Durant’s name is indispensable for this year’s scoring champion or Durant’s best in the first round. This year’s new MVP is in full bloom, and Chicago savior Derrick Cross is in a hot state to participate in the second round of playoffs. Naturally, there is also a seat at the peak. James and Kobe are picky and naturally occupy two positions, leaving the center position.


So the commentators recalled that the monster Orlando appeared in the horse’s mind, and the best first bell came out.
The real entanglement is the selection after the second array
Center position People stare at each other and look at each other. As usual, the center in the league will inevitably choose Houston Oriental Giant, but now I can’t think of a good candidate.
When the selection results came out, everyone was surprised that Pau Gasol actually beat a bunch of competitors to win the second center position. Lakers shark Bynum cried and fainted in the toilet.
Nowitzki and Stoudemire each have one forward position.
When the guard position is reached, the competition will be more intense. Wade, Westbrook, Chris Paul Deron Williams and so on.
I have to say that Tang Wenlong’s stunning performance in the first round of the playoffs added points to his selection.
By the time the final result came out, the young rookie beat a bunch of competitors and actually occupied a seat in the best second-team defender. The other second-team defender was Dwyane Wade.
However, I didn’t expect that the selection results didn’t cause much doubt from the outside world. You know, rookie is now the first player in the NBA playoffs and has surpassed the basketball god!
The third battle Chris Paul Westbrook Aldridge Zach Randolph Al Horford
In the middle of the season, Anthony and Delong became the biggest losers. The former was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, and the latter entered a fishing team. Now, the two best teams that have been completely forgotten have no names.
The selection of the best defensive array is not complicated. Each head coach can’t choose the players in his own team, and his mind is like a mirror about who will defend well in the season.
So the first defensive array came out with Rondo, Kobe, James, Gart and Howard.
Second defensive array Paul Tony Allen Iguodala Giorgino A Tai Sen Chandler
When the defensive array came out, everyone blinked.
Can’t the Celtics have two generals selected for the first defense? What is Tang Wenlong who averaged 342 points on them in that game?
How horrible should his offensive ability be?
God man?
Chapter one hundred and forty Travel
The season is over, the league noise and Tang Wenlong have no direct.
The 76ers consider that the off-season holiday period is really long and exhausting for this group of rich people who earn millions of dollars a year and more than 10 million dollars a year. They need to relax and adjust their bodies properly, so it is probably the best choice to spend their holidays around the world.
Louis is clamoring to go to a small island in South America, while NoSioni is pulling Tang Wenlong. He has always wanted to visit China.
At this time, it made close contact with China officials, and the general manager of the 76 ers found the 76 ers.
"I’m sorry to bother you at this time," Stefanski smiled hypocritically and made the big arrangements for the offseason team.
"The trip to China has been confirmed. At the end of July after the draft, the team will arrange for all the players to get together and then go to China to participate in business activities."
"Great!" NoSioni simply raised his hands in favor of Louis Williams, while he was sad that he had an activity of his own in July.
"Can it be done without going?" Louis tucao way
Stefanski said with a smile, "You can wait until you are traded."
Louis’s face became very fast, and he smiled obsequiously and laughed. "When I didn’t say it, when I didn’t say it …"
Joe Thomas, the agent, told Tang Wenlong that he needed to attend several important interviews in the next few days. Then he went to Nike’s summer personal trip. Asia and North Tang Wenlong are the main markets for selling American sneakers. This summer, Nike arranged an Asian trip with three Asian countries: South Korea, Japan and Singapore.
Besides, there are also things about the national team training and the men’s basketball Asian Championship.
Tang Wenlong’s name appears in the new China national team player list, which needs to be selected through national training, but what selection will be hard to beat and what players in Tang Wenlong will be competitive with him in the same position? You know, he is now the first basketball player in Asia.
This year’s Asian Championships is another event that Tang Wenlong has to participate in.
"According to the Olympic basketball competition qualification selection regulations, one of the 12 teams is the defending champion, that is, the winner of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and the United States is the host, that is, the British team." Thomas and Tang Wenlong explained the science popularization.
Tang Wenlong nodded frequently. He really didn’t know that some matters of international basketball were more important than the rules of international basketball. It seemed that it was different from NBA when Iguodala and others talked about it.
Thomas and Tang Wenlong said that many China teams will take part in the Asian Championship because seven of the remaining places are directly linked to the rankings of basketball tournaments on various continents. The champions and runners-up of the European Championship and the US Championship directly qualify for the Olympic Games, and then the champions of the Asian Championship, the African Championship and the Oceania Championship divide up the remaining three places.
At the end of the three places, it is the cruelest losing competition, in which the strong teams from major regional championships participate, such as the second and third places in Asia.
"You still need to participate in the Asian Championships this summer." Thomas is also very naive. He doesn’t know how many mouthfuls of water have been sprayed by Collins, the head coach of the 76ers. Collins doesn’t want his players to participate in any Asian Championships. If it is not linked to the qualification of the Olympic Games, he will leave Tang Wenlong in the city. It is best not to wait for the season anywhere.
Tang Wenlong said with a smile, "In fact, it’s good to participate in the competition. I will be prepared for special training in the summer. Anyway, a championship won’t take long."
Thomas has already received the official information from China, and he knows this aspect like the back of his hand.
He paused and then continued, "But the training session will take a while, even if you participate in the third stage of training, you will have half a month, and you will spend less than one month in the warm-up match."
"A month!" Tang Wenlong was drunk. Why did it take so long?
"So what’s the arrangement for you?" Thomas asked Tang Wenlong that the trip before the draft at the end of June was a white period for Tang Wenlong to rest and recuperate.
Tang Wenlong said mysteriously with a quick laugh, "Of course I have my place to go!"
"You should not go to new york to find your little girlfriend? Wow, it’s good to be young. "Thomas guessed Tang Wenlong’s movements with a slight turn.
Tang Wenlong is embarrassed. The old rascal is really old and not serious
"By the way, is Uncle Jack in the summer? I’m going to find him to continue special training. After the draft," Tang Wenlong asked Thomas.
Thomas shook his head with a hand. "I don’t know. This guy shouldn’t. It’s a rare summer vacation."
That’s how Tang Wenlong accepts westerners. When it comes to taking a break, even the best treatment can’t make it work. If you can get better extra income in China, it’s really fast.
Tang Wenlong returned to the city to tidy up some summer clothes in the apartment, and the car left there at dawn on the morning of May 3.
He took the highway and went straight to new york.
Fang Chuxia’s curriculum has been very tight recently, and the pace of life in American universities is very fast. No one can just graduate, and everything needs hard work and struggle.
She knew that her male ticket would come to see him today and went out with a smile on her face.
Yang Anqi wondered, "What happened to you today in early summer?"
"Nothing." Fang’s beautiful eyebrows bent up in early summer and took his friend’s arm.
"But you are very strange today, just like eating honey, and your face always feels strange." Yang Anqi has a strong sixth sense. She feels very special in early summer today.
"Do you have a date today? Well, if you have a date, don’t call me." Yang Anqi’s eyes turned to Fang’s joke in early summer
It happened that she also blatantly said that Fang’s face was fluttering in the early summer, and some reddish bowed their heads and pulled their friends forward.
"Oh, don’t be ridiculous."
Two people holding the class to the classroom in early summer, when Tang Wenlong arrived in Manhattan to book a hotel and park the car, it was at noon at least.
Tang Wenlong agreed to come directly to Columbia University to find her then.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Campus
At the beginning of May, winter jasmine filled the whole campus.