"Don’t call them?" If you ask Ruoxi in this way, if you get it, if the wind is light and the clouds are light, you can answer, "I can do it alone and ask them to waste time."


And the European balcony wind in the castle blows up her clothes and then keeps floating and falling.
Finally xiaoxi
Finally, here we are. I told you I wouldn’t forgive you, not even if I died!
Thousand scars chestnut at this time in the room with a glass of red wine in her long fingers and then tossed it away.
Will Ruoxi blame him? He doesn’t know. He never knew whether his choice was correct. Today, he received the news that Ruoxi would come and cut him off.
The car arrived at the destination soon, but on the other side, Atobe Keigo finally escaped from the headquarters because Cang Muling went to see Ruoxi and then saw him and let him out.
Josh then checks the equipment.
In front of the castle, the blood has been waiting for this.
"Xiaoxi, it’s really been a long time." Youxue smiled. Her veil was still face but sound!
"Kuroha Yarrow" is calm. She doubted it before, but she hid it well. It’s really good.
"Don’t call me that. It’s too rusty." Kuroha Yarrow pulled a veil and smiled and made it look better. "Don’t you think I should be called another name? I am Zi, Mo and Qiu! "
Kuroha Yarrow Kiyomi reflects hate. "You must be surprised that I didn’t die, right? But it’s a pity that I won’t tell you that I will let you die unsatisfied!"
Ruoxi’s face turned pale instantly, and her eyes were wandering, trying to calm her emotions.
"It’s impossible that Qiu died. I saw her die with my own eyes. She kept pinching me in front of me. She said she wouldn’t forgive me … you lied! You are not, she is not! "
Ruoxi took a deep breath. Isn’t Zi Moqiu dead? She watched her life go by with her own eyes, and looked at those precise and cold instruments showing vital signs.
"You are very anxious for me to die! Who told you to kill him? You killed him! You took away my happiness, and you ruined my generation! You ruined my life! " Kuroha Yaruo laughed sharply, and she stood up and stabbed Ruoxi.
"Autumn is not I didn’t I didn’t hurt him! I didn’t do it! No! Those are the gangs! I just I will go back to the silver feather I will send you to the United States has been trying to get you back … "
Ruoxi Lenzi explains everything. The fetters between her and Kuroha Yaro and the death of Asari Zhe are now the most hurtful swords, the sharpest swords in the world!
Thousand-mark chestnut has come out. Behind him, Kuroha Yaro’s black hair is flying freely, and his eyes are clear and shallow, and his sadness is like a broken star.
He said, "I’m sorry"
Ruoxi roared back, "I’m sorry!"
The scene becomes chaotic, and the A-level killers dare not leave the source of chaos.
It might be much better if there were no scenes in Atobe Keigo.
Ruoxi is fighting with Kuroha Yarrow, and crazy Atobe Keigo appears to end this before.
Atobe Keigo said, "Shallow pear turns out Xiaoya is the enemy in your mouth."
When Ruoxi heard this sentence, Kuroha Yaruo was aiming his gun at Atobe Keigo, and Kuroha Yaruo also spoke. She said, "After I left, I will no longer be your lesser."
Then she smiled at the gun.
Ruoxi impulsively blocked the bullet in front of Atobe Keigo and penetrated Ruoxi’s left side without force because Kuroha Yaro aimed at Atobe Keigo’s heart-and Ruoxi was a little shorter than Atobe Keigo.
When Ruoxi fell down, he heard Kuroha Yaro say, "I also made you lose your favorite person. He is on my side. I wanted to kill Tracey, but I didn’t expect you to be so impulsive. I said I wouldn’t forgive you and I said I would let you die, so I did it."
Thousands of scars chestnut mad at Kuroha Yaruo a lot of guns, he said, "I have a relationship with you! I forbid you to hurt her! "
Atobe Keigo hugged Ruoxi and looked very pale.
Joshi held on until she bled out and fell into a coma.
Her shot to the heart was red with blood all day.
Her lips move slowly and her voice is not very loud
"I found that I love you."
Atobe Keigo, like a rude awakening, raced all the way with her to the hospital.
Thousand-mark chestnut heard this sentence, and then a tear dripped down his left cheek
There is a tear that explains all his sadness. It is a tear that falls slowly after Ruoxi turns around.
Is it that I love you later than you love me, and that you let go earlier than me? If we fell in love at the same time, wouldn’t there be today’s ending?
In front of Thousand-scar Chestnut Castle and flapping his heart.
There was a faint voice of Joshi in his ear, mixed with disordered breathing and painful sweat drops. He heard Joshi say to Atobe Keigo, "I found that I love you."
Chapter one hundred and eleven 【 finale 】 (1)
Atobe Keigo took Ruoxi to the hospital, bleeding all the way and panicking all the way.