There is also an adjustment and change of direction in the process of Tang Wenlong’s advancement. Durant Weissbruck pays attention to Tang Wenlong


Tang Wenlong threw the ball into the sky, 76ers Flying Brigade!
"Peng!" Butler’s arms catch the ball and dunk, and his head is relaxed and flat
At this moment, the 76 ers have a four-point lead, and because it is so exciting, the morale of the two teams is changing, and the 76 ers have once again formed a suppression and favorable situation for the Thunder.
Brooks called a timeout. He looked red. Westbrook knew he had to adjust a player’s mood.
Durant is depressed to see that the 76ers will be taken away by a wave. Tang Wenlong has changed everything in one game. Now the most difficult adjustment is actually to defend Tang Wenlong. He feels that every ball can be thrown into a double bag, and the 76ers will have a lot of bit rotation defense. No matter how fast it is, it is not as fast as basketball transfer.
Pause. Durant gives Westbrook a basket. Westbrook misses the rebound and Tang Wenlong grabs it.
Thunder fans’ hearts are hanging. Fortunately, the 76ers didn’t hit the rebound in this wave of attack, and David West touched the bottom line. Thunder backcourt ball.
In the thunder positional battle, Ibaka hit a 7-5 jumper in the catch.
The offensive and defensive switch 76ers also scored. David West caught Tang Wenlong’s sudden basket and hit an easy basket 9-5.
Four points is like a hurdle. Four points means that two waves of attacks can catch up or overtake the score. Thunder players find that this is a huge gap. Whenever they are likely to tie or overtake, the 76 ers will kill this dream and pull the difference back to four points.
At the end, just two minutes into the game, Tang Wenlong stepped back from the jumper and hit a long-range two-pointer, which was his fourth point, while the 76 ers were 14-99 and 5 points ahead of the Thunder.
Then the Thunder missed the key attack and Durant missed the last minute when Harden’s basket was covered.
The 47-second Tang Wenlong basket caused Ibaka to foul the free throw line for the fifth time.
Thunder fans suddenly fell into despair and paranoia. Fans thought it was a home whistle. Tang Wenlong made two free throws from the free throw line, and 76 ers led by 7 points 16-99.
Then Durant hit a jumper and chased two points. The horse fouled the 76 ers.
Tang Wenlong once again hit the free throw line or made two free throws. At this time, with less than 20 seconds left, the Thunder completely lost hope of winning …
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one OTC factors
Thunder lost two consecutive Oklahoma fans, wishful thinking that the Heat had created a myth in six years.
Oklahoma is far away from the city, and there are no home tickets for Thunder in Tang Wenlong. His relatives and friends will not go to the scene to watch his game. In the early summer, Fang was led by the tour guides of Tang Wenlong Municipal Committee and new york and other big cities to play.
The third game of the finals is scheduled for the evening of June 17, which is already a cliff battle for Thunder.
The 76ers showed the ability of attack and defense. On the surface, it seems that there is a core player in Tang Wenlong. The actual ability of combining outside the team can be called the top player in the league. Gasol and Iguodala are hidden core players. In particular, Gasol can not only pull out the pick-and-roll position for coordination, but also shoot from a medium distance. The low single-sided technique makes him a team lubricant.
"Every player of the 76ers can dominate the ball" Pat Riley, general manager of the Heat, pointed out the key to the success of the 76ers "Tang Wenlong and Iguodala are the best players in the future. The template can hold the ball, advance and defend the position quickly."
He said that if there were five such players, even a small team would be more horrible.
Not to mention the finals, in fact, the Heat and the 76ers were in a 50-50 situation in the Eastern Conference finals, but the 76ers won the key ball and handled it a little better, a little better than Tang Wenlong’s most important performance, and sometimes victory and luck are also a small matter.
After seeing the 76ers and the Thunder finals, the 76ers seemed to be weak. Even the fans of the two cities were heartbroken and couldn’t breathe. They thought that maybe the Heat was a little lucky at that time. After defeating the 76ers, the Heat will definitely beat the Thunder in the finals now.
The most aggrieved thing is that James fans lost to the Mavericks in the finals last year for no reason. This year, they didn’t even make it to the finals for a year. Battier, Miller and others joined the team strongly, but their record was not as good as last year.
China fans, on the other hand, are fond of Tang Wenlong, just like the better their children perform on the scene, the more glorious they will be, as if they were killing the quartet in the United States and the NBA, especially when Tang Wenlong created a list of Asians in the NBA record.
At noon on the 16th, the 76ers flew to Oklahoma City and then checked into a designated hotel under the arrangement of official workers.
There is nothing special about the hotel, but the big bed is specially widened and lengthened. There are 76 players, and one bedroom is full of an entire floor.
Oklahoma City is a small town with a low fan base and a small audience. It can also be called a small ball market.
However, since Thunder moved into Oklahoma City, its sense of belonging in this city has increased year by year. Just like its own team, Thunder will always get the support of the local people. As Thunder gradually emerged in the league, a group of young players such as Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka hung up the nationalist army youth storm, the fans in this city expanded at a jaw-dropping speed.
So far, the Thunder has vaguely become the most popular team in Oklahoma City, and his name has become the hottest symbol in the city, which can be seen everywhere in the Thunder and NBA symbols.
This city has devoted all its love to Thunder. It is no exaggeration to say that nowadays people think of Thunder when they talk about Oklahoma, and all Oklahoma people love Thunder.
The fan base has risen, and the die-hard fans have also increased a lot.
Seeing that the team was behind 2, the thunder fans spontaneously organized themselves and gathered at the gate of the 76-seater hotel in the early morning of the 17th, and then they recognized that the heavy metal music in the street sounded in the silent night in Oklahoma.
Tang Wenlong instantly woke up from a dream. He turned over in confusion and couldn’t understand what was going on outside.
The sound is getting louder and louder, accompanied by firecrackers and the howling of the crowd, which makes people upset.
Tang Wenlong turned upside down again and became more and more awake as the building became louder and louder.
"What’s the situation!" He went to the window and pulled a little gap. There were several strong lights flashing outside. At the hotel, they stayed on this floor and shone back and forth. A beam of light swept over. He was so excited that he could not open his eyes and quickly pulled the curtains again.
"Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock." Is Tang Wenlong still sleeping? "
Tang Wenlong quickly got up and went to the door, thinking that I couldn’t sleep when you knocked like this.
Door 1 Iguodala hangs his head and wears his funny Spongebob pajamas. "Don, I’m going to collapse. Are Thunder fans crazy?"
"Is this a Thunder fan?"
"Of course, if it weren’t for Thunder fans, most of fun run would come to disturb us to sleep!"
Tang Wenlong asked, "Did the head coach talk to the hotel people? So disturbing social order and making urban noise is nobody’s business? "
Iguodala said, "Coach Doug has gone to negotiate with the official. I have had a small fight in this damn game before, and it was a little noisy before. The police will come and take them away later. It has been noisy for at least half an hour today."
"It’s crazy. You won’t encounter any unexpected situations at the home of Thunder, will you?"
Iguodala smiled and said jokingly, "What unexpected situation can thunder have at home? Is it difficult to race a snake in my locker?" And today they are so noisy that the league will definitely be fined and the Thunder will definitely be responsible. "
Tang Wenlong also smiled. "You’re right. I think too much about any unexpected situation."
Iguodala was also too noisy to sleep. Guess Tang Wenlong couldn’t sleep at the moment before he ran out. Just as they were next door, they came to talk to Tang Wenlong. At this time, everyone hit their doors one after another. Louis, Spetts, Butler and others all came out. Everyone gathered in the long corridor and told jokes. From time to time, bursts of laughter broke out.
About half an hour later, the noise gradually dissipated, and with the long siren playing, the calm slowly returned near the hotel.
The crowd dispersed again and went back to their room to continue sleeping, but there were fewer people who could really continue to sleep after such a noise from Thunder die-hard fans.
Tang Wenlong thought to himself that the Oklahoma police were slower than the Los Angeles police.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Moved to Oklahoma
The next evening, the 76ers showed up at Thunder’s home stadium.
The current name of the home arena is Chesapeake Energy Arena, which was changed shortly after it was shut down last year. The original name was Ford Center Arena. To put it bluntly, it was a title change. The original title was Ford Commercial Company of Oklahoma, and now it is Chesapeake Group. Once the Thunder signed the home title for 12 years, the first year was US$ 3 million, and then the annual rate increased by 3%.
All the players in the dressing room changed their jerseys smoothly, and there was no unexpected situation as Tang Wenlong said.
Iguodala winked at Tang Wenlong as he walked out of the player tunnel, as if to say, Look, I told you there can’t be snakes!
Tang Wenlong can roll his eyes at this. Maybe he can catch birds like Ginobili?
There is nothing for the two teams to warm up and train themselves. Tang Wenlong has done more activities in each section, and then it is mainly a three-point projection to find out if they feel that they are constantly relaxing their shoulders and wrists.
Then the assistant coaches gave the ball to the players. The players caught the ball and shot, dunked the basketball all over the sky. Every second, the ball flew from nowhere and hit the basket. Even some balls tumbled together in the middle and then hit and changed their respective routes and fell to both sides.
After a while, the number of fans in the arena gradually increased, and the prototype of the blue ocean slowly emerged.
Looking around, there are a lot of Thunder fans, but there are also a few 76ers fans wearing black jerseys, which are very conspicuous. A little black among the ten thousand baskets.
On time, warm up and finish the appearance ceremony of the two teams.