From then on, I saw the butterfly and felt that the small figure was lonely.


To him, being away from Yun Qing is like that fluttering butterfly.
Too small to do anything.
But she always wants to resist the fate that has been defined by her body
Maybe his feelings for leaving Yun Qing are more pity?
Cao Yuan’s face was livid. "Is a Jianghu sect going to intervene in court affairs?"
Li Yunqing got up and smoothed her clothes. "God, you will know."
After that, she put her arms around Bailiyi’s waist and looked up and smiled "gone"
Bai Liyi also hugged her arms with a hint of spoil in her eyes, "I am the landlord."
From Yun Qing’s frown, he automatically ignored the false smile and didn’t answer.
Bailiyi held her and jumped out of the bar. Two figures disappeared into the night.
"What should Master Cao do now?" Treat people leave this just someone asked.
Cao Yuan returned to his mind and was livid in a few minutes. "This matter still needs to be discussed with the three temples to make a resolution."
Looking at Leng Yue Cao Yuan, there was a chill in my heart. I can’t figure out who ordered me to intervene in the royal affairs on the moon floor.
Speaking of this moonwalk, it’s a river’s lake, but the killer organization is extremely hidden.
However, Li is absolutely even the leader of today’s Wulin has to be in awe of the landlord on the moon floor.
If the first floor in the sky is called the second in the Jianghu, then the moon-stepping building definitely dares to be called the first in the Jianghu.
Early the next morning.
Li Yunqing, dressed in a white brocade robe and dressed as a man, took care of the orchid garden today and led the spring breeze to sneak out of the back door unnoticed.
The street looks a little cold and windy.
Looking at the distance from Yun Qing, the spring breeze was puzzled and blinked and asked, "Where are we going?" This day is still not bright? "
From yun Qing did not answer, it seems that he thought of something interesting and shook his head with a smile.
The spring breeze nodded and followed with a small step.
Soon after leaving Yun Qing, he was drunk at the entrance of Hualou, and a pair of crisp phoenix eyes carefully looked at the expensive buildings in front of him.
There are all kinds of people in the Jianghu who come to visit the official, rich family, brother, official and business woman.
What naturally interests Li Yunqing most is to have fun at the favorite place of Lin Yuan, a cardiologist.
It’s still early in the day, and I’m still drunk, and I’m going straight away from Yun Qing. When I come to the gate, I raise my hand and try my best. Chapter 55 Smile and shake the court (1)
"What are you doing here in broad daylight?" Spring breeze, I really can’t understand what miss is doing.
Tick a three-point smile from Yun Qing’s lip angle. "It’s natural to have something to do here."
Just after that, I saw the red paint gate being hit from the inside.
The porter looked impatient and drove away. "Who is it? It’s too early to have fun this morning. Go, go, go back. "
Li Yunqing frowned and said, "Go and call the old man/madam."
The quiet words fell into the ear, and the small fellow shivered. He had a bad heart and wanted to continue to drive away. He couldn’t help but stare big eyes when he saw the person in front of him.
Actually, it was the drunken flower house that openly challenged the second temple and lived a good life.
The page was so scared that he lost his language for a moment.
"hey! You didn’t hear me, did you? " The spring breeze makes angry words.
Page this just seasoning and ran in.
From yun-ching also you’re welcome and went in directly.
"Yo yo! It’s a long way to meet you with a smile. "The old man/madam hurried forward and hasn’t come yet. The makeup looks very ugly. When he laughs, the wrinkles around his eyes pile up together."
Li Yunqing glanced at the old man and said coldly, "Like a girl?"
The old man asked cautiously, "What is this?"
"What’s the matter with my daughter?" The sound is crisp and beautiful, like a forest oriole singing happily in the valley.
From Yun Qing, she looked up and looked at her in a pleated skirt with scattered flowers and water mist, and looked at her with a surprised face like a hook.
There was a hard smile in Yun Qing’s eyes. "Would you like to ask a favor from a girl like you?"
"This …?" As if puzzled
"It’s like a girl’s peace of mind is by no means an unnatural thing." Li Yunqing smiled and charmed all beings. "After the job is done, I will help the girl to be redeemed and arrange a good place. Although the girl has two emperors to buy it, you should know that it is impossible to help a brothel singer to be redeemed by the royal face."
Like a sluggish eyes with a bitter bow shallow way "let’s talk about it"