The other Rambo Syndra, a four-level blind monk, is still guarding the tower.


When Feng Shanze Syndra finished a Q skill, Zhong Yi gave him a shield male knife and made a big move to flash EQW Syndra directly.
Syndra reacted very quickly and directly. An E skill put the male knife E and then put the big move on the male knife body. The male knife also carried the tower to the edge and was seconds.
At this time, I have already gone to A, and Syndra-Syndra handed over the flash blood volume with 100 points left. I released a big move directly to his position, and Sindra’s head was in the bag.
At the same time, it was replaced by Chen Yishu’s anti-tower, which directly opened a big move. When I sent a W, I hugged Rambo. My killer sword has reached the 13th floor. Rambo was only hurt by my three axes and an E, and he died. The flash didn’t come. I just opened an axe and went out with the second knife, and then immediately released the E. The perfect connection skill made Rambo enter a short blow. When the third knife was taken away, Rambo flashed and was not directly taken away by me.
Finally, there was a blind monk who was remembered by Zhong Yi. W slowed down. My killer sword reached the 15th floor. W went to kill the blind monk with three knives, and then I finished three kills again! !
FD2_Sun has surpassed God’s killing! !
Pushing off the second tower and closing the line, I went to the opposite field to knock off their blue BUFF.
Then he took off Xiaolong and went home to make a blood-drinking sword and sandals.
17-story killer sword straw shoes, blood sword, three kills, nine heads and six knives.
At the same time, I have a blue BUFF.
"Spring," I said softly.
"good! ! !” More than wood mercilessly press a keyboard.
In the second wave, the five of us rushed to the highland across the road.
Far away from the other side, I dare not keep it
Take off the highland tower
I ran directly to the opposite spring.
Yumu added a W wind girl to me and an E to me. Five people across the street rushed at me together. Syndra took the lead in an EQ company and stunned me first. I decided to flash the CD just right. I just flashed the Syndra EQ and then threw it at the five people across the street with a big move and an E skill.
I went to Sindra with an axe first, and Syndra lost half a lattice of blood. When I came back with a big move, I was directly scraped to death. W escaped Titan Q first, and then took away the skateboard shoes with a knife. At this time, Rambo released a big move, and I didn’t care that W forced a knife to chop Rambo to death.
ripple Kill!
At this time, there was still a five-level blind monk and a five-level Titan who were chased into the spring department by me and killed.
Real 1V5
Penakill! !
Rough five-kill sound effect resounded through the field.
The audience department has been stunned.
Reality holds its breath for two seconds and then the field boils!
"I have never seen such a violent game!"
"Minute 14 Three times, Three kills, One time, Five kills, One person, 1V5, Five kills. Is this the LPL Finals? !”
"Tonight is doomed to Draven madness!"
The host couldn’t believe shouting into the microphone and saying
My other four teammates are behind me.
I have a blue BUFF. I have no intention of going back.
My two axes directly blocked the opposite spring.
The opposite AD was resurrected in an instant, and then an E was interrupted by me, and then two axes were taken away directly.
Syndra resurrected me and W directly hid from EQ two companies and two axes.
After seeing my horror output, the other three people across the street immediately ran back at birth. At this time, Yumu Chen Yizhong recalled that Feng Shanze’s department was desperate to rush into the spring, and the four of them briefly carried the spring output for two seconds. However, this time was enough.
Blind monk with two axes
Rambo’s two axes
I rushed into the spring and my teammates still had output. I killed them quickly.
Titan was the last to be resurrected.
My two axes wandered around in the same place without moving.
I waited for her to hook me up.
But she didn’t hook me. She just hooked the prop dealer and came closer to me.
I thought about it. When I was thinking, the axe stopped turning and was not refreshed. I went back to the city.
"Double five kills! Double five kills for abusing springs! Wang Tong actually gave up this opportunity! !”
At this time, the clock sitting at the other end of the player’s seat burst into a smile and leaned forward and smiled brilliantly, as if it had met a particularly funny thing.
The game lasted eleven minutes.
Myh just typed GG and quit the game. He didn’t even surrender.
"The first world war! Devon is the MVP of this game! It’s horrible! Congratulations FD! Won the LPL division finals championship! Let me give FD all my palms! Give the palm to the Draven messenger! Wang Tong! "
The host flushed and shouted excitedly.
The audience fried the pot as if the world were boiling!
"Win! Wang Tong! We have entered the mid-season competition! We are champions! We won Myh! " I shouted excitedly.
Zhong Yi also revealed a little relieved smile with tears in his eyes.
Feng Shanze and Chen Yi both got up and roared as if the long-term depression had swept away the pressure on them and were being released vigorously.
"Congratulations! You … have created a miracle! " Captain Xiao Chiqian of Myh took the lead in shaking hands with us.
Qiao Dong has disappeared.
"Your last AD is really amazing."
"Grab the experience to two great tactics!"