"That’s because she hates others more!" Yanglingtian’s words fell, and the elders immediately took a slight breath, but Stuart skyshatter quickly came out without talking.


See him a disdain cold hum a way
"At that time, when she saw that Purple Extremity had attached itself to your body, things could be changed, which made you grow up with your Purple Extremity. One day, it will impact the first person in Dayan Holy Land-Xuanyuanhuang’s position requires you to kill Xuanyuanhuang, which is equivalent to revenge for her. It was because she thought that you were deeply rooted and didn’t expect that you would attract so many storms from fellow initiates in the five elements." The words looked at Yanglingtian with a startled face and a squint at the elder next to her.
"That’s just an inference." Elder Stuart skyshatter looked at it with a sigh and shook his head naively. He turned to Yanglingtian as if to say with comfort, "Your purple pole body formation was too strange at that time, and you couldn’t remember the whole situation at that time. The real situation will be clear until you remember the situation at that time or meet an insider."
Say that finish eyes also some concerns to Xiangyang ling day.
Yanglingtian’s personality, he really knows too well that the death of his family has been a great blow. Although there is Mu Yiqiao’s comfort, the girl is already asleep at the moment and is likely to sleep forever.
If Chu Yun casts Yuan Shen for another reason, it may give him some comfort. If he is regarded as chess, he will not bow his head or be pushed around by his character.
I don’t know if the elder’s comfort has played its due role. In the middle of the day, Yang Ling’s eyes were thoughtfully lifted slowly, and his face was calm without any feelings. You couldn’t see the sadness and joy. Look at the coma.
The elder hesitated slightly for a long time and finally brought the boy back to the mouth of the cave where he had been treated by Chujun and Mu Yiqiao.
Yanglingtian refused to be accompanied by two elders, and one entered alone. No one knew what he had done or said.
When the teenager came out, his face was still the same as that without sadness or joy. He looked around calmly and went out without stopping to go to Dayan Holy Land alone to find the said Babel.
The elder sighed silently and raised his hand gently. It seems that he still wanted to say something. After all, he didn’t say anything. He calmly told me that after Chu Jun’s treatment, he had recovered and would grow a little. Xuanyuanhuang left a breath and still explained a few words about Dayan Holy Land.
At the same time, he gave Mu Yiqiao’s orders to the Navy Beast Emperor, and his blue essence coagulated into a concentrated pearl and an auspicious god’s tactic to the teenager, hoping that the two things could heal the trauma of the soul and slowly resolve the rage in his heart.
Glittering and translucent Xuan Bing dusty ancient cave, one black and one white, two old men stood quietly watching the white boy dragging his long back to walk away on the unknown journey.
"Stuart skyshatter! ! !” At the moment when the long figure disappeared from sight, the elder suddenly drank a lot of anger and lost his former indifference.
"What’s the matter?" Stuart in black turned his head as if he didn’t know what had happened.
"What’s the matter? What do you say? " Looking at Stuart skyshatter like this, the elder suddenly became more angry. "The forbidden forest and dark two bearing forces all come from here. Now Chujun is in the breath export. I know what kind of breath overflows through her body. Anger in Yanglingtian can drive Chujun’s anger and let the magic gas leak more, which can enhance your strength in managing the dark protection pulse.
In the past, you secretly gave the wrath of heaven to Yanglingtian, and after I found it, I handed it over to Yiqiao. I no longer talked about these things, and I no longer pursued them. But you still want to say that it is Chu Jun, and you cast him as a chess game? Don’t you want to push that boy into the darkness because you are secretly protecting a little bit of interest? "
With that, his broad robe was angrily lifted, driving the gang around to roar and surge.
Anger at the cool old man has been sneering at Stuart skyshatter, but it is not startled or guilty, but more crazy and resentful than the white old man.
"Hum! ! !”
A cold hum in his nose, and at the same time, his feet gently stomped and splashed with several crystal pieces of ice. "Do you think I’m really a little bit of support?"
Seems to be stabbed by the elder brother’s words that accompanied him for many years. Stuart’s face turned red and he lost his arrogance and roared.
"First, this is the most possible possibility. Otherwise, can you come up with a better explanation?
Second, I really want to provoke Yanglingtian’s anger, but it is not a dark shield, but an increase in cold and domineering. "
Said the head and lifted up to look at the sky like blood sunset seems to be some self-effacing but seems to be more angry. "My name is skyshatter, but I have to stay in this forbidden forest to protect the so-called taboo power, and you are willing to stay here?
After so many years, it’s hard to see a man in Yanglingtian who dares to declare war on heaven. When you and I were young, the ideal of swimming in the sky with restraint, looking up and laughing, leaning over and sighing, is that he may realize such a person who may break through the bondage of fate. How can I not do it if I have the opportunity to increase his domineering and aloof mind and make him more persistent and aware? ! ! "
The passionate sound triggers a slight tremor around.
Big elders face consternation before looking at this has been and I don’t know how long, is face upwards roar teacher younger brother heart don’t know how to feel.
At the beginning, a pair of other disciples did have youthful feelings, but in the end, they had to be bound forever because of the world’s tricks and their lack of perseverance. Although the days seemed to be indifferent, their dreams were still reappearing from time to time when they were young, and so was this younger brother.
"Maybe Yangling naivety can realize our dream of breaking through all things, and even that I don’t know that the bondage of Diming’s fate makes heaven and earth tremble and minister."
Silent for a long time, the white elder finally sighed gently.
However, I heard the old man’s arrogant Stuart skyshatter face calmed down and looked at each other quietly.
Finally, I smiled faintly, and two old cheeks rippled, then slowly turned around and walked into the frozen ancient cave at the same time.
The setting sun slowly sets on the horizon, and the light slowly decreases at the ancient cave entrance. It seems like an ancient drama. Chapter 1 Go to the Holy Land.
The wind blew from the sea and filled Xianlin Village with a faint salty taste.
Xianlin village is located in the southernmost part of Tianwu mainland, and it is an ordinary mountain village by the sea. It is said that it continues from the South China Sea outside the village to the south, where the immortal lives. Because of its geographical advantages, the immortal must land in this village first, so it is named Xianlin village.
Of course, this statement is just a beautiful statement. If there are immortals living in the vast sea, they want to visit this world, fearing that they don’t need to land by boat like ordinary people, but they will fly by ling, so naturally there will be no geographical advantage.
For the villagers, although they are proud, they are not too relieved to take care of themselves. It is the most important thing at this time. It is the prime of the fishing season, and the laborers go out fishing in droves, leaving women and children with baskets on their shoulders and waiting for their husbands and children to return. Only then can they cheerfully carry baskets of marine fish back to the market with them and wait for those distant businessmen to choose.
A narrow street paved with blue stones is filled with the fishy smell of bamboo baskets filled with seafood and peddling all over the street.
A young man in his twenties seems to be walking slowly in the street.
It’s only natural that a young man with such a rich and handsome appearance in a remote fishing village will attract a few surprised eyes.
However, the young man was calm and indifferent, and he didn’t look at the seafood on both sides, but several fishermen took back their eyes in a timely manner. Yu Guang secretly looked at the young man and walked out of the village and directly to the seaside.
When I came to the seaside, the young people simply found a stone with several small pits and sat quietly watching the distant place where the sea and the sky meet, without saying anything, and asked the busy fishermen on the beach.