Xiao Lingyu despised Miao Yan severely in his heart. The guy in andao wooed Wang Tai and Hao Ren by helping to find a backer, but his face was full of smiles and said, "Did he find a backer for you?"


"According to him, he found it, and said that he would come to see us both in a few days. He also said that the backer is very strong and very popular in the’ Gate’. As long as we rely on the past, we will definitely be able to enter the’ Gate’ before long, and we will be accepted as disciples by the masters living in the’ Gate’." Hao Ren also said without any concealment.
"Brother Xiao, do you want to join us in taking refuge in the strong man?" Wang Tai kindly tunnel.
Xiao Lingyu chuckled. He didn’t need to look at it to know who Miaoyan was looking for. It must be the villain Fang Yu, but there was still no different color, but he said in a low voice, "Actually, I already have a backer, that is, the steward of our Imperial Veterinary Hall."
"The steward is a monty realm, so he shouldn’t be a master in the clan" Gate ",should he?" Hao Ren voice pressure is extremely low, a little surprised tunnel.
"Ha ha, although the realm of the steward is not very high, but his old man’s house is backed by a palm door, otherwise how could he get such a" fat "job as a steward in the Imperial Animal Hall?"
Xiao Lingyu said with a smile, but she was thinking in her heart, that Miao Yan’s cultivation of the patron she found for you is not as good as that of the steward.
After a period of observation and inquiry, Xiao Lingyu already knows that there are not many masters of the devil’s realm in the East Pole, but there are about a dozen, and these monks of the devil’s realm can be regarded as masters in the East Pole, and they are also qualified to accept disciples.
There are five or six masters of the East Pole Magic Sect, and they should have the appearance of five or six. These are learned by Xiao Lingyu through the information provided by those mountain thieves. As for the specific strength of those five or six masters of the real magic Sect, it is impossible for those mountain thieves to find out. Xiao Lingyu also dare not easily ask the old man in charge.
As for whether there are any masters of the spirit magic realm in the East Pole, it is even more unclear. However, there is an unwritten rule on the Blood Moon 6 that it can be classified as a third-rate "door" faction, and it needs at least one master of the spirit magic level to sit in it.
Nearby monks know that the East Pole devil clan is a third-rate "door" faction, so it can also be inferred that the * * of the East Pole devil clan 10 has a strong spirit magic period.
Xiao Lingyu also inquired about it before, and it was only more than 200,000 years ago that the East Pole Magic Sect was classified as a third-rate "door" Sect. Presumably, it was at that time that the real magic monks with the East Pole Magic Sect advanced to the early stage of the spirit magic.
After 200,000 years’ practice, if the qualification is average, even the first strong man of the East Pole Magic Sect is still in the early stage of the spirit magic. Even if the qualification is high, it is estimated that it is the middle stage of the spirit magic at most.
Xiao Lingyu can not be afraid of the real magic realm of Warcraft that has been trapped for many years, but if he is against a monk who has a magic treasure and is good at fighting in the late period of the real magic, he may not be able to win easily. If he is against a real master of magic, he has almost no chance of winning.
"What do you think we should do?" Hao ren, who is more "refined", asked.
"Obviously, don’t you know how to choose?" Xiao Lingyu didn’t answer the rhetorical question, and then said, "I can remind you that whether you can enter the" gate "actually depends on the meaning of the person in charge, and others can’t decide unless it is a master of the" gate "in the real magic period."
Both of them have just arrived in the East Pole Magic Sect soon. How can they know the strong people in the real magic realm?
Seeing that both of them were "exposed", Xiao Lingyu added, "I just went out and learned a little. I want to be closed for a while. Can you help me share the feeding of more than a thousand cubs? Of course, I will go out of the customs in two or three months at most, and I won’t be tired for too long. "
"Don’t worry about what Brother Xiao said. We are still busy." Wang Tai replied very simply and neatly.
Hao Ren also nodded his head.
Xiao Lingyu smiled with satisfaction, but quietly took out two storage bags, stuffed them into the hands of two people, and then quickly returned to his house and went to the secret room to retreat. He doesn’t need to greet the hunchback old man in charge, because the old man in charge regards him as one of his own, and certainly won’t have any opinions on it. After all, he is closed rather than going out.
Hao Ren and Wang Tai sank their thoughts into their respective spirit beast bags, and then their faces changed greatly, because there were more than 1,000 Chinese magic stones in that spirit beast bag.
Hao Ren and Wang Tai were both soaring in Mahayana. When they ascended, they also brought some magic stones, but all of them were only 200 pieces of Chinese magic stones. Now they have just been busy for two or three months and harvested more than 1,000 pieces of Chinese magic stones, which is definitely a big profit.
Two people hurriedly put away the storage bag, and looked around as if they had a guilty conscience. When they saw that there were no talents around, they were relieved. After looking at each other, they continued to shoot the breeze as if nothing had happened.
It’s a fool who gets benefits and makes public everywhere, even an honest honest and frank like Wang Tai wouldn’t do that.
As Xiao Lingyu expected, the hunchbacked old man in charge asked Wang Tai and Hao Ren about Xiao Lingyu when he was checking in the valley. After they told him the truth, the old man in charge didn’t say anything, but told them to take good care of the cubs.
This also makes Hao Ren and Wang Tai more convinced that the steward is indeed Xiao Lingyu’s patron.
With the steward’s adult as the patron, they will naturally have a very comfortable life in the Royal Animal Hall, which makes them a little moved. After all, they will stay here for a long time.
Five days after Xiao Lingyu’s retreat, Fang "Jade" came to the Royal Beast Hall, nominally to see if there was any suitable Warcraft, but actually he was invited by Miao Yan to accept the refuge of Hao Ren and Wang Tai.
What Fang "Jade" didn’t expect was that Hao Ren and Wang Tai didn’t show the slightest sign after seeing themselves. Even if Miao Yan made his eyes "color", they were only very respectful on the surface, but there was not a word to take refuge in, which made Fang "Jade" very angry, but this is the territory of the hunchbacked old man. He didn’t dare to run wild here, but left, and secretly vowed to give these two eyes open.
The hunchbacked old man in charge is also a "smart" and bright man. With the arrival of Fang "Jade", he is staring back and forth. His reaction to Hao Ren and Wang Tai is naturally quite satisfactory, that is, they are called to the side and chatted for a cup of tea. Only the three of them know what to talk about.
But since that chat, Wang Tai and Hao Ren’s attitude towards Miaoyan has also changed a lot, and they are no longer so polite as before, and they have been perfunctory with a grain of salt.
Miao Yan didn’t know that Wang Tai, Hao Ren and the steward had talked to each other, which is to attribute the change of their attitude to Xiao Lingyu, and also to account for Xiao Lingyu’s failure to take refuge in Fang’s "jade". His hatred for Xiao Lingyu deepened, and he gave Fang’s "jade" a guess.
Xiao Lingyu finally went through the customs after three months of retreat, but others went through the customs with a hundred times of "essence" and his eyes were bursting with divine light, but he looked very tired, even bloodshot in his eyes, and even his steps were a little vain.
When Hao Ren and Wang Tai saw this, they all came up to express their condolences, thinking that Xiao Lingyu had a problem in his practice.
Xiao Lingyu just perfunctory a few words with a wry smile, and then began to feed more than a thousand cubs within his duties.
The reason why he is so tired is not that there is something wrong with the practice. In fact, he doesn’t practice at all, but he has been trying to piece together dozens of pieces of contents left by the broken jade slips. But even though his mind is very strong, he can’t finish the task, because the contents after the split are all self-contained, and it seems that there is no connection at all. No matter how hard Xiao Lingyu tries, he can’t connect them in a reasonable situation.
Now, Xiao Lingyu can’t help feeling a little regretful. He didn’t dare to break the box with strength. If the black iron box was opened automatically or the key was found, the piece of "jade" Jane wouldn’t break, and he wouldn’t have to bother to reassemble it.
It’s no use regretting nature. After trying for three months, Xiao Lingyu still didn’t find the slightest clue. The only thing that is certain is that those contents may indeed be a very powerful magic work, but those contents are too complex and difficult to understand alone, so he decided to give up the task temporarily and wanted to relax himself first.
To Xiao Lingyu’s relief, the strange cub with the power of "mixing" chaos has already swallowed up the energy in the body of Warcraft, and now the whole body is wrapped in a layer of magic black cocoon and fell into a deep sleep. If you wake up, your strength will be greatly improved. After all, those Warcraft can have a real magic period.
Xiao Lingyu doesn’t worry that the strange cubs can’t digest it, because even the cubs of Warcraft are not fools, and they generally don’t bite off more than they can bear.
Chapter 293 The hope of luxury
? Chapter 293 The hope of luxury
It’s no use regretting nature. After trying for three months, Xiao Lingyu still didn’t find the slightest clue. The only thing that is certain is that those contents may indeed be a very powerful magic work, but those contents are too complex, which is very difficult to understand alone. It is decisive to temporarily give up this task and want to let yourself put it first …
Chapter 294 Temptation
? Chapter 294 Temptation
"Thank you for taking care of it." Xiao Lingyu evenly thanked.