With voice came a chill in the air, which made Li Guolin shake "Oh, no, no! Damn me, damn me! "


He seems to have something on his mind today. When people who have always been thoughtful just approved the discount, they actually missed a word, and that was the approval for the people along the Yellow River. "Okay," I lowered my head, pushed my inkstone forward and crossed my hands in my knees.
"Look at what you’re doing!"
The case suddenly flew to Li Guolin’s face. He couldn’t avoid being overturned and kneeling. "Emperor … Emperor …"
"I’ll give you three days to find out! If you can’t do it well, you don’t have to be an official! "
Li Guolin climbed out like chaff.
The palace is clear, the clock is getting darker and darker, with some frost coming in with the wind, and a strong smell is the osmanthus fragrance.
I should leave.
"Luo Yu excused himself." I leaned down and took a step back. Is this bad in the palace or did I follow the style of the previous dynasty to sit on the landlord?
He looked up at me and said, "Go."
I walked to the steps and looked back at the stacks of papers.
"Is there anything else?" He asked me
I mumbled something and looked back, but I finally stepped on the steps and pulled it out from the pile of approvals to turn over a page. "Here-it seems that it should be eight hundred and two thousand pieces of silver instead of one hundred and two thousand pieces-"
After he took it, his eyebrows twisted together. "That’s right-it’s time to change it!"
I bowed my head again and withdrew from the palace gate.
In Yeting, his female officer returned to the imperial garden after dinner, and the frost leaves were red, holding the colonnade slightly before turning and walking to Huanxi Palace. The scenery in the palace was not overhauled because of the entry of An Ruoting, except for the renovation of Chenggan Palace.
There is a cold waning moon on the horizon, and Chi Pan sits in the dark moonlight. The lotus leaves are already withered, but the stems are still wilting. There are three or two cranes on the surface of the water for food, accompanied by "Hua La" paddling, and this quiet corner sounds more and more quiet.
Li Junwu’s biological mother, Xiao Mufei, loved cranes very much before her death. The palace raised it for several days and personally fed it. When the old emperor saw it, he gave her the will. The palace was also renamed "Thousand Crane Palace". After her death, the Thousand Crane Palace was inhabited, but the cranes were still taken care of.
Huanxi Palace Qianhe Palace is not far apart. I was a little surprised that the cranes thought they flew from there. When the Zhou Palace was expelled from the palace as soon as possible, these cranes actually returned!
"Don’t run away-"
Walking along the lotus pond, a maid-in-waiting shouted at the crane. It turned out that she was familiar with them. I walked from the pavilion to the light outside the pavilion, and the maid-in-waiting got closer and closer, and she could see clearly that she was calm and peaceful with the garden lights.
"Are you-"
I asked the maid-in-waiting if she looked familiar. I vaguely saw the maid-in-waiting when she saw me slightly stunned. Then she stopped to give me a gift. "You are Luo Zhaoxun. I am a maid-in-waiting in Qianhe Palace. My name is Ying Zi."
"Ying Zi?"
Oh … I remember! Did I see her in the palace on the night of the old emperor Jia’s birthday, or did she tell me the news of the banquet and dance of Ji Lily first … but she actually stayed in the palace.
"Ying Zi, why are you here?" I asked quietly.
She smiled and pointed to the crane in the lake and explained to me, "There are no people living in front of Huanxi Palace. Small three and small four always love to come here to play in the water. Now there are Luo Zhaoxun Yingzi who have told them many times, but they just don’t listen. It’s really sorry to disturb Zhao Xun now …"
I also nodded when I heard the news. "I like them very much, though."
"Thank you very much for Zhao Xun’s saying that!"
"You’re welcome. Come to Huanxi Palace if you have any. I occasionally have some chat. We can talk."
"If Zhao Xun doesn’t abandon …"
Of course, I won’t abandon the fact that I once had a good impression on her, but it’s natural and different to meet an old friend in a crowd that is familiar with the court. She is also a maid-in-waiting in Li Junwu’s dead mother’s palace. When I think about it, I feel that there are strip lines that bring us together, like two pieces of gas. Finally, the word "Li Junwu" makes us have a node.
Of course, Ying Zi didn’t know that all this had been going on for more than a month, and she also knew that I was a doctor before I called Luo Yu into the palace.
"Empress Xuanfei of Feixue Palace seems to be ill."
On this day, I had tea with Zihe Chi Pan Pavilion and chatted with her for a while. After the Pharmacopoeia medical classics, she suddenly pointed to the south of the garden and said to me, "What’s wrong?" I casually asked a sentence and then bowed my head and studied the fragrance of scented tea in the cup-"Zhao Xun" was just a seven-official status, and the palace was not entitled to enjoy the inferior tea, so I picked some flowers from the garden to make some scented tea.
Ying Zi also likes to drink. She holds the pot and pours it herself. "Listen to what you just said, it should be like insufficient blood gas’s disease."
"Didn’t the emperor call the doctor too much?"
"… the emperor ignored Imperial concubine of Xuan"
"Oh?" I brushed my tea and was slightly surprised.
An Ruoting’s harem is not lively. In total, there are two Imperial concubine of Xuan lilacs and Li Wanyi, who were close to her in the past. It is said that An Ruoting had put her in limbo and lived in Eastern Europe forever before she broke into the secluded city. This is indeed like An Ruoting’s ability to do things, so she secretly cried all night and then it was a wonder at dawn.
But I haven’t seen this Imperial concubine of Xuan either
"Empress Imperial concubine of Xuan’s sex is stronger, and the emperor snubbed her, and she refused to tell the emperor that her illness was aggravated in these two days."
"Your Majesty Luo Zhaoxun has entered the palace."
As soon as I entered Chenggong Palace Dongwang, I was directly led into the court. At that time, I was dressed in a black gilded palace. An Ruoting was writing at my desk and smelled it. When I put my pen on, I got up, and the layers of clothes brought up a burst of silence, which broke the silence of the room and drowned my heartbeat.