Can you listen to me explain?


Zhang Sheng burst into laughter and said, Emily, if I don’t want to hear your explanation, will I still sit here? Will you still sit here?
Emily smiled and said, I lied to you. Well, I’m a vampire and a very powerful vampire. It’s not that I once said I was a powerless fool. My real identity is the secret alliance Emily’s family, but I didn’t completely lie to you. My grandfather really just flew to the celestial world. I’m Bai. My grandfather asked me to come to you when he ascended.
But don’t listen to Jason’s nonsense. I don’t have a man. I’m still pure without a body
Zhang Sheng’s face is still a faint expression. I want to ask you what you want to see me about.
Emily Ma, the blood clan who helped us, replied.
To put it bluntly, Zhang Sheng frowned and said
Emily went on to say that my grandfather told me before he soared that China Zhang Sheng would be a savior of the blood clan, and he would lead the blood clan to an unprecedented height. My grandfather is not only the first master of the blood clan, but also our blood clan orator. You are our blood clan hope.
After listening to Emily’s words, Zhang Sheng picked up the cigar on the table and lit it. Then he said, "But I am an ordinary monk of Shenzhou Daoism, and I have nothing to do with your European blood clan. What can I do to make your blood clan strong? Hehe, maybe it’s just a joke made by your grandfather Fei Shengqiang."
Emily looked gloomy and said silently, you don’t believe me after all.
Zhang Sheng shook his head. I don’t believe in myself. I know very well how big I am. Even if I practice now, a few elders of your dark church don’t care. How can I be your blood savior?
No, you must be. I firmly believe that. I have felt this way since I first met you. You may not know that I am still a blood saint.
Saint Jie Zhang Sheng knows something about the blood clan saint, but she still wants Emily to explain it.
Emily suddenly blushed shyly and said, I don’t know what a saint is. These are also what my grandfather said, but my strength is great. I am born not afraid of the sun. Maybe it is the goddess to prepare.
Zhang Sheng silently stopped talking.
Do you believe me or not?
So what if I believe Zhang Sheng’s smile? Even if I admit that I am the damn savior, then your blood clan can defeat the Vatican and unify Europe, or let me kill the three cardinal of the Pope.
Emily bit her lips with her teeth and looked pathetic for a long time before she said, I want to take you to the headquarters of the dark church. I recommend you to be the head of Emily’s family. If you can be the pope of the dark church, you may make our blood clan strong.
Zhang Sheng almost didn’t fall off the sofa. I can’t help thinking that Emily is really not everywhere even if she really has IQ.
Miss, please think about it. If I, a yellow-skinned China, go to your dark church headquarters, guess what kind of treatment I will get?
Emily was not worried at all. She finally smiled and said, Don’t worry. If you become my boyfriend, all problems will be solved.
Uh, Zhang Sheng was surprised.
Emily turned red and said shyly, of course, this is temporary. I didn’t want ugliness
Zhang Sheng has weighed the pros and cons in his heart. It is doubtful that if the blood clan becomes his own strength, then it is no exaggeration to say that Zhang Sheng is the most powerful force on the earth, but is it so easy to be a blood clan leader?
However, Zhang Sheng will not recognize those dark blood clans who have been hanging around for a long time as idiots, and even worse, the Pope of the dark church will certainly not let him be the leader of this blood clan. Anyway, this is a risky business.
Seeking Zhang Sheng from wealth and danger has made up his mind to frown.
Well, you can stay with me first. You said that we need to discuss things carefully. You’d better keep the blood clan loyal to you first. Since you want to play a big fight, it is necessary. Zhang Sheng said in a breath
Emily laughed and said yes.
Zhang Sheng smiled and said, I have no reason not to admit that it would be a wonderful thing for me if I became what you call a leader.
thank you
It’s just mutual benefit. We can’t talk about thanking anyone.
When Zhang Sheng came to Europe, it seemed that things were constantly going on. When Zhang Sheng finalized Emily’s affairs, a handsome young man came to his mansion, and he was gasping for air before the Vatican personnel dressed.
Hehe, Mr. Bell visited Zhang personally. Zhang was surprised. Zhang Sheng welcomed Bell into the room with a smile.
Bell just walked into Zhang Sheng’s living room and suddenly frowned and then smiled at the blood clan here.
Zhang Sheng laughed at the horse. Mr. Bell has a keen nose. It’s my blood friend who lives here. Does Mr. Bell want to take me to the Vatican?
Mr. Zhang joked. Even if Mr. Zhang knew the Pope of the Dark Church, I wouldn’t say anything. Bell laughed.