After a lot of verification, the front command came in the com.


"The van came out of the door!"
Only then did the soldier hit the heavy gate and let the van drive out.
And before and after the truck, there are several chariots escorting and saying.
The truck is driving all the way forward. The dark box is very low-key. If it is a passer-by, I’m afraid it is unexpected that there are boxes of newly mined rusty gold mines hidden inside.
A young driver in the driver’s seat is asking his companion, "boss, where are we going to transport this thing?"
"You’ll know when the time comes," the driver said stiffly.
"But I heard that the place where we transported it was occupied by monsters before, and all the people who went in could not get out … is this true!"
"…" The driver was silent.
"Don’t you know, boss?"
"Shut up. Don’t you think you’re curious …"
The driver didn’t say a word when he heard an explosion and then everything went round and round.
When he woke up from his stupor, he found that the vehicle was lying on the ground, and his nose was full of blood and smoke.
"Boom!" The firefight sounded, and the soldiers’ shouts were intertwined with guns and explosions.
The driver turned to his side and saw the co-pilot’s head drooping and he didn’t know life and death.
"Hey guy! Wake up! shi!”
The driver struggled to untie the co-pilot’s seat belt, kicked the shattered front windshield and climbed out of the car.
Next to several gangsters dressed in black rushed over and pointed their guns at them.
"We are drivers. Don’t kill us!" The driver cried with his head in his arms.
The man hesitated a gun to the driver’s head "hit the car! Quick! "
"The carriage … is locked from the inside. I can’t!" The driver shivered with fear.
"Damn it!" The man scolded me.
The fire broke out again, and the driver dragged his companion to the side of the road, shrank aside and hugged his head desperately.
It seems like a century has passed.
The boom, the explosion and the firefight continued, and he didn’t realize it was over until someone pulled him up.
He was rudely pulled up and found a bloody soldier in front of him.
There was a mess around, with dead soldiers and bodies of robbers.
And there was a big hole in the side of his truck, and smoke was billowing from it.
It seems that these people got the van after all
"What is the loss?"
"I was robbed of a box of ore!"
"A box? How much ore is there? "
"About ten kilograms"
"So much? shi! Where on earth did these people come from! Check it for me! Be sure to recover the ore! "
A new truck came behind, and more than ten sealed boxes were loaded with new trucks.
That box is really very small, that is, it is a little bigger than the handbag.
A lane also contains ten kilograms of ore.
But the driver knew that the stolen things exceeded 100 million nut coins!
This is definitely a huge sum of money!
Because it contains rusty gold ore!
At present, there is only one place in the international market that can stabilize the rusty gold, and that is White Wolf City.
The price of external rust gold in White Wolf City is one gram and ten thousand nut coins.
Of course, this is the official price fact, and officials rarely sell it to the outside world.
In the black market, the price of a gram of rusty gold has been fired several times.
Even so, it is a valuable market.
Even the rusty gold ore with low purity has thousands of nut coins in Blackstone.
In particular, recently, Maoxiong Prefecture has released words to buy ore crazily, and this price has soared even more.
But where does the rusty gold ore come from?

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