Rurt heard that, immediately stopped, finger shangdi lotus flower slowly receded, blood slave that trembling voice, immediately great anger. Yelled: "But what? Say it. . 。 ”


Blood slaves know that life and death are at stake. He said quickly, "But before the young master went out, a group of strange people came to the nightclub. They were all very young. Before they entered the nightclub, they killed Count Shun Daofu’s son Paul outside the door. Because of the rules set by the young master, we didn’t care much. A group of seven of them stayed in the nightclub for only ten minutes, and their behavior was very suspicious. It seems that they will not be ordinary people. "
Rurt looked at the low-level blood slave with interest and said coldly, "What’s your name?"
"Lasseton, Lasseton Kunff!" Blood slave still slightly trembling body, careful answer, head still cling to the ground, dare not look up, no one saw, his eyes spinning in the tension.
Suddenly, a lotus flower shot from Rurt’s forefinger. LaSeton looked tight and just wanted to resist, but lotus flower had already entered his forehead. Suddenly, his whole body swelled violently, with two lotus flower wings sticking out from behind. With the continuous expansion of his body, LaSeton roared loudly: "Blood, blood, blood, I need blood."
At first glance, I saw my companion around me, and when my figure flashed, I jumped up, grabbed my terrified companion, and two lotus flower-wrapped teeth plunged into the aorta of my companion.
Blood slaves were born with cold blood and soon flowed into Lasseton’s body, only to see his companion’s body shrinking rapidly. Then, there was a flash of lotus flower, and Lasseton’s swollen body slowly returned to normal.
Rurt looked at the fourteen blood shadows behind him, and all of them showed satisfied smiles. Obviously, they all agreed with Lasseton’s act of sucking the blood of his companions. He immediately said, "Lasseton, you are my descendant of Rurt from now on, and I will give you the title of Earl."
"Yes, master!" Laceton fell to his knees covered in lotus flower, and his body trembled slightly, not with fear, but with excitement, knowing that he could not only die, but also become a noble in the blood clan, all of which he had dreamed of before.
At the beginning, I was trying to curry favor with Aaron just to wait for this day. In particular, there is a gift waiting for him. As long as a simple message is spread later, this gift is much more valuable than the present earl title.
"I’ll assign some people to you later, take them with me and go out to look for them. Be sure to find out the whereabouts of these people. With your familiarity with London, I’ll only give you three days. Within three days, you must find out the whereabouts of these people for me, otherwise, don’t come back to see me."
Lasseton replied confidently, "Yes, master, I have lived in London for forty years, and I know London very well. In three days, I can guarantee that I will find those seven young people. Master, do you want to see the dead?" Still alive? "
Rurt said at once, "Your task is to find their accommodation. As for the rest, it’s not your business. Since the child in Luns will be killed silently, you are even less rivals."
Lasseton’s eyes flashed slightly with blood, and immediately said respectfully, "Yes, master."

Chapter 176 Blood feast (2)
Chapter 176 Blood feast (2)
In the vineyard, the garden is full of fragrance.
In order to smooth out the little guilt of Hades in his heart, Jinyang took out a white wine that he had been reluctant to drink for three years, a bottle that looked quite old, and the words’ 1721′ were written on it, but the words were made up of real gold, which simply showed that this bottle of wine had a long history and noble status.
Seven years ago, there was a theft case that caused a sensation throughout the Middle East. At that time, a top international exhibition was held in the Arab countries in the Middle East, which exhibited 1,001 most famous cultural relics in the history of the Middle East. However, to the madness of the owner, all the cultural relics were stolen in one night.
The most sensational thing is that the perpetrators committed the crime under the eyes of nearly a thousand security guards, but no one found out. Afterwards, the outside world agreed that this was an insider stealing case, and thousands of security guards were all imprisoned. However, many people thought that these security guards were wronged, but they could not produce evidence. In order to give an account to the owner, the host country could only take these security guards as scapegoats.
No one would have thought that the real behind-the-scenes culprit of the theft case is now basking in the sun in a vineyard in London, drinking the most valuable item stolen from the exhibition, white wine brewed in 1721, with only half a bottle left in the world.
Jinyang specially took out two more glasses. As expected, The Hunger old ghost and Kilo two drunkards immediately smelled the fragrance, just like two rhinos with hair, staring at the colorless wine like amber.
Jinyang held the old wine bottle in his hand, and it was painful. Hesitated for a long time, this reluctantly poured out, only to see the wine slowly slide into the glass, the color is amber, there is no impurity, crystal clear, and suddenly. The smell of wine is overflowing, and everyone is like a spring breeze. Refreshing.
A dust son returned to the scholar’s appearance, dressed in a Chinese tunic suit, holding a fan in one hand and a cup in the other, gently inciting the feather fan, and the fragrance was brought to his nose by the fan wind, and the wine worms in his stomach suddenly moved. I’m confused.
Just when people want to drink, a shrill cry spread to come in, which immediately attracted people’s attention. If it is an ordinary person, you can’t hear this piercing scream at all, and only the power can hear it.
There was a sharp cry from Hades, and I saw a bat completely composed of blood in the air, as if I heard Hades scream. At once, Hades grabbed the blood bat with one hand, and with a slight force, the blood bat suddenly exploded into a blood ball, which was absorbed by Hades as a whole.
Slight induction, Hades suddenly excited smile. Hurriedly sent a message to Jinyang: "Boss, that bastard Rurt is on his way with fourteen dukes and countless blood nobles. Today, I want to suck blood, let go of the large array first and let them in first. There is an old saying in China, that is, close the door and beat the dog. You should open the door first. When these guys get into the array. It is not too late to close the door. "
Jinyang immediately understood, hurriedly explained the meaning to The Hunger. And send a bright crystal cup, full of white wine, The Hunger old ghost’s reluctant face suddenly showed a charming smile, first took the wine, and then a secret word spread out.
They can feel it immediately, and the original large array covering the whole vineyard disappears immediately. Numerous The Hunger door experts who are meditating and refining gas hurriedly hide their own breath, and the strong aura of heaven and earth in the vineyard is absorbed by Jinyang in an instant.
There are only a bunch of people in Jinyang, etc. on the venue, and they all hide their breath. The strongest breath is Kilo, the necromancer, who has just passed the’ sixth order’.
Feeling that something was wrong, Purple Orchid Fairy also flew out of her room. For her, Jinyang didn’t care. Even a dust can’t see her real state. The most powerful bearer is Rurt, but his body energy is only’ seventh order’. It is estimated that Purple Orchid Fairy stands in front of him, and he will only treat her as an ordinary person.
Everything was ready, and everyone immediately sat back in the plastic chairs under the huge sun umbrella, drinking wine elegantly, seemingly chatting there.
At an altitude of 10,000 meters, hundreds of giant bats walked through the clouds at such a high speed that only dark red streamers were left in the air, and the whole movement was like a huge blood cloud.
Leading the way are dozens of marquis-level blood clan masters, all of whom are the real backbone of the blood clan, each with powerful magic in his body, and the physical strength is at the most powerful time in the life of the blood clan. Under normal circumstances, the marquis is the main force in the battle.
Surrounded by countless lotus flowers, Rurt and Lasseton, plus the fourteen blood shadows, Rurt looked at Lasseton with satisfaction and said, "It seems that I, Rurt, have not misjudged the wrong person. It only took me half a day to find this secret place."
Speaking of this, Rutter looked at Lasseton around him, took out a dark blood crystal from his bosom, hesitated for a moment, and finally threw it to Lasseton, saying, "This is the most precious blood crystal of my blood clan. It is the blood crystal refined from the corpses of my clan collected from the battlefield and extracted the residual blood. This is the blood essence left by a duke who died in battle. After this matter is solved, you can swallow it by yourself and definitely help you reach the realm of Marquis."
Lasseton immediately smiled and caught the lotus flower blood crystal, a face of flattered, not hesitate to swallow into the belly, lest Rurt this old guy go back on our word.
I looked at the fourteen lotus flowers behind me, and immediately smiled on my face. I muttered to myself, "Look at the surprised expressions of the fourteen unlucky ghosts behind me. This broken crystal must be a treasure. Don’t waste it. Anyway, you are all going to die. It’s better to take advantage of me now than wait for it to be broken. Haha. . 。 ”
Looking at LaSeton, Rurt felt uncomfortable, and suddenly thought of his child, Lenz, whose smiling face became ferocious again. He shouted loudly, "Children, speed up, I can’t wait to suck the blood out of these guys."
Suddenly, the moving speed of the huge blood cloud accelerated a lot again, and Rurt spit out a burst of blood gas, wrapped Lasseton in it, and with a huge roar, hundreds of lotus flowers immediately flew out at a faster speed, shooting in the direction of Jinyang’s vineyard.
No one saw it. In the lotus flower, Lasseton had a smile on his face. To be exact, it should be a smirk on his face, a smile that knew something good was about to happen.

Chapter 176 Blood feast (3)
Chapter 176 Blood feast (3)
Soon, the blood cloud appeared over the vineyard where Jinyang was located. Everyone took back the lotus flower and hid it in the clouds. At the height of nearly 10,000 meters now, there is a cloud and mist blocking it. I believe that no one can see it at all. At the very least, ordinary people are absolutely unaware of their existence.
Jinyang sat on the beach chair with a smile on his face, wearing a pair of sunglasses, staring at the sky, counting how many people came, and at the end, he was very excited.
When he looked at Hades, Jinyang immediately smiled and said, "Dear Hades brothers, I have good news for you. They have come to a grand duke, fourteen dukes and more than 300 marquis. Your luck has come. As long as you collect the nuclei of these people, it will be enough to help you restore to the most common Asura body. Although the strength is not so good, as long as you absorb enough nuclei of blood clan in the future, it will gradually improve."
Rurt shot down with a grimace of a grin, followed by dozens of marquis masters. Seeing the seven people present, it was exactly the same as that described by Lasseton. As a result, it would never be wrong.
When he saw Kilo for the first moment, he was shivering and extremely angry. It is no wonder that the’ sixth-order’ necromancer can kill Lenz, who has reached the rank of marquis.
When Rurt and his men landed in the vineyard, big Tyr was the first to call out: "Damn old bat, this is my private residence. Get out of here quickly. The smell of your blood makes me want to vomit. It’s so bad, just like a corpse that has rotted for thousands of years."
Rurt stared at big Tyre, and his eyes flashed with cold light. He said, "Five-order werewolf, Six-order necromancer, you dirty and lowly creatures dare to kill my noble blood clan, and you will all die."
After speaking, I opened my mouth and two blood arrows went straight out. Big Tyr immediately gave a grimace of a grin, and’ Blood Demon Armor’ flashed out instantly. A huge demon rose from behind him, reached over and swallowed the blood arrow shot by Rurt.
But Kilo insidious smile, jade scepter flash, powerful dark magic immediately scattered, gently a slight painting in the air, a black light flashed immediately. The blood arrow shot in that way was swallowed up immediately, and the whole black light disappeared with it.
Just when they thought it was over, a black light suddenly appeared in front of a marquis behind Rurt, and the blood arrow that had been swallowed up actually flew out again, directly blowing the marquis into blood fog.
Strangely, however, the heart nucleus in the blood fog is intact, and a tiny invisible arm suddenly appears in the lotus flower, directly grasping the heart nucleus into the void.
Rurt a slight shock. Don’t look at the marquis who was blown into blood fog. Dark sigh also looked down upon the two people. Since the appearance of the black armor of big Tyre, he couldn’t see through the reality of big Tyre. Looking at the huge virtual demon behind big Tyre, he felt a sense of fear. I have the illusion that I am uneasy.
This feeling hasn’t appeared for a long time. For more than a thousand years, he has been living very carefully. At that time in the Middle Ages, he was just a duke, and he had a feeling of uneasiness. On that occasion, he wisely chose to retreat, but the duke in the same field was thoroughly purified by an archbishop of the Vatican who arrived.
Looking at the seven people in front of me, God read the whole vineyard again and again. Except for these seven people in the park, there is an energy response. There is no other energy response, a little unwilling. Don’t go back because of a feeling? In the spirit of heaven, the man of God immediately went to war.
At this moment, the figure of the child Lun Si once again flashed from my mind, and I immediately made up my mind. There was a sharp cry from my mouth, and hundreds of figures hidden in the sky immediately flashed out and shot down, completely surrounding Jinyang.
Rurt’s mind was still a little restless. When he looked at Jinyang and others, he was so anxious that he felt a little scared. This is a phenomenon that has not appeared for hundreds of years. He dared not stay too long and immediately issued an order and said, "Kill them all."

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