of science and technology.
How much energy does it take to send a kilometer-long warship to heaven?
Isn’t the teleportation like a black hole a wormhole transmission technology?
As for the crystal cannons that used to circulate blue light, they are clearly far more than the laser light cannons or particle cannons of those nuclear weapons.
On the largest carrier, the blue energy shield outside the hull opened a small gap, and young people in military uniforms strolled out.
Mahayana mid-term realm!
Chen Han immediately judged his cultivation. The young man had a flying sword with flashing lightning hanging over his head. As soon as he jumped out, he shouted, "Oh, young master, it’s interesting to see who dares to run wild in our Chinese territory. Come and die and stick out your head to chop 800 swords for young master!"
"Rumbled ah, he is your father …"
"dry! You fucking want to die, don’t you? He is still your ancestor! My dad … I … "
Young people with black hair and blue eyes and yellow and white blood suddenly saw Chen’s cold appearance and swallowed the latter half sentence on the spot.
He stared at Chen Han stupidly for a long time, then fell to his knees in a soft volley and burst into tears: "Dad … is it really you?" I’m Chen Tian, my son. I was named before you left. Do you remember? Dad … "
The body can’t help but tremble. Chen Han looks at this obviously mixed-race young man who looks eighty percent similar to himself.
Maybe, I didn’t see the child born, and I didn’t accompany the child to grow up. In theory, there shouldn’t be much affection. However, for the young man in front of me, there is a heartfelt kindness, which is the so-called blood relationship, just like the induction in the dark.
Is this the little guy in Ivy’s diarrhea? This is your own child?
Chen Han, who never thought of himself as his father, suddenly felt that he had really become a complete man, because he also had children.
"Son? Avella and my children? " Chen Han has a fantastic uncertainty, and he is afraid that his eyes are just illusory.
"Dad …"
"My son! My son Chen Han! "
Once again, my father convinced him that this was not a dream. In front of the young man whose figure suddenly flashed, Chen Han grabbed his shoulder and lifted it. He looked it up and down, left and right, and then he burst out laughing: "Haha … it was my son Chen Han! By the way, do you have wings? "
Originally, I was still immersed in the surprise of meeting my father and son. After listening to my father, Chentian almost fell from the air.
You know, as a leader in the blood clan, it is normal for his mother to have blood clan characteristics. However, the blood clan had already perished in the war of that year. Although my mother broke off the relationship with my grandfather, the blood clan was completely cut off after all, so things about the blood clan were taboo for Avril, and she would be unhappy for a long time every time she mentioned it.
Mother’s taboo is his taboo, and no one dares to say it in front of him. Dad can say it naturally, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t give himself face to say his taboo in front of so many men.
It happened that this father, who had never seen before, was a miracle in the mouth of my mother and all my uncles, aunts and grandparents.
I have heard all kinds of stories about my father since I was a child. I was instilled with the idea that my father can do anything, even the only religion in the whole earth Federation. The god of belief is my father. What can I do if my father loses face?
"Darling … Nine Xuan Sheng Lei Shen?"
Chen Han almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of blood. As early as in the womb, he found that his son was unusual. Whether he was pregnant or still in Avril’s womb, he had a very pure and true yuan, but he never dreamed that his son’s constitution was so horrible.
It also belongs to the physique that only exists in legend. Of course, it is indeed a legend to the field of repairing truth, but it is actually real.
The vast celestial world is incomparably vast, and Shou Yuan, the immortal strong man, is almost infinite. There are countless strong men accumulated over hundreds or even tens of millions of years, and many of them are extremely rare and transcendental. Among them, there is the body of absolute yin and pure yang, the body of nine deep and remote gods with colorful surplus, and the body of nine mysterious and sacred thunder of Chen Tian.
Special physique is divided into three classes in the celestial world. The first class is the five-element spiritual body and the congenital Taoist body, which is very common in the celestial world.
The second class is the mysterious body of the ice pupil, Chengtian has not become the dazzling golden fairy body when ghost repair, and Kouxun’s immortal body of gods and demons and so on. This kind of person has a relatively small proportion in the celestial world, but it is definitely not amazing, because there is another stronger physique on top of it.
The most basic premise of the special physique of the third class is that the growth rate has reached a surprisingly large level!
Imagine, the increase of God beast is more than two grades, and it also has a strong inheritance secret skill. If the immortals of other races don’t have the same strong physique, how can they compete with the God beast clan?
"Dad, you don’t see whose son I am, hey hey …"
As soon as Chen Tian’s eyes changed their minds, the treacherous thief smiled and said, "You didn’t fly to the celestial world when you came back, did you?" Since it didn’t soar, it should be the late Mahayana realm. Why don’t we learn from each other? I’ve heard from birth that my dad is so powerful, and my heart is really a little … Hey hey … You know? "
Standard rebellious psychology!
It can also be seen from this point that Chen Tian is by no means the second sai-jo who only knows how to enjoy himself, because he doesn’t want to live in the shadow of his father, so he wants to be stronger than his father.
Chen Han was very pleased with his son’s request. At first, apart from the joy of meeting his father and son, he was actually not satisfied with his son objectively. As soon as I came out of the warship, I made a hullabaloo about, and I looked like a second sai-jo at all, but now my view of my son has obviously changed.
"Go to see your mother first, and then I will discuss with you when I am free. In addition, I will tell you a very unfortunate news. No soaring does not mean that the strongest is only the late Mahayana, and there is a transitional stage called scattered fairy. Your father and I are now six robbers scattered fairy, which is about equivalent to the late fairy."