After that, she left a soul-meaning Liu Chen’s body, which not only contains some things that Liu Chen doubts and wants to ask her, but also serves as a protective barrier to prevent her from being attacked by someone who is devouring the secret blood Liu Chen.


But now there should be no one in the world sea and no one has the ability at the same time. The strong will attack Liu Chen, the sun and the sun, and the yin will return here. Xue Zhiyu will no longer be on guard when he sees two people.
This world will never change, and their mission and interests will not be unfavorable to Lu Chen at this time, but Lu Chen’s side is Lu Chen’s strongest guardian at this time
Nowadays, there is no strong man in the celestial sea who can guard and kill people in the sun and the earth.
After the War of Cave Deficiency, the four taboos in the inner world were closed and the inner world area was reconstructed, and he himself disappeared and hid again.
After this storm, Lu Chen’s name has spread all over the taboo world. Now there is a story in all the world that a young strong man saved the world and killed the evil spirits that invaded the world.
But who is that evil spirit, but few people in the closed world know it. Even the true ancestors who knew the secret blood have forgotten this strong one.
The true ancestors who forgot the secret blood most were those who lived in the real world. It was almost Lu Chen who killed the true ancestors of the secret blood. In an instant, they forgot that there was such a strong man. It was because of the news from the boundary that the high-level officials were as happy as they finally waited for the victory of a big war that they realized that there was a suspected catastrophe in the past.
Then, the memories of those who are really strong gradually become blurred, which is a magical change. Their memories are very solid, but they still gradually lose a name in their minds, including what they said, what they looked like, what they did, and so on.
This process is slow and strange, because it is not that all beings have lost their memory, but that once the object is erased, it becomes incompatible memory, and then there is no corresponding target, so naturally they can’t remember it.
At the peak of the true self, the strong will gradually find no corresponding, and the final result is that the secret blood true ancestor has completely disappeared into an unknown theory.
The true ancestors who can really remember the secret blood also have the powerful taboo explorers of the heavens, and they are not affected by this.
Taboos have a special way because they are stronger than memories. Even if they are erased, they will build virtual memories to do things that they will not forget when they wake up, even if they have disappeared.
Explorers have the tenth-order ability, and the principle of blessing is similar to that of the former Lu Yi’s amnesia. Lu Chen will judge that it must be a hand.
Three years have passed since the tremor of the heavens stopped, and during this period, the sea of world reconstruction has completely calmed down.
The high-god earth has been separated from the inner world and has no intention of re-merging. This is also the fact that the hole deficiency and the yin will have become a state of separation between the three realms.
However, it is also said that Yin and Tianyang intend to bring the two worlds back together, and a large number of strong people may emerge when the two pieces merge.
Lu Chen’s teammates first turned back to Lu Chen’s origin. Chu Hang and Li Yi stayed to paint Li Yi because they didn’t come out in secret. Chu Hang was not at ease to stay here and watch, but also continued to study and strengthen the route.
Xia Mi and Leng Yue returned, and they are going to the new world to continue to promote Xiaojinlong, because it is Lu Chen’s pet beast, and Lu Chen can’t leave without it.
Colonel Lu Chen can’t apply for leaving the high world without leaving his words, but their team has a high pass to enter the high world, and there is no time limit for staying, so they can apply for returning at any time.
Now that he is inconvenient to move himself, he temporarily assigned the deputy head to Xia Mi and Xia Mi, which can make the team limited to launch a return.
Generally speaking, the transfer of the deputy head of the adventure group needs to be done in the world. If the transfer needs to be done, the deputy head must be replaced before it can be re-selected. However, Lu Chen has a virtual pioneer and can only be transferred directly.
Team members have their own opportunities to step on the road, the origin of the secret, Wu Sheng visited the old man at the bottom of the world tree again, only to find that the workshop had disappeared and sat down instead. The boundary was a girl.
Ask him to know that Lao Wang has left and there is no such super forging master to equip them anymore.
Lao Wang’s granddaughter didn’t inherit Lao Wang’s craftsmanship, and she didn’t want to be a supporter. But when a few people wait here, sometimes she still follows the rhythm.
On the other side of the world sea, Lu Ping Anhe and Qianxue walked out of the virtual world.
They have separated from the magician, and after the taboo war, they helped Lu Ping-an stabilize the secret blood and left here.
No one knows that he went to Fang, but the magician suppressed a taboo in the Yang world. I’m afraid it won’t be long before Lu Ping-an doesn’t know what the other party will do.
"It has to be my dad. He took care of the secret blood true ancestors."
Lu Pingan sighed with emotion that it feels very comfortable to breathe the world’s overseas air again.
This trip is really full of twists and turns. He was originally an executive in another world and came here to rescue him after learning that Qianxue was in danger.
After this, he gave up the last link of the original main line and moved to the origin, but it’s good that his aunt is fine, so dad should be very happy
"Your father has always been the strongest. He doesn’t need to worry about it. It’s time to return."
Thousands of snow light way she is weak now, but it is not necessarily a bad thing for her to get rid of the shackles of secret blood.
Because she is not an atavist, the secret blood is not a great help to her in the later stage, but a bondage to her.
Without the mysterious blood, it will not affect her fighting skills and talent, but she will lose the violent power to bless her body. She will go her own way and reach the extreme.
Ping-an Lu didn’t talk to Qian Xue more, so he wasn’t particularly familiar with this aunt, mainly because the other party would be silent if he didn’t say a few words.
After their separation, they went their separate ways. Lu Ping-an knew that now because his father reorganized the secret blood, his lineage had also changed. He should go back and comb it again and then head for the peak.
Whether their qualifications can reach the ninth-order attribute extreme value or not belongs to a list of natural enemies. Lu Ping ‘an needs to further hone his skills and learn from his father.
Looking at the sword in his hand, Lu Pingan sighed with emotion and said to himself, "My injury is still not violent enough."
Lu Ping didn’t send a light beam in the process of turning back safely, because he disrupted the original arrangement for him on the world sea, so he can fly back by himself if he wants to go back. Well, he knows the origin and location of the world sea
Nor did he say that he must be restricted from returning to his hometown at some time. He walked peacefully and had a lot of leisure, and some small worlds stayed for a taste of one person.
On the other side of the world, he felt that he had stopped going to the high world, knowing that his father was now worried and worried, Lu Ping-an knew that he would no longer visit the high world.
Instead, on his way back, he accidentally met his mentor, "Master?"
It is also an accident for Shi Hao to see Ping ‘an Lu, but it is more reassuring. Although listening to Lu Chen, this brother and nephew have nothing to do, actually seeing each other is reassuring.
Ping-an Lu is more than nothing. At this time, he is holding a can of special animal milk from the world in the world of travel. He secretly tasted it in the corner of the sea people and was caught red-handed by Shi Hao.
"You don’t smell it, do you?"
Ping-an Lu laughed. He and Shi Hao are not so unified. They have respect and are like friends.
Shi Hao is a little embarrassed because he is traveling with Ye Fan. It’s true that the world meets Lu Pingan, but this coincidence is too subtle to explain.
Ye Fan’s eyes, nose, mouth and heart just pretend that he didn’t see it. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help laughing.
As the years passed quietly, Levin was busy with reconstruction and diplomacy, and another big force in the world sea moved them.
In a dark ancient temple in the sea of the world, the virtual shadow of the figure once again came to stand on the pillars respectively.
This is the meeting place for the giants of the Violator Alliance. On weekdays, people are not involved in the great cause of the Violator Alliance, and no giants will discuss it.
However, in recent years, so many major events have happened that the illegal giants have to gather here to discuss the future.
There are nine pillars, but now there are five people, one less than before. It is really sad.
In order to build a paradise, they must gather at least six illegal giants, which requires that they be illegal giants rather than taboo-level giants.
They come from a strong background and have a certain understanding of operation and principle. They have had the seal of explorers or the seal of pioneers and judges to control the power, but they can’t cooperate with them to create a paradise.
"Is the meteorite dead?"
The tyrant is a straightforward person who looks at the absent person and says, "It’s a bit inappropriate to die."
The projection of a violator giant is also a silence. Things are very serious. Failure to assemble six violators giants means that everything is done before the paradise plan fails.
You know, the paradise plan is more than one generation of illegal giants who want to do things. Today, this generation of illegal giants has only got the agenda, but now it is even the most difficult to get it, but one illegal giant is missing.

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