Bai Liyi’s hand holding the cup shook a little and spilled a few drinks.


His face became serious. When he left Yun Qing, he became so severe. The trick makes people’s swords sharp and not slow.
From Yun Qing, a pair of phoenix eyes are heavy and cold, and the Yinzhi flicker to avoid retreating and condensing the phoenix words.
Hum! Let me test whether you are a square person or not.
According to her years of experience, this girl is afraid of more than that. There are other secrets.
Either friend or enemy, that slight murderous look revealed from soft sword is obvious.
At that time, it was difficult for two people to get high together.
Chicken said low drink a stab out a sword and then turn over and jump several zhangs blink of an eye and fall away from Yun Qing again.
It’s easy to scratch the floor with the tip of Yun Qing’s knife. Seeing that the tips of both swords are not enough inches away from each other’s necks.
"Stop it!" I don’t know who is almost one
Suddenly a flash of two figures from Yun Qing’s sword narrowly stopped Feng Yan’s neck.
Take a closer look. It turned out that Bai Liyi held the glass against his sword blade. Looking closely at the opposite side, Bai Xixi jumped out and also blocked Feng Yan soft sword.
Li Yunqing frowned and said with dissatisfaction, "What is this temple?"
Damn it!
At this time, Bai Liyi jumped out to do something, and she didn’t feel anything yet, so she knew that Feng Yan was really good at martial arts.
"It’s not good for the imperial concubine and Fengyan girl to be too involved and hurt each other!" Bai Liyi smiled and whispered, "Don’t really want to die. After all, Feng Yan is the savior of the Queen Mother."
From yun Qing paused to think about it, she was too focused. At that time, she forgot this person or the queen mother benefactor.
Take the sword and walk away from Yun Qing. The back of your hand pushed Feng Yan’s sword and smiled at Prissy. "Thank you, Erhuang."
"You’re welcome." Prissy looked at a wisp of evil and gorgeous smile mark on her mouth, which was sparkling like a cold star in the autumn dome.
Without saying anything, I went straight back to my seat.
From the poem, the voice is low and the whisper is weak. "This is the temple before the Queen Mother. Don’t be too exposed."
Fingers stirring sleeves, she was still unwilling.
Prissy lowered her eyes but didn’t refute this sentence!
When Feng Yan’s sword was more than an inch away from her, her body naturally moved, and many Li Yi also made moves at the same time, otherwise it would be difficult for him to explain.
I hope it hasn’t been seen.
Sure enough … Even if you want to forget your body, you will naturally act to protect her.
Prissy looked down at his hand, slightly clenched, and his mouth was bitter when it was loose.
From Yun Qing, she looked at Feng Yan for a while, then bent down and picked up the bell that had just been picked off her wrist and handed it to her. "Feng Yan’s girl fruit is really strong, and she really deserves to be a protege on the first floor of the day."
"Imperial concubine polite! Imperial concubine freaky magic sword with heart such fencing day also could not find a few "phoenix said took the bell gently shaking.
Crisp "jingle bell" temple suddenly scattered three then shook hands 9 Chapter 9 Soul-breaking poison ()