It’s really an immortal warrior. Yaqi said, Boss, there’s nothing that can make them die.


Later, while commanding the fire dragon, he said, yes, boss, I will die before they die.
Ye Feng’s answer is simple: kill the undead directly and the undead soldier disappears.
I just tried, but I can’t beat it.
Then you’re stupid. We just ordered the magic simulacrum to attack it.
What about these undead warriors? They can’t be killed.
We don’t need them to fight hard.
All right, I’ll do as you say. Fire Dragon, attack that undead for me.
Fire phoenix and fire dragon received orders from their owners to attack the undead directly. Fireballs kept hitting the undead one after another and didn’t park the enchantment to stop these fireballs. Later, Yaqi wandered around the undead warriors, and the two figures seemed to be practicing speed.
Night maple floats around and looks at the corners of the mouth of the battle field with interest. He knows what to sneer at from time to time.
Although the magic power of Yaqi energy was greatly increased later, the large-scale imitation of making fire dragons and phoenixes also felt a little overwhelmed, especially when the two men had to wander among more than 200 undead warriors, so that they consumed energy faster.
However, it’s not easy for them to survive like this. The undead are simply not straight compared with Ye Feng. The most important purpose for Yaqi to deal with the undead later is to train the physical potential of Yaqi’s two-man combat ability.
Night maple decided to take them both back to the protoss in the future. That’s how night maple deliberately trained them on the energy problem. This is simple. Then go and catch one or two protoss and directly transfer their energy to Yaqi, which is difficult for others, but night maple can
To accept a powerful energy from the outside, not every body can bear it. From now on, Yefeng plans to fight for Yaqi to finish it later. It is a sin to ask them to fight because they are all delicate and white.
It’s been more than half an hour since the battle, and then Yaqi’s energy is getting weaker and weaker. The undead seems to be fine. Of course, the undead is fine. He is fighting in the undead warriors while absorbing energy. Later, Yaqi’s body has benefited from seeing the blood undead warriors’ fingers and bones with a kind of putrefaction. People will not die so soon, and only when they are treated from time to time will their bodies slowly rot and die.
The moonlight was dim and the earth was quiet, and even insects, who loved summer, dared not come to sing and shout. Three figures flashed in a forest without leaving a few remnants.
Three figures flew quickly to a mountain, and after two or three minutes, they said with their heads down, and then two figures stopped.
Later, you went to the right to ambush and make a big magic seven. When you went to the left to hear my call, you must kill the undead with one blow. Did you hear that?
To the boss, after Yaqi answered, Qi Qi flashed to the left and right, but there was no night. The surrounding plants felt this powerful momentum and hung their heads in succession, which seemed to be devastated.
Night maple feels decent at this time, and the blood is burning. Night maple’s head is high and his right foot is stepped on the ground, and the surrounding plants are falling leaves.
It was the one who didn’t fear death to disturb your grandfather’s rest. An extremely unpleasant sound slowly rose from the ground, and then a puff of black smoke dissipated. Now it is a black robe with two flashes of glaucoma.
If I touch you, your life is bad. Ye Feng sneers that the undead may be terrible to others, but it is no different from a dead person to Ye Feng.
Hey, your body energy is very strong, and you gag, so I am the most powerful undead. Gaga, the undead smile, and the black robes are shaking. The body is not shaped in the black robes, and the bones are exposed from time to time, which makes people look away and can’t help but feel numb in their scalp.
I’m going to kill you for saying that.
Then do it. I also want to see how long a master like you can live in my undead warrior. With a wave of his hand, dozens of bones suddenly emerged from the soil.
Night maple frowned and rose from the ground and said, you know what I hate about the dead. I’ll tell you that it’s right for the dead. You can’t live forever today
The undead are too lazy to talk nonsense with the night maple. With a wave of his hand, five bones and fingers, dozens of undead soldiers rushed to the night maple, and a purple energy rushed to the undead soldiers. Dozens of undead soldiers turned into a pile of bones in the blink of an eye, and the night maple said that with this level of undead soldiers, they also dared to give their lives and send another energy to match the undead.
The undead are surprised by the powerful energy of the night maple, and dozens of undead warriors are scattered by blinking, but when they are surprised that their lives are in danger, they absolutely don’t think about these things. The undead are also very flexible, and they have escaped the energy of the night maple with a slight leap.
The undead skill is very poor, but Ye Feng shook his head and said, Forget it. Let the two care guides fight. Let me deal with you. The undead is simply insulting my hand. Yaqi later gave you this garbage.
When the boss flashed on both sides of the left and right, Yaqi later gathered magic elements when he was hiding. At this time, when he heard the night maple sound, the magic also started.
Caretaker Gaga means
The theory that the victim’s sub-energy sword cuts the neck of the undead is that human or spiritual death is a weak place, and the speed is fast enough to kill it with one blow.
It’s a pity that Yaqi’s speed is half as light as the ghost of the undead body. For the later magical undead, the master of magic directly sucked him in.
Later, I shouted, you can’t be such a pervert, can you even suck magic? Then how can I fight? Wouldn’t I just give in easily?
Later, you cut the crap. Magic can’t do martial arts. Why are you still here? Wait for it to go out before you do it. Yaqi is quite a sword during his speech.
Yeah, Yaqi, I came to help you, and then I flashed my body and hit the undead head with my fists. Ouch, it hurts. Why is this thing so hard?
Gaga Gaga undead aside easily avoid the seven swords while laughing.
Gee, look at my ugly voice. Oh, it’s wrong. It’s a thousand shots. The tip of the seven swords is biased from the chest of the undead, and the seven swords are inserted into the belly of the undead, only to make a sound that seems to sting the stone.
Yaqi is also a little discouraged. After drawing his sword, he jumps over and says, Mom, this thing can’t be dealt with by magic and Wushu. It’s really fucking nerve-racking.
Later, I retired to make fun of Xiaoqi. Didn’t you just call me Wushu? What’s going on now?
Yaqi didn’t good the spirit said, fuck you, you’re still joking when you’re dead.
The undead are extremely ugly, and the ear-piercing sounds are ringing again. I don’t want to play with you. After that, five finger bones have been recruited and smashed, and more than 200 undead warriors have walked in the soil.
Later, Yaqi’s scalp was numb, and an undead could not cope with it, not to mention more than 200 undead warriors came again.
Later, he looked for help at Ye Feng and asked the boss what to do now. If you go like this again, you will die.
In the middle of the night, Feng didn’t even bother to look at it, so he took a look at it and said, You can solve it as you want, and it’s no problem to cut off the gods with a little red in the evergreen.
For a little red in the evergreen forest, Yaqi later realized that it was a death wish to display that doubt under the condition of insufficient energy at this time