"Empress Wan Fu Jin An!" When Shen Menglu appeared in front of everyone in a golden phoenix ceremony and a crested dress, it was deafening and resounded through the sky.


Shen Menglu raised his hand and motioned for everyone to get up and raise a glass to propose a toast to the men. "The palace today treats you with this thin wine and says thank you! The first session of the Palace has given you a chance to have a good time. This time, it was because of the little princess that the Palace had such an opportunity to personally say thank you. Thank you for your years of regretful loyalty to the emperor and defense of the country. "
"Do your best to die!" Responding to Shen Menglu is a neat and loud answer from the soldiers.
"You are all heroes who heroically killed the enemy on the battlefield. This time, the accompanying palace really wronged everyone. I apologize, but the little princess was poisoned and now the palace is in danger. Although I feel sorry for the heroes, I still want to ask all the soldiers to capture the poisoned little princess for the palace. Thank you in advance!" Shen Menglu said and raised his glass and gulped it down.
Shen Menglu’s polite words caught the soldiers off guard, but they didn’t know how to deal with the vast grassland. Only the night wind blew and the soldiers’ body armor hit.
There was a silence for a while, and a leading soldier took the lead in shouting, "Empress plays for the little princess!" Then there was an avalanche of echo.
Shen Menglu smiled lightly and poured the third glass of wine. "Today, the palace is entrusted with the identity of a mother. When the wicked are arrested and the little princess returns to Beijing safely, I will definitely thank you!"
Shen Menglu waved and ordered people to send wine and meat dishes. "Palace stingy each of you prepared three bowls of thin wine, please forgive me! When I return to the harem in Beijing, I will treat you with good wine and let you drink! "
Although Shen Menglu really rewarded the armed forces, she didn’t want to affect the next day’s trip. After saying this, she turned away without waiting for the soldiers to respond.
She will increase the pressure on everyone, which Shen Menglu knows very well. That’s enough. Then she will give it to Zhu Yinqi and Jing Xuan and others.
After Shen Menglu left, Zhu Yinqi confessed to the next day’s trip, and he also avoided Zhu Yinqi’s men. When dealing with them, he was not familiar with the men’s way of getting along. Instead, Jing Xuan and Shen Gongqing quickly became one with everyone and mobilized the atmosphere.
After Zhu Yinqi left Yuan Ye, he returned to the post, and took care of Zhu Runyue as always to avoid such occasions.
In Zhu Runyue’s room, Zhu Yinqi easily found the captain, who was coaxing Zhu Runyue to sleep. She patted Zhu Runyue on the soft couch and sang softly.
Green and green, my heart is long, even if I don’t prefer not to inherit the sound? Qing Qing wears a long time, I think about it, even if I don’t want to come, don’t you? A day without seeing you is like March.
Familiar with posture, familiar with ballads, Zhu Yinqi’s eyes suddenly got wet at the door. He also coaxed Long Er in this way in those days. Zhu Yinqi once mocked her for saying that an immature child could not understand such ballads.
At that time, the captain smiled and said to Zhu Yinqi that there were no male and female servants because he wanted Dragon Son to remember that the male and female servants could not understand the sound now, and he would understand it when he grew up.
Zhu Yinqi didn’t know at that time that the ballad was not sung for Long Er, but for himself. The period after Long Er was born was the most harmonious time when Zhu Yinqi and Wei Yi got along.
The joy of my early father made Zhu Yinqi often stay in the East Palace to accompany Dragon Son, which had the same tie. The distance between Zhu Yinqi and Wei Yi was also much closer. However, the good times didn’t always die with Dragon Son, and Zhu Yinqi and Wei Yi finally parted from his tears.
During the period when Dragon Son just passed away, the captain often sang such songs with tears in his swaddling clothes, but at that time, Zhu Yinqi was deeply disgusted and hated without the slightest pity.
It’s hate! At that time, Ji Wenhua had an ulterior motive to provoke Zhu Yinqi to miss the dragon’s death, which was caused by the improper care of the captain.
After all, Dragon’s son was his first heir. Zhu Yinqi once devoted all his father’s love to Dragon.
Accompanied by the arrival of Dragon, Zhu Yinqi also thought about letting Ji Wenhua and Wei Yi manage their love for Dragon’s best parents, but when Zhu Yinqi decided to open his heart to accept Wei Yi and her, Dragon died unexpectedly.
When Zhu Yinqi, the young dragon, lost his breath in his arms, Zhu Yinqi felt that the whole world had collapsed, and the death of the dragon was too unexpected. At that time, neither Zhu Yinqi nor Wei Chengqi thought that the dragon was being assassinated.
Dragon’s son suffered from cold and turned into pneumonia, and then died. Zhu Yinqi was sad when all this was caused by the improper care of the captain, but Ji Wenhua implied provoking comfort and losing his son’s sadness, but unconsciously turned into hatred for the captain.
In retrospect, Zhu Yinqi felt a little unreasonable and incredible at that time when he hated himself. At that time, how could he be so cruel, indifferent and cruel to hurt a young mother who had just lost her baby?
Perhaps it is more his own problem than Ji Wenhua’s provocation! It was another way to bear the pain of losing the dragon son, so he turned his grief into hatred and passed it all on to the captain.
What should Zhu Yin Qili do if he bites his fist and doesn’t let himself sob? Thinking of the gray past, he almost didn’t have the courage to go back to the captain.
Although Zhu Yinqi, who was cuckolded in the end when the dragon’s life was exposed, had enough reason to pose as a victim and had full confidence to defend his original injury, he felt like a knife when he looked at Zhu Runyue and listened to the familiar ballad.
All the sufferings of Wei-Shan originated from their engagement. He was sorry for Wei-Shan. He has always failed Wei-Shan’s unforgettable pain. Zhu Yinqi didn’t know how to compensate him.
When he wanted to hug her with his hands, she had completely forgotten him. Zhu Yinqi had confidently told himself that he loved her so much that he would definitely have her again, but now Zhu Yinqi found himself a little timid for the first time.
He’s scared! I’m so scared! I’m not afraid that the captain won’t forgive myself, but I’m afraid that when the captain recovers his memory one day, those unbearable memories will hurt her deeply again.
Zhu Runyue has been completely asleep, and the captain looked at her serene little face with a calm smile. During this trip, the captain almost turned himself into a nanny and took care of all Zhu Runyue’s work.
WeiHeng bowed their heads and gently kissed Zhu Runyue’s slightly pale face. This just helped her to get ready, but maybe she had been squatting for a long time. WeiHeng felt that her legs were numb and she could not support her knees. A soft WeiHeng threw herself at the ground.
The captain stared in horror and tried to cover his lips to prevent himself from screaming and overflowing, and then closed his eyes with some resignation to prepare for a close contact with the earth.
However, before she touched the ground, Wei Heng was thrown around and the whole person fell into a warm embrace. Wei Heng was surprised to see a face of anxiety, Zhu Yinqi.
"Are you all right?" For fear of waking Zhu Runyue and Zhu Yinqi, she kept her voice low like a whisper.