Li Yunqing suddenly realized that "that is to say, this white mark is equivalent to’ restraint’ and can let me know how good my strength is."


"Cong" Helan Xun’s mouth evoked a touch of appreciation.
His mission has been completed, and his fate will depend on leaving Yun Qing himself, but it will prevent the two of them from re-signing the contract. If he leaves Yun Qing, he will be there.
"Actually, the spirit source has awakened and the contract has been concluded …" From Yun Qing Lengao, he raised his eyes and smiled. Chapter 645 concluded the contract (4)
"So I can kill the arrogance banshee now. What will happen to you? According to your previous meaning, if you don’t forget to cross the mountain to the full spiritual source, you will show up, won’t you? "
"You can enter my dreamland and meet me, which means that you are now in a dreamland full of spiritual sources. Do you think where else is full of spiritual sources besides forgetting to cross the mountain?" Helan Xun’s face floated with a smile, waiting for Yun Qing to answer.
From Yun Qing thought hard for a moment and then suddenly realized, "Ah … I understand. Do you mean that my banshee knows the sea? That is, in her mind … Did her body create it? "
Helan Xun nodded admiringly, and his eyes were bare. "If I didn’t guess wrong, you should have visited the three high priests in January. She is a master of illusion. The dreamland she created is all made up by those eyes. Her fundus symbol array is also the spiritual array and her spiritual source. Now you should have entered her spiritual array, but you are interested in her spiritual source. I know that the sea will always destroy the monthly flow, and the dreamland of Hualingyuan will be broken!"
"… how to do it?" From yun-ching continue to ask
"No matter how the scenery changes, you always know the sea, that is to say, she has always been in front of you. Don’t be blinded by your eyes. Sometimes we don’t necessarily see the truth. Find her spiritual body and win her out of the dreamland." Helan Xun reveals a reassuring smile and slowly retreats back to the fog. "If you stay awake now, if she knows the sea, the spiritual force will gradually be swallowed up by the Moon Flow Warrior Array into her spiritual source … Remember that I will always be by your side."
When he said this, people were completely shrouded in clouds and disappeared.
From the corner of Yun Qing’s mouth, I felt as if I hadn’t heard of smiling, closed my eyes and muttered, "Helan Xun … Who are you following?"
The floating clouds stopped, the flowing glaciers stopped, and the surrounding scenery cracked and everything was destroyed.
When I open my eyes, everything around me is dark, with a touch of moonlight on my head and a faint silver light.
Feel the soles of your feet cold and look down from Yun Qing.
It’s water
The water flooded over the soles of her feet and made waves as she moved.
Looking around, there was a glimpse of water filling the whole piece.
"From Yun Qing ….." That seductive sound sounded this huge echo. From Yun Qing, calm as ever, I heard the moon flowing in China and puffed up and said, "You can actually break out of my dreamland. I look down on you. Hum! Hinder me this five-line array more and more severe in the future. "
From YunQing hook up lips smiled "I will let you minister at my feet, you don’t come out, I will force you to come out"
Words fall away from Yun Qing at the same time. Just now, I felt that Zhang Shuang’s luck condensed aura, and a shape of wind wadding wrapped around the palm and sole of my hand. A silver symbol array suddenly overflowed my ankle and water was instantly blocked by the shock.
Form a circular torrent rotating ring 646 Chapter 646 Spirit Source Awakens Three Souls in One (1)
A little surprised from Yun Qing’s heart, but excited. This is the warlock! ?
It’s really amazing.
The white mark on the arm depicts a strange pattern and slowly wraps around the neck. I feel that there is a powerful force in the palm of my hand around Yun Qing’s sleeve, showing it and holding it.
Boom A wind suddenly blew up and rolled up the water in the dreamland, like a water dragonfly rolling straight into the dark sky as if to break through the clouds.
The wind floc is not only this powerful force, but also threatens the whole scene with cracking sound and distortion.
When the scenery was reorganized again, it appeared before Yun Qing, but it was still different. This time, the sky was clear and beautiful, and she was on the other side of the lake. The person directly opposite was a black embroidered Phnom Penh dress.
It is so charming to fly behind the hair, but at the moment, her seductive eyes are wide open and it is incredible to look at Yun Qing before she appears.
"Found you" from Yun Qing’s eyes seemed to penetrate her clothes and take a glance at her.
It seems that this is where she really knows the sea. Can she go out if she wants to destroy the spirit array?
According to Helan Xun’s meaning, it is beneficial for the eyes to pull people into the fundus spirit array, and then the dreamland traps each other, which means that it can be destroyed when her spirit array appears.
"No, it’s impossible. Are you like breaking through my five-line array?" Moon Liuhua is amazed that she has fought against her since birth, and no one has ever been able to come out.
In a startled moment when I was riding on the moon, a wind suddenly condensed from the soles of Yun Qing’s feet, and I came to her in a flash, and at the same time punched her and flew her out.
The soles of the feet were turned up, and the whole person was hit several feet away. A bit of blood flowed out of the corners of her mouth. She lifted her sleeve and slowly brushed her eyes and looked at the opposite proud person unfathomably.
Actually, it’s wind defense. How did she learn it? Lingyuan hasn’t awakened yet … Wait, have you already awakened?
"People should learn to accept the reality" and looked at her with disdain from Yun Qing Ba.
Just now, the speed was much faster than the flying skill. It was just like the speed of light, but it was a bit difficult to control!
"Accept the reality? I will return this sentence to you to see who is going to accept the reality. "A ray of light tears the moon’s face and makes it shine brightly. It is a beautiful fireworks face that is too beautiful to eat people! Eyebrows and eyes are full of gentle and tender smiles.
At the same time, her palm folded round red symbol array appeared, and the palm slowly pulled the palm, and the two symbol arrays were attached to the palm.
A dagger forms her palms.
Give the dagger one point, ten points and one hundred points. Qian Qian hangs the dagger beside him.
"It’s just dying." As soon as Yun Qing’s eyes change, the wind condenses the soles of his feet again and quickly approaches the moon and China.