"What if I mess around?" Cheyenne hand dagger slightly dint a little deep red blood line appeared in the neck at this moment, I can clearly feel Cheyenne’s murder, and great fear instantly enveloped him, and his goose bumps suddenly appeared and his body trembled uncontrollably.


"No, don’t … Cheyenne, I was wrong. Please leave me alone!" I suddenly remembered the smell. It is said that this guy directly broke the neck of Lao Wei. He was really scared after feeling Cheyenne’s murder.
Cheyenne is trying to set an example for himself. Otherwise, after harassment like vigorously, there will definitely be more and more. Only with this kind of death oppression can vigorously make them afraid, and vigorously is really scared. He can clearly feel the surge of murder when Cheyenne’s dagger passes through his throat. At that moment, he felt that his whole body was filled with great fear, and his legs were soft and almost scared …
"Black man, do you still want to try my method?" Cheyenne looked at the black-faced young man who had just taken the lead.
"I don’t have to …" The big black man swallowed hard and said.
In the eyes of the black man and others, Cheyenne’s eyes were full of domineering and murder, which shocked them.
"What’s the matter? What’s the problem? Can’t you sit down and talk about it? Do you have to use a knife and a gun?" A man in a white dress appeared beside me. This man was the Bai Li who had besieged Cheyenne. As always, he was holding a dead cane in his hand.
Cheyenne turned his head and took a deep look at Bai Li. He didn’t believe that others didn’t hear what was going on here, and it was worth pondering that they clashed by both sides without stopping their hearts.
"Cheyenne, come with me. Someone wants to see you." Bai Li said to Cheyenne.
"I hope that no one will provoke me again." Cheyenne casually put aside his dagger and followed Bai Li.
As Bai Li walked into the village, the houses here were very simple. Cheyenne could feel several pairs of eyes staring at him in the next room.
Bai Li stopped in front of a simple room and said to Cheyenne, "Go in if you want to see your people inside."
Cheyenne didn’t know who the other person was, so it was mysterious. He pushed open the door and went in, and then he saw two people looking at his back. They were all old.
"You’re here? Just sit down, "said one of them, looking back.
Cheyenne saw the man suddenly look startled, and he never thought that this man would appear here.
The man was elymus!
"Why are you Elymus?" Cheyenne was surprised that nothing was done.
At this time, another person also turned around.
Cheyenne’s previous surprise when he saw another old face was nothing because he suddenly saw the old scourge Cheyenne!
What is this, Xia Jian? What is here?
Cheyenne’s head is white.
"What’s wrong with Xiao? Are you surprised to see me?" Xia Jian’s old face squeezed out his trademark smile.
"What secrets haven’t you told me, old man?" Cheyenne asked angrily.
Xia Jian smiled deeply to reveal his thinking. "I have to think about it."
"Elymus, what the hell is going on? Why are you in Longyuan?" Cheyenne expected that the old scourge would definitely refuse to tell the truth, so he set his sights on Elymus.
"I’m afraid this matter has to be told by him." Elymus showed a helpless look.
Cheyenne stared at the old scourge. "Do you still want to hide it?"
"Of course not. Now that you have awakened, there is no need to hide everything. I will tell you everything," said the old Cheyenne.
Awaken? How did this old guy know I was awake? Is it because I have shown my powers? Cheyenne pondered
"I’m from Qianlongyuan. You can call me Qianxiajian. It’s my pseudonym." The old guy released a blockbuster as soon as he opened his mouth.
Chapter 45 You are not from the earth.
Xia Jian turned out to be a pseudonym? Moreover, he claimed to be a "dive" of a hidden dragon. Is it a "dragon" at the same level?
"Are you talking nonsense again?" Cheyenne looked incredulous.
Elymus said, "I can prove that he is telling the truth this time."
Maybe I don’t believe in the old scourge, but Cheyenne still believes in Elymus. He finally believes in the old scourge. Just now, Cheyenne’s heart can be turned upside down, and he is reborn. I don’t know that Hidden Dragon Cave is even worse. He has been living together for decades, and the old guy is still a senior member of this secret organization!
But the old scourge once again opened his mouth to speak, making Cheyenne completely lose his thinking ability.
"You’re not actually my grandson. More accurately, you’re not from the earth. You’re an alien!" Xia Jian said seriously
I am an alien?
Cheyenne’s mind echoed with this sentence repeatedly, and at the same time, some pictures flashed faintly in his mind.
"Host awakening degree rose to 4% and host awakening degree rose to 5% …"
The sudden pain of the exchange messenger also came in waves. After a while, the arousal stopped at 8%, but Cheyenne’s mind appeared a lot of pictures intermittently, but it was as vague as through a layer of fog. Cheyenne knew that his mind had changed, but the key position was blocked. Cheyenne learned what kind of memories he had.
Cheyenne expression changes fall in Cheyenne and elymus eyes. Both of them are looking at each other and don’t know what the heart is thinking, but neither of them rushed over to check Cheyenne’s situation but showed their vigilance.
Cheyenne’s pain faded a little as the sound of the exchange messenger disappeared.
"Do you remember anything?" Xia Jian asked with a nervous face.
Cheyenne shook his head. "I seem to remember something but I don’t seem to remember anything."
"Don’t remember the so-called I’ll tell you" Xia Jian seems determined elymus glances after deep voice tells a story.
"As for your real identity, I was a member of a special department in China when the alien spacecraft crashed into Shicheng. We intercepted a strange energy fluctuation and tracked it to the fluctuating position, but some foreign forces also tracked it. Those forces sneaked into the territory of China with wolf ambitions. After the infighting, all parties finally reached an agreement and joined forces to hit the energy fluctuation. An alien spacecraft fell into Shicheng with exposure."
"With the exposure of alien spacecraft technology and objects, all forces were jealous, and the distribution plan previously formulated was torn up mercilessly. The battle for those materials was thus launched, and the Chinese spacecraft fell to the ground and previously decided that all parties would not be able to intercept energy fluctuations. After seeing the face of various countries, Huaxia also made a decision to master as many alien materials as possible at all costs."
"Finally, after fierce competition, all forces have obtained some materials, and Huaxia has obtained the alien spacecraft to control it. Now there is another name for the outside world, that is Longyuan!"
Cheyenne was shocked to hear this and couldn’t help saying, "You mean we are in an alien spaceship now?"