Just after Gao Chen left, Gao Jianfeng came to Gao Chen’s room, which was about to go to war. If everything went well but there was a mistake, it would be a tragedy. Gao Jianfeng wanted to see himself at this time. He was proud of himself. When Gao Chen had already made Gao Jianfeng proud, he was famous for his bonfire. Only then did he regret it! Now he has finally cultivated his lighter skills, and it’s only a short month. He has reached the second order, so can he not be proud?


"Come on, get in here!" Gao Chen went out of the room so that the whole general office could hear the sound. After entering Gao Chen’s room, Gao Jianfeng didn’t see others, which made him very strange. Where did Gao Chen go so late? But when he found Gao Hua lying on the ground, Gao Jianfeng had a bad feeling and then roared out!
Chapter 26 Send a ring
Gao Tengjuan and others heard Gao Jianfeng’s voice and quickly rushed into Gao Chenfang. Gao Jianjiang rushed in first and asked, "What happened?"
"Gao Hua was stunned and Chen Er disappeared." Gao Jianfeng’s cold voice said that Gao Jianfeng’s momentum made the nearby guards shudder and tremble. How many small guards can Gao Jianfeng’s momentum in the battlefield all his life?
"What Chen Er is missing? What are you eating? I don’t even know if people are missing?" Hear Gao Jiangfeng Gao Jianjiang is also angry and asked. Look at the expression. I want to strangle these people.
"Don’t ask them, these losers don’t know anything. Why don’t you find them for me?" Finally, the peak pitch was almost shouted out by the opposite person.
It’s certainly a knowledge of what happened to the General’s Mansion. To say how Gao Hua fainted in his room, it’s not a tall man with few hands. Gao Hua is a similar assassin. His professional life is pitifully less than that of a warlock. Gao Chen went out to have a competition with him. He fainted at the thought of Gao Chen’s attacking and killing swordsmanship. This is not to say that Master Gao is so powerful now, but because Gao Hua doesn’t dare to kill those powerful moves!
When the four-eared rabbit had the last point of life, Gao Chen finally killed it with one knife, which made Gao Chen think that this time he could get an unprecedented harvest and even put out the fire lion. The most exciting thing for Gao Chen was that the four-eared rabbit gave Gao Chen a ring, which made Gao Chen excited and moved quickly. He didn’t dare to do it now. It was because he accidentally flew there and didn’t know it, but now he has a ring. After everything is easy, even a college can cross the forest for leveling. How beautiful it is!
Just like the 8*8 explosion in the game, this four-eared rabbit actually gave Gao Chen a big explosion. Looking at it, he almost filled his backpack with equipment. Gao Chen felt really satisfied with this trip. First, he sorted out some available equipment and then put some things in his backpack without sorting them out. No matter how much, it was a box, but this different equipment occupied a box. Gao Chen put all these things in the ring. This trip has reached the goal of going home, but he got the ring. Gao Chen felt that he had the means to save his life and decided to continue walking inside!
Gao Chen, the wolf with five pets, walked all the way to kill all the way, whether it was a first-order or a fourth-order kill. Maybe luck will consume Gao Chen, and he also killed several fourth-order Warcraft. Unfortunately, except for experience, it seems that he gave him a little gold coin. The explosion rate of gold coins in this world is really high. Gao Chen sincerely lamented that he actually hit 100,000 gold coins one night. If the game can also have such an explosion rate, the gold coins will not know how much it has depreciated. The gold coins in this world are still very valuable!
Look at the sky, there is already a halo on the horizon. Gao Chen is very satisfied with the harvest tonight. Not to mention the said ring, he actually got a pair of fine equipment. The equipment in the game is divided into five levels: ordinary and excellent! Extreme equipment is a little more refined than ordinary. Two to three attributes are more than ordinary. Four to six attributes are more than ordinary. Seven to nine attributes are more than ordinary. Level equipment has a certain chance to get hidden attributes, while level equipment has hidden attributes. Hidden attributes are generally better than equipment body attributes! For example, death’s glove attack is 1-,extremely 1-3, 1-45, 1-678, and the god level is 1-9111. Of course, the average critical rate in the game is very low, not to mention him!
Fine equipment, and a horse can heavy armor. It’s like sending pillows when you are sleepy and sprite in the desert! The only regret is that it hasn’t reached level 22 yet, although it’s a little worse. It seems that if you come back later, you will be able to rise to level 22, thinking that Gao Chen started sending the ring and instantly returned to his room!
"Master, you, you, you, you" Gao Chen flew into the room, and Xiaoye pushed the door and came in to listen to her, and then flew out, which made Gao Chen wonder and scratched his head. What’s going on? …
"Chen son, you really came back" depressed Gao Chen didn’t sit down when she heard Gao Jianfeng’s anxious voice coming in and then saw Gao Jianfeng rushing in, followed by Gao Tengjuan and Gao Jianjiang …
"Dad, what’s wrong with you?" Gao Chen gaped at Gao Jianfeng with a puzzled face. Why did everyone get up so early? Or am I late, but it’s not even dawn yet!
"Master, master, he’s really back." At this time, a face of flush lobules ran into the room out of breath to see everyone. She stopped talking.
"Chen Er, where did you go all night?" At this time, Gao Tengjuan first asked from her anxious voice that Gao Chen felt that this belonged to her relatives!
"Well, I" Gao Chen really doesn’t know how to tell the truth. It is definitely impossible, but how to tell this lie?
"Xiaoye has nothing to do with you. You go out first. You go out and watch outside. No one is allowed to approach or you will be killed!" Behind the words are said to Gao Hua and other guards.
"Chen son now you can say" people went out, existing homes are gaos thought one of their own Gao Jianfeng mouth asked.
"Dad, I really don’t want to lie to you, but telling the truth is hard to believe." Gao Chen thought for a while and then took out Ling Shuang from the ring, and then took out a bottle of gold sore medicine and a bottle of healing medicine.
When Gao Chen took out these things, the Gao family wondered if this was a question for you. Why did you take out a sword after half a sentence? And what’s in those good vials? In an instant, Gao Chen thought of a way to divert everyone’s attention.
"This sword is called Ling Shuang, but it is definitely a sharp weapon. I think Dad has prepared this sword for Dad by the sword." Say that finish, he handed the sword to Gao Jianfeng.
Gao Jianfeng gently received Ling Shuang from Gao Chen’s hand, and then stroked the sword body to feel the cold. Gao Jianfeng whispered, "This is really a good sword."
Gao Jianfeng’s original hand sword, Gao Chen, had already seen it, but it was just a 7-1 attack. Although his sword is not a magic weapon in the world, it is definitely a priceless sword. However, the 1-13 attack is six points more. How can it not shock Gao Jianfeng? But even more shocking to him is yet to come.
"This bottle of medicine can make you recover instantly no matter how badly you are injured, but this bottle can’t compare with that one, but it can also make you reply slowly. Of course, when I say slowly, it’s only a few seconds." Gao Chen first pointed to the healing medicine and then pointed to Jin Chuang’s medicine way
"What did you say?" Gao Jianfeng took two bottles of potions in Gao Chen’s hand and observed them carefully. The whole Gao family was shocked. What is this recovery potion? If it really has the effect that Gao Chen said, how many gold coins would it be worth or how many things could be exchanged if it were sold? Gao Chen also wondered how healing drugs could add so many health points and 500 mana points, which was impossible in the previous game. Of course, it was more than that in the later stage, but they were not called healing drugs!
"Chen Er, you say this is all true?" The first thing from the shock is Gao Jianjiang.
"Sec. Uncle, can I lie to you? Seeing that dad is going to the battlefield, I hope these things can make dad kill more enemies, "Gao Chen said." But in everyone’s heart, who is not a white general and how much he kills the enemy depends on a good weapon? This is obviously impossible. How many people can you kill alone and how many people are there in the battlefield?
"Chen Er, how did you get these things?" Gao Jianfeng sink a ask a way
"Dad, it’s not that I don’t say anything, but that I really don’t want to deceive everyone. Will you stop asking?" Gao Chen nai Dao
"Don’t ask me, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, and even if it’s a bad thing, we can still do it." Gao Jianjiangkou said that he couldn’t hear what kind of mood it was from his mouth
"Hey, Chen Er, I’m leaving today. You must practice your martial arts well. But your dad believes that you won’t let us down!" Gao Jianfeng stopped asking that question and said to Gao Chen earnestly
"Dad, baby, white array, father and soldiers will have us going to the battlefield together," Gao Chen said confidently. For him, the battlefield is a map that can be painted with a lot of humanoid monsters, so how can the map not have its own figure!
"Ha, ha, ha, good. This is our gaos thought hero!" I’m really excited and excited to hear Gao Jianfeng! The whole room is full of warmth!
Chapter 27 Excuses to Pulse
Gao Jianfeng went to war, but Gao Chen didn’t go to see him off. Because Gao Jianfeng said that parting was a better way to get together, Gao Chen stared blankly for a moment and then nodded. After he couldn’t see Gao Jianfeng’s back, he also got up and left, but his direction was Magic Wu University.
"Your father is gone" asked Gary in the science of uniting the woods.
"It’s war!" Gao Chen sighed a little, but what he thought in his heart was how great it would be if he could attend!
"You shouldn’t think too much about killing the enemy on the battlefield, but General Gao is always victorious. I believe that this time, too, you can return home in triumph." Gary also urged Gao Chen sadly because of his departure.
"Teacher, I am white," Gao Chen thanked him. He knew that Gary was true to his heart. This feeling made Gao Chen very moved!
"Are you already in the second order?" Gary looked at Gao Chen’s practice for a while and suddenly said that Gao Chen broke through so quickly that Gary was shocked. You know how long it has been since Gao Chen practiced!
"Well, it was a breakthrough at home yesterday," Gao Chen replied. He was almost twenty-two when he killed Warcraft. Even the fourth-order four-eared rabbit died. That is to say, if Gao Chen is a fourth-order master at this time, it is not a problem, but there is a prerequisite, that is, to make magic equipment and magic can’t expose himself yet. Before Gao Chen decided not to make Gao Chen wear equipment and his physical strength is just second-order in this world!

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