At the same time, the blue stone surface does not crack, but it seems that bombs have been buried in the depths of people, and then the rubble is generally blown up and scattered.


Quietly looking at the fighting situation in the field, Meng suddenly blinked and turned to look at the next day. "Purple is small, aren’t you and he good friends?" It doesn’t seem appropriate that your friends are desperately trying and you are idle here to watch the play. Go out and help! ! !”
"What? You didn’t realize that this statement seems to have contempt for Chengtian when Sun Ning suddenly stared at the smoke and exclaimed.
Suddenly she couldn’t help but turn around and look at the tall figure next to her.
"I am really much worse than Brother Yang!" Thanks to God’s surprise, he smiled, "Even if I go out, I’m afraid it won’t help much." He also looked at the past in confusion.
Meng is a gentle sigh. "Alas ~ ~ How can Yang Xiao, a heartless guy, know a friend like you? It’s really unfair in heaven! !” At the same time, the little head was still light and shook as if it were not very sad
A gust of wind passed by, and it was shaking sadly, and suddenly its head was hit.
"Don’t show your sense of humor, okay?" Si Miao glared at the old man’s face with bitterness and looked up. "You don’t worry that they didn’t really fight according to the current situation." She said, her eyes were flying in the distance and they looked at it before turning around and continued, "Brother Yang’s greatest power now should be to attack each other’s real collision and annihilation. Now he hasn’t come out, and at the same time, the really terrible place of blood butterfly is not to touch others like this."
Sun Ning smoke and bearing day slightly one leng turned to look.
Sure enough, although the fight between the two people is gorgeous and frightening, the firm but gentle shock wave in Yangling Day is still four scattered, and there is no collision.
"Who are they?"
A confused look for a long time, Sun Ning finally turned his head to look at Si Miao next to him.
"This all don’t know! !” See Sun Ning smoke confused sample "sad" China and Mongolia suddenly raised his head to despise the light from its small eyes flashed out.
See it old-fashioned paws with hate iron not to produce a look at Sun Ningyan finally shook his head with a sigh "seriously" and said, "Sun girl needs to use her head more when something happens." She stopped to take a deep breath and said, "Just now Yang Xiaoyi said that someone came, and that little girl suddenly turned against me. That girl doesn’t believe that five masters are acting for others."
There are at least several hundred-year-old women who have been called girls in their mouths, but Sun Ningyan didn’t pay attention to her words. "Inappropriate" seems to be an abrupt nod, and then her eyebrows are slightly raised in confusion. "It’s normal for my predecessors to dislike the five masters and not to believe them, but her purpose is to deal with the five doors of the blood spirit. Even if she doesn’t believe it, she can’t do it without telling them about the overseas islands."
"Is it that the elder has seen five masters and blood spirits together with her, and those who receive blood butterflies and blood spirits should also be the best, and they should often be accompanied by occasional encounters?" Finally, she suddenly screamed with wide eyes.
Is exclaimed at the same time, she seems to be scared by their own ideas. Generally, she shuts up and turns pale at the same time-if there is one or two cases of blood spirit collusion in the five major doors.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ ~ according to the present situation, it should be so, otherwise the elder can’t be so taboo!"
Although I don’t want to admit it, Si Miao still sighed gently and shook his head with a smile. "But this is just a guess. Everything will be known later. What I am really worried about now is that their fake play is over."
All the people who died were not surprised again-it’s true that the old woman and Yanglingtian had sworn enemies and followed the people to come here to have a war. There are only three kinds of results that are logical-first, the old woman was seriously injured and escaped or died, second, Yanglingtian died, and Yanglingtian showed absolute strength to scare off each other. However, the old woman has more than a dozen strengths equivalent to SHEN WOO’s five-level peak blood butterfly help, and it is necessary to scare off?
To make matters worse, the old woman once said that she didn’t believe that Yang Lingtian could make the wheel of fortune recognize that he could do what he did, that is to say, if the wheel of fortune wants to scare her away and make everything seem reasonable, the wheel of fortune must truly show its amazing power. Chapter 96 butterflies are flying ()
The colorful butterfly is accompanied by gray and white figures, waving brightly, and the screen is like a colorful flag. The dazzling brilliance is like fireworks, showing a dazzling beauty.
Sun Ning smoke and others with a full face of nervous loose clothes were swept by the wind and stared at the distant battlefield without blinking.
Finally, flying in Yanglingtian, I suddenly turned my head and looked into the distance, then took out a white jade harp and sat cross-legged. I put the harp on my left hand and gently strung the strings, and my right hand and vertical fingers kept curving, and the colorful shock wave continued to sweep away from the opposite old woman.
"What is he doing?" Sun Ningyan and others looked at each other-although it was a "performance" fight, you didn’t exaggerate it so much, and no one would believe it if you sat down and played the piano.
"I know!" They looked at the smoke for a long time in amazement and suddenly exclaimed.
It seems that the puppet owner who is affected by the same rope turns his head neatly.
"Brother Ling Tian wants to control the beast’s heart sutra!" Yan Luo’s face was full of excitement and he reached out and pointed to the white youth in the distance. "Look at Ling Tian’s brother’s left hand circulating that kind of white halo, which is a sign that controlling the beast’s heart sutra is cultivated to control the spirit state."
"I can’t believe that Brother Ling Tian can not only practice the Thor Heart Sutra, but also control animals, and in such a short time, he can control some animals with weak spiritual intelligence, but I haven’t practiced for so long." Finally, she added a sentence, and at the same time, she seemed to be very ashamed and lowered her head gently.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Your brother Ling Tian is a monster. We can’t compete with him. It’s already great."
Sun Ning Yan smiled fondly and touched the cigarette head.
At the same time, the knife-shaped eyebrows in the distance, such as stopping water, are finally gently plucked by the left hand.
"Ding ~ ~ ~"
The sonorous harp rings and tears through the clouds.