See the queen mother angry several cabinet old also dare not say much at this time, after all, everyone can see that Zhang Taihou Zhengqitou at the moment they have been shocked by this sudden news, even if they have any plans, it is not this time to argue with the queen mother.


When several cabinet elders quit, Zhang Taihou said to cabinet records Jiao Fang, "Jiao Ge Lao, you still have something to say when you stay and mourn for your family."
When several of his cabinet elders saw it, they were naturally very well-advised to leave the hall, leaving only Jiao Fang and Jiao Fang to salute the Queen Mother. "I wonder if the Queen Mother can give me any instructions?"
The Empress Dowager’s self-effacing color is just now. Obviously, she has just faced several pavilions. The root of that calm in the old days is the Empress Dowager’s strong support.
After all, such a big thing is like a bolt from the blue for a woman like him. It is quite difficult for her not to collapse.
With a slight sigh, the Queen Mother looked at Jiao Fang and said, "Jiao Ge’s old mourning family knows that you are a loyal old minister. Before your disappearance, this capital must not be chaotic. Do you know that?"
Jiao Fang looked dignified towards Zhang Taihou. "The queen mother can rest assured that the white in the heart will surely appease the courtiers for the queen mother and will not let the officials have any chaos."
Nodded slightly, Zhang Taihou looked at Jiao Fangdao with a gentle look. "It’s a mess in the heart of mourning for the family, but I don’t know what to do at the moment. It’s old-fashioned and I don’t know what to teach mourning for the family."
Jiao Fang smoothed her beard and solemnly said to Zhang Taihou, "The Queen Mother has her own old husband to appease, but if you want to stabilize the situation in Beijing, you need the Queen Mother to personally summon the British Lord protector, the Dingguo Lord protector and so on."
Zhang Taihou slightly one leng is obviously not clear about Jiao Fang’s intention, but this is normal. After all, Zhang Taihou will not ask questions about state affairs, and it is unexpected that Jiao Fang asked her to summon several people from Britain and Britain.
Jiao Fang explained, "The Queen Mother’s military forces in the Beijing camp are handed over to Chu Yi’s main supervisor, but the Queen Mother wants to stabilize the situation in Beijing. The first thing is to stabilize the Beijing camp. If you want to hand over the Beijing camp, there will be no fooling around."
Zhang Taihou smell speech suddenly eyes a bright nodded slightly "pavilion old said is very sad, it ordered people to call the British public, the Lord protector and others into the palace".
Jiao Fang’s face was a bit hesitant, and Zhang Taihou noticed Jiao Fang’s look and couldn’t help saying, "Ge Lao, what else do you have to say?"
Jiao Fang took a deep breath and looked at Zhang Taihou’s way, "The Queen Mother, please forgive the old minister for his talkative disappearance, because there will be no public unrest, even if the Queen Mother is credible but not credible."
Zhang Taihou is not stupid. Jiao Fang said it was so straightforward. She was either worried about Bai Jiaofang or afraid of setting up a frenzy or the British frenzy. They took the opportunity to do something outrageous.
It’s not that the British Lord wants to rebel. In case the British Lord and others are in charge of the army, then one of the royal family will be chosen at random to push the throne, then the Lord will belong to others.
In a nervous heart, the queen mother looked at Jiao Fangdao and said, "Please teach me."
Jiao Fang said slowly, "The most important thing for the Empress Dowager’s eyes is to master certain soldiers. The old lady suggested that the Empress Dowager immediately summon Teng Xiang’s four guards to command Han Kun’s imperial army and lead Hu Yi."
The queen mother looked at Jiao Fang puzzled. "Why did you let Ai Jia summon these two people?"
For Hu Yi Zhang Taihou, that’s a deep prejudice. After all, the palace is on fire. In the end, the imperial guard and Hu Yi can’t get away with it
Jiao Fang explained, "The Queen Mother didn’t know that the position of the missing news was complicated behind several old frenzy. I dare not speak, but the commander of Teng Xiang’s four guards is different. The commander of Teng Xiang’s four guards is deeply influenced by Chu’s general manager’s kindness. It can be said that he will definitely defend his interests to the death. Even a few old frenzy’s nearly 50,000 elite troops will never dare to mess around."
Zhang Taihou shouted at Jiao Fang and nodded slightly, "I’m sorry for my family, so I ordered four guards to make Han Kun come to see me."
Smoothing his beard, Jiao Fang added, "The imperial commander Hu Yi is a confidant. Now he is guilty of missing, but he also hopes that he can be safely ill. If this person is in charge of the imperial army, there will be no turmoil in the Forbidden City. There will be Teng Xiang and four guards guarded by the imperial guards. Unless someone wants to openly rebel, the situation in Beijing will not change."
Zhang Taihou didn’t waste the knowledge that Emperor Xiaozong had been husband and wife for many years, but he nodded slightly and said, "The old saying goes, I care for my family!"
Soon Han Kun hurried to the palace fire, and the command of the four Wei camps made Han Kun just know.
Teng Xiang’s four guards were originally divided into four guards, but the three commanders were taken by Chu Yi, and Han Kun was left alone. Chu Yi did not order him to make several commanders. Now there are tens of thousands of people in Teng Xiang’s four guards camp, but Han Kun is the one in charge.
Han Kun, dressed in a uniform, saw that when Zhang Taihou was sitting there, Han Kun couldn’t help but react in a daze and quickly fell to his knees and said respectfully, "I made Han Kun visit the Queen Mother Jin An under the command of the Fourth Wei Camp of Tengxiang!"
Zhang Taihou, a moment, motioned for Han Kun to get up and then told Han Kun about the missing day, staring at Han Kundao, "Can Han Qing’s family be trusted in you …"
Han Kun fell to the ground and said respectfully, "I swear to be loyal to you!"
See Han Kun this reaction Zhang Taihou face somewhat satisfied look solemn way "Han Qing home mourning orders you to sit in Tengxiang Siwei camp will soldiers don’t understand armour unless there is mourning orders or positions will not listen to people’s will".
Han Kun bowed his head and said, "I will obey the queen mother’s decree!"
Looking at Han Kun’s figure leaving, Zhang Taihou was slightly relieved, and then he said to his side, "Call Hu Yi to see Ai Jia!"
Hu Yixiu can do the same without a night’s rest, even for a few days and nights. However, Hu Yi is tired and his eyes are red at the moment. It can be seen that he disappeared inexplicably in the fire of the Qing Palace, which has had a great impact on Hu Yi.
Hu Yi prostrated himself in the hall and said respectfully, "Hu Yi, the guilty minister, meets the Queen Mother!"
Seeing Hu Yi Zhang Taihou, she couldn’t help but feel angry in her heart. But she didn’t forget Jiao Fang’s words. The Forbidden City was in chaos. Except Hu Yi, she didn’t know who to trust at the moment. If it is true that Hu Yi’s dereliction of duty led to the capture of the imperial guard and handed it over to them, it would be a great disaster once they were entrusted with non-humanity.
Chapter three hundred and seven The old man is here to send you an accident!
Sighing slightly, Zhang Taihou looked at Hu Yi and said, "Hu Yi, you are the leader of the imperial army and shoulder the danger in the palace. Do you know your sin of missing the fire in the Qing Dynasty?"
Hu Yi kowtowed and said, "I am ashamed of my dereliction of duty and I am willing to die to apologize!"