In the past, Tianyu brushed bss for the first time because he didn’t adjust the aperture position, which led to continuous’ sexual’ blood loss. Then he saw that bss put two covers in it to prevent blood loss, and then he rushed over.


If you don’t say much, you will be shocked by the explosion of the quilt and fly out to lie on the street.
Of course, I can’t know that again in my life.
Then bss made the aperture attack again, and this time Tianyu flew towards bss.
Sure enough, bss is a small aperture.
Tianyu exploded in it, and then kicked the silver bullet D in a roundabout way. As soon as it recovered, it immediately fired the silver bullet to make up a’ mess’ and’ shoot’.
Then bss carried out the second round of forced capture of Tianyu roaming, and kept pressing the key.
It’s not too difficult to follow the rules and play step by step.
The second whew is to see that God is very confused about how Tianyu judges the aperture size of bss.
I didn’t restore the medicine until I killed Tianyu, but I ate a lot of crit medicine and strength medicine …
Chapter 86 Business opportunities are everywhere
When it comes to consumption, Tianyu’s consumption is not cheaper than Erxiu (
But the fruit is very different, because Tianyu passed the limit altar, but unfortunately he didn’t give it to the synthesizer, but a pile of gold coins was perfunctory
"This man …" Tianyu laughed at himself.
Two whew see tianyu has been forced to ask "silly bear size aperture there how do you judge? And the judgment is so accurate. I have seen several kinds of raiders in Baidu, but I don’t know how to judge the size aperture. I suggest you go forward if there is a small aperture at a little distance from bss. If there is a big aperture, you can retreat by retreating, but you don’t seem to hesitate so much. It seems that you know whether bss is going to be big or small before. "
"I really judged whether the aperture released by bss is large or small early."
"How to judge?"
"When bss puts a small aperture, it will be a little longer when he poses with his’ chest’, but this is not the only thing that can be separated by experience," Tianyu naturally replied
"Have to rely on experience? But the extreme altar just came out soon … Do you practice how to brush the extreme altar every day? " Two whew curious looking at Tianyu for two asked.
Tianyu’s mind was tight. I really wanted to share my experience just now, and this experience was really judged after several exercises. Even the network seems to be unnoticed.
Bss moves a small aperture a little longer than a large aperture, and there is little difference. If it is not long-term intentional identification, few people really notice this.
But the eye is as Erxiu said, the extreme altar has just come out on the first day, so he calmed down and said, "Well! In addition to the fact that the business alliance has consumed me some time, I will experience the account as soon as I have it, and occasionally practice it. "
"But … you experience a red god account? You are so slippery when you are roaming today … The technology is simply amazing! " Two whew praised Tianyu technology.
Tianyu heart dripping sweat but two whew doesn’t seem to be suspicious, that’s good.
"By the way, I suddenly thought of a small business opportunity when I was playing cold and hot mummies." Tianyu changed the subject.
Tianyu certainly didn’t know this small business opportunity in his generation, but now he suddenly knows it by accumulating business experience in this generation and then analyzing it.
"I also thought about whether tunbing is a’ sex’ weapon?" Two whew answered.
"yes! However, not every profession is equipped with individual professional ice weapons. "
"Ghost Swordsman 45 Purple Taidao-Fine Snow Dance 4 Purple Giant Sword-Blue Moon Dragon’ Yin’ Sword 4 Purple Tai-White Pill 35 Purple Short Sword-Cangyue Sword 4 Powder Blunt Weapon-Violent Ice Spring’ Stick ’45 Purple Short Sword-Blue Ice Crescent Sword 5 Taidao 5 Lightsaber Ghost Swordsman Ice’ Sex’ Weapons can be bought."
Tianyu pricked up his ears and sighed, "You know the equipment market like the back of your hand!"
"… well, this is the only thing I can do, but I bet that Korea’s dynamics are definitely not as strong as yours, but we don’t seem to need Korea’s dynamics too much, because if you are there, you will be able to grasp the accurate business opportunities." Two laughs.
After two people continue to discuss the ice’ sex’ weapons.
The fire weapon is not very important, because the salamander Gabriel has a considerable output, and you can buy a salamander medicine for a little more than 1 gold coin.
However, the ice’ sex’ attack’ medicine’ can not be directly sold, but it can be sold for about 30 thousand gold coins by obtaining a small amount of output in the auction house during this period.
Second, the mastery is relatively clear, that is, the ghost swordsman and the sharpshooter. After all, one is the player’s most basic occupation and the other is his own occupation.
Uncle Yu Lori’s royal sister Heisi, these professional ice weapons are’ sex’ weapons, but I don’t remember them so clearly.
Two people further analyzed a.
There are some problems with the girl, except for the method of brushing the mummy with ice and fire. The other three girls all brought their own’ sex’ attacks, so the girl’s ice’ sex’ weapons will not be particularly sought after.
There are relatively few fighting words.
3-level claw 5-level claw 4-level powder sky ghosting stick 5-level arm armor 5-level purple gloves-Biying gloves
You can buy weapons if you want to brush the extreme altar.
Uncle said that there are two kinds of equipment for the ice crystal cross, the ice bead ice totem for ten thousand years.
The number of players in the night talk is small, and the number of equipment is too large, which is going to ruin the street.
In the end, Tianyu and Erxiu agreed that there should be some profit in fighting and uncle equipment.
If Tianyu opens the auction house in four districts of Zhejiang, he and Erxiu give each other a wry smile.
It turns out that the ice weapons in the auction house have all gone up in price.
My side is really a lot slower than others.
Recently, my team has been doing big business and focusing on big business opportunities.
I haven’t paid attention to business opportunities like this for some days
This reminds Tianyu and Erxiu of their hardships when they started from scratch.
At that time, the streets were full of white words shouting and expecting to meet "Xiaobai", who was not willing to brush more horns.
Nowadays, the street calls for collecting the base automatically, and even the stalls can’t be seen.
Tianyu unconsciously shook his head slightly, and that day was gone forever.
"Every change will bring a lot of business opportunities, mainly depending on whether we can be the first to enter the market and be preempted by others like this. After all, these businesses are petty bourgeoisie, so it is more flexible to start these businesses." Erxiu said.
Tianyu smiled and replied, "Yes, of course, you should put your money in the cutting edge, and you should not pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelon. If you find it early after such small business opportunities, please tell the line brothers."
Two whew nodded when you need to win people’s hearts, don’t be stingy or you will lose more than you gain.
"Judge unlucky bear, they have begun to sell their pink rings." Galen sent a "private" chat message to the judge.
"After you are free," the judge typed back.
"… what do you mean?" Galen a surprised puzzled asked.
"You’re fired."
"ah? What? "
"Because I don’t need to keep track of the unlucky bear now."
Chapter 863 Force Majeure
"Then what shall I do?" Galen looked at the news from the judge and hurriedly typed back and asked, First, Hair.
"Stupid bear there is not’ quite’, ok? Definitely make money, "replied the judge typing.
"But being a dnf game dealer is not my intention, and I have to obey them whenever I have a business opportunity. I don’t like it very much."
"It’s up to you to quit their merchant team, but don’t blame me for not waking up. Don’t touch his bank account, or don’t come to me if something happens," the judge said after thinking it over.
What he considered was to realize that Galen’s goods were not benevolent and mercenary, and he had to take up a little urine before giving up.
The judge came to tell the unlucky bear directly, but the thought that he had’ inserted’ the agent himself might really retaliate against himself if the other party was narrow-minded and backed by the business alliance after telling it out at the unlucky bear.