But this time, Sun Liechen even wanted to send a letter to Zhang Linfa, and he was able to bomb his communication company with dense shells. He had already defeated dozens of shells and left the position of the communication company. The informant had been blown to pieces together with the signal soldiers!


The heavy artillery fire saturated the attack, and the Taiwan army collapsed and could no longer launch a defensive war. The unified command has been completely lost, and the battalion commander and head of the regiment have been as comfortable as a headless fly, and their hearts are filled with despair.
The Taiwan Army has just won the power and launched a charge to Qian Shan. For a long time, Guo Ye ordered the first brigade army to launch a stormy offensive against the Taiwan Army!
Thousands of soldiers of the first brigade swept away, completely impacting the Taiwan Army. After seven scattered, they lost their connection with each other. Facing the soldiers of the first division like tigers and wolves, the Taiwan Army lost all its spirit and completely lost its sense of resistance. They threw their guns to the ground and surrendered. Only Sun Liechen led the close guard camp and launched the last dying struggle.
But just a guard battalion can withstand the attack of the first brigade soldiers. It was not until four o’clock in the morning that Jiang Baili completely defeated Sun Liechen’s hand army and captured more than 4,000 Taiwanese soldiers. The rest either fled or died, along with Sun Liechen, in the disorderly army!
Chapter one thousand and three Something is wrong.
Jiang Baili, the peak of Wufeng Mountain, couldn’t help but nod his head when he looked at the face of fierce fighting. The first division is worthy of its real fighting power. No division can compare with the first division. The first division has made itself proud by leaps and bounds, but I’m afraid it won’t be long before it becomes a teacher. I have to agree with China. I believe that the President will arrange himself in a more critical position and go to the first division. It’s really hard to leave.
One side Long Shengqi asked, "Teacher, now that we have wiped out Sun Liechen’s Sun Liechen, we have also been hit by stray bullets. What do you think …?"
Jiang Baili nodded and said, "Leave the fourth regiment here to clean up the war and rectify the prisoners, and temporarily make these prisoners into the fourth brigade; Order Guo Ye to immediately rectify the first brigade and move quickly towards the south to meet the second and third brigades behind the ninth regiment of the ninth regiment in the south, and prepare the army at any time! "
Mahlander, the head of the Fourth Regiment, almost jumped up and rushed to the mountain peak when he received such an order. After seeing Jiang Baili, he roared, "Why don’t teachers leave me behind to clean up the battlefield? I always have to clean him up with Zhang Linlao in the North of the Army!"
Jiang Baili frowned. The generals of the first division were all fine, but none of them were good. One by one, if they were unruly and slightly frustrated, they would yell and scream. I don’t know how the commander screwed this group of people together in those years. They were all troublemakers!
Jiang Baili said indifferently, "Mahlander gave me an order. I don’t want to say it again!"
Mahlander looked wronged and roared, "I don’t mean that no matter when it comes to the war, I have never tried to kill the enemy, and I don’t need his head to let me clean up the battlefield!"
Jiang Baili big nu scold a way "bastard! You bastard, this is a battlefield. If you dare to disobey orders, you will be dismissed for investigation now! * * * * You people are getting fatter and fatter! "
Seeing Jiang Baili’s anger, Mahlander shrank his neck and immediately got stuck again and shouted, "I just don’t go back like this and I will always be scolded to death by my brothers. I would rather be beheaded by you than be scolded to death by my brothers!"
Jiang Baili Naidao: "You, you dog, are always asking you to clean up the battlefield. It is natural to have an old idea. Among these seven heads, your brain is the most flexible and good at wooing people. You can talk endlessly. Now there are more than 4,000 people in the army here. We don’t know what kind of war we have to face outside. If one brother dies, one brother will be missing. They were all our Chinese revolutionary army brothers a month ago. It will be our great help. It will be the most crucial and difficult to give them to you."
The nine heads of the first division are holding on to the donkey and going backwards, but when they hear that they have made meritorious deeds, their eyes will shine.
The original Mahlander also cried and heard Jiang Baili’s remarks. I’m sorry to scratch my head and replied, "Teachers, do you think it’s true? I’m sorry to let you say so …"
Jiang Baili replied with a cold hum, "Well, I can tell you that Mahlander has dealt with this matter for me, so that the army can regain its fighting capacity after returning home. I will order you to be a member of the fourth regiment of the fourth brigade brigade brigade for the time being. But if you can’t do this well, you should know how you disobeyed your orders just now and tie you to see a tiger commander in person!"
Zhang Yihu’s temper is notoriously grumpy. None of these nine heads have been beaten by Zhang Yihu’s feet!
As soon as Mahlander heard that Jiang Baili was going to tie him up to see Zhang Yihu, he shrank his neck and shouted, "The teacher can rest assured that it will be absolutely completed and live up to your expectations. Isn’t it just a group of wandering soldiers who are scattered and brave? Give it to me!"
Jiang Baili nodded and shouted, "Let the army rest for two hours and start at six in the morning. It’s quite close to Hsinchu!"
At this time, Zhang Lin has commanded an army of more than 10,000 people to arrive in Hsinchu, and the distance from Wufeng Mountain is less than 50 miles. After many wars, the ninth regiment of the first regiment is also a little tired. After all, the soldiers of the first division are also human beings, not cast iron and steel.
At this time, Xiao Keqin Meng Kai received Jiang Baili’s order that the ninth regiment of the first regiment immediately move towards the eastern mountainous area and let Zhang Lin’s main force go south! "
Xiao Keqin glanced at Meng Kai and said faintly, "Lao Meng, we have reached an agreement. It seems that the teachers have completely wiped out Sun Liechen’s department. What we have to do now is to quickly withdraw our troops and enter the mountainous area for rectification. I am afraid that Zhang Lin’s main force of the first division will meet in half a day, but there is still fierce fighting waiting for us!"
Meng Kai hey hey smiled. "Lao Xiao is a little impatient, or we won’t quit and fuck them?"
Xiao Keqin said angrily, "Bullshit, we want to fight a division of troops hard. Are you out of your mind? If there are huge casualties, see if the teachers can bypass you!"
Meng Kai scratched his head and said, "Hehe, the old man is addicted to the mouth. I haven’t killed the two regiments to touch a division yet."
Xiao Keqin nodded and said, "Well, don’t be poor. Let the two regimental headquarters move to the east and give up the road to Zhang Lin."
The ninth regiment of the first regiment got the order and soon gave way to the road and quickly retreated toward the east.
Zhang Lin was a little confused at this time. What happened to this revolutionary army? When it was in full swing, it suddenly retreated sharply. Even the front position was abandoned. Before giving up, it was all retreating towards the south. Why did it retreat to the east this time and then run to the east? Then it entered the mountains!
But the military situation is so urgent that I still don’t know whether Sun Liechen is alive or dead. Where is the time to think about it? Hurry up and March to help Wufeng Mountain!
Zhang Lin, with a great army, rushed to Wufeng Mountain for dozens of miles, saying that it was not too far, especially when the two armies were facing each other and the jargon was not afraid of meeting in three hours.
Zhang Lin’s army has just advanced more than ten miles. Zhang Xiang urged the horse to come over and wondered, "There is something wrong with the teacher!"
Chapter one thousand four Found bad Lao Zhang’s heart
Zhang Lin was shocked and quickly asked, "What’s wrong with Brother Xiang?"
Zhang Xiangchou said, "First, the teachers tried their best to stop us, and then suddenly the department disappeared. You know, although they lost a lot, they still maintained strong fighting capacity. If you want to stop us, you can definitely insist on a day and a half and now suddenly evacuate eastward. I’m afraid they have any tricks …"
Zhang Lin was stunned and then said, "Brother, you said that although it makes sense, you should know that the current ministers are waiting for our emergency rescue. If we don’t step up, we are afraid that they will be wiped out!"
Zhang Xiang replied, "That’s why I doubt it, sir. You know very well that the military strength of the Taiwan Army is far inferior to that of the first division alone. These two regiments have resisted me hard for more than 10,000 people for two days. It is conceivable that the chief of staff’s hand of more than 10,000 people may be the main force of the first division, and even worse, the chief of staff’s hand has just fought fiercely in Kaohsiung Port for more than five days, and then marched toward Taipei. The soldiers are exhausted to the extreme. They are not rivals of the first division at all!"
Zhang Lin said impatiently, "That’s why we have to hurry. What do you mean, Brother Xiang?"
Zhang Xiang said with a sigh, "I guess the sudden withdrawal of the two regiments of the first division is due to the great changes in the war situation in Wufeng Mountain. At the very least, the chief of staff’s hand army is afraid that it has been absolutely hit hard. If it is unfortunate, it is possible to be annihilated by others …"
Zhang Lin’s heart was shocked, and he visited Sun Liechen to rescue him, but he didn’t consider this kind of accident. If there was an accident in Sun Liechen, he would be miserable!
Zhang Xiang went on to say, "The teachers are not my parents’ spirits. If Sun Liechen’s chief of staff has failed now, it is definitely no match for our more than 10,000 people. What’s more, we have spent a lot of money after two days of urgent marching and repeated wars. Once this happens, we will definitely not be able to eat as well as the first division!"
Zhang Lin nodded and lost in thought for a long time before Zhang Lin said, "But we can’t attack by them. What if Sun Liechen’s eldest brother doesn’t have anything now? Isn’t that a great loss? "
Zhang Xiang sighed, "teachers, why do you still fantasize that the chief of staff can lead the main force to escape?" Now it’s the fourth day. How many people can survive in that narrow area of Wufeng Mountain? Teachers, I suggest that we immediately withdraw from Taipei and make defensive arrangements while waiting for the support of the Southern Revolutionary Party, Britain and Japan. Now, if we play hardball, we can … "
Zhang Lin’s look suddenly dimmed. Even if Sun Liechen didn’t lose the battle, the strength of the Taiwanese army against the first division would be 50-50. If Sun Liechen’s department was hit hard or panicked by others, there would be no one-on-one situation, and there would be no chance of winning!
For a long time, Zhang Lin just made up his mind and said, "Mom, Pakistan can’t manage so much. Let the army immediately withdraw after an hour of on-the-spot rectification and order the reconnaissance company to spy on the military situation in the south. I must find out the situation of Sun Liechen Department!"
Less than an hour ago, the South Detective Military Intelligence Scout had already run back.
The scout’s war horse rushed straight to Zhang Lin’s front and jumped out of the horse. He said, "The teacher is not good. Now the first division of the Chinese Revolutionary Army is already a member of the North, and the strikers are only three miles away from us!"
Zhang Xiang and Tang Yulin around Zhang Lin were shocked and almost fell to the ground!
What’s going on?
Has Sun Liechen really been defeated? Even if you beat Sun Liechen, you won’t be able to drive so fast, will you?
Zhang Lin roared, "The first division is north? What about Sun Liechen’s ten thousand brothers? "