Is she really going to fight?


How dare she?
First, the elder stepped forward and said, "Xie Daoling, you are crazy. Now I know that Daozungen should not choose you as the leader of the alliance."
Xie Daoling said, "That’s the will of Tao Zun and the whole alliance as if it were with you."
"No, everyone chose you based on a former," the elder shook his head.
"For people like you, everyone knows the most basic laws of the white alliance."
The elder sighed and shook his head. "Actually, your apprentice said just now that it is true that only when everyone forms a solid community of interests in an organization can we ensure the efficient operation of all levels of the organization."
"We sent people here on the one hand to understand your past and on the other hand to reach an agreement with you."
"At this time, your smartest thing to do is to take the initiative to hand over Xiu Xiu to us."
"If you want to know the inside story and hand over your brother to us, will we treat her badly?"
"And you will get our support to become the true leader of the alliance."
Xie Daoling hung his head and asked, "So was Dao Zun?"
"It is not only the Tao that respects him, but everyone before him."
"Only in this way can we get everyone’s trust."
"Xie Daoling you have been given high hopes, but what do you want to fight against us? What? You’re going to upset this balance! Do you know that the alliance is safe for thousands of spiritual worlds? "
"Thousands of practitioners in Qian Qian don’t expect you to take everyone with you. They expect you to rally the alliance and lead everyone to defeat the magic country."
The old man was impassioned. "Now you don’t even want to pay for the most basic personal interests. I don’t know if you will lead the alliance! You are so disappointing! "
"You said-benefits?"
Xie Daoling couldn’t help saying.
She waved the vine whip at random and said, "What really matters is you."
She said, "Today, I will tell every practitioner in the alliance what they care about, what they want to protect, and who they would rather die in battle will not be intimidated by organizations and interests."
"Our alliance will not be a combination of interests."
"If one day we will die fighting against the front line of the magic country, it is also because we have a common desire."
"We are going to die because we have something precious that we would rather protect the enemy together."
"The practice of all beings is not the interest but the wish of the heart."
"you have even worn away your bloody ambition beyond life and death, and you have fallen into depravity and blindfolded interests. That’s why you can’t continue to break through!"
"I am here, first you want to move Xiu Xiu and now you want to kill Qingshan. I will never let you go today!"
Xie Daoling dances with a whip.
At one time, thousands of flowers bloomed and garlands were formed one after another to manifest illusory runes.
God made it!
An ancient statue with thousands of eyes and 990 hands in the void shows its figure.
The appearance of the ancient idol suddenly filled the whole hall with a solemn and mighty meaning.
Xie Daoling shouted, "I’ve finished speaking and I’m going to die!"
She knew that the elder opposite had reached the most dangerous moment.
They have already put their hands against each other and shouted "900 million-story world arbitration!"
They each have a broken pendant on their chests.
At this time, the pendants flew half to form a small token.
The token gave a short and continuous cry when it was shocked in the virtual.
Immediately, an impatient sound appeared on the top beam of the hall.
"Who called me!"
With this sound, the figure fell down.
This is a man with stubble all over his face.
He fell with a card in his hand.
Looks like he came straight from the poker table.
The man took the cards, looked at the virtual ancient idol with interest, and then turned his sharp eyes to the elder.
"World arbitration can’t be started at will. If you delay my game but save your own lives, I will kill you first," the man said.
First the elders please say with smile "adult! Please rest assured that we are by no means our own private affairs, and we must apply for world arbitration if there is something really wrong. "
"Go ahead, don’t delay" male way
The elder pointed to Xie Daoling, a hundred flowers fairy, and laughed. "I’m told that this woman has merged five worlds without authorization, which has far exceeded the limit of two worlds. If we apply for it, you will kill it."
"oh? No, she has already reported this matter to your practice alliance. "The man is surprised."
"But now we don’t want to pay the quota," the old man said.
His seven elders nodded together.
"Adult alliance quota is in our hands, and we will never make a special alliance quota here," an old man insisted.