"But that means the real danger is in Baimu Forest."


It will be a while before the news comes.
The state director couldn’t help worrying.
In the distance, a violent wave broke out in the fog and a figure rushed out of it.
Figure? Hmm?
The twisted face entangled by several white bugs fell into his eyes, and the state director immediately shouted "Stop him!"
LeiFu, fire bead was far behind.
A special investigator emerged from the whole body with rock armor and punched.
Passing that figure by mistake
The rock armor rustled down, and the investigator was covered with white bugs, and the bones were left in a moment.
Everyone is terrified.
The new chill enveloped the whole body.
Not all people lost their courage in fear, but they stopped for an unstoppable moment. The figure quickly crossed the defense line and flew north without looking back.
To the north is Silver City!
In the process of running, the figure is visible to the naked eye, changing more and more like a person, and the speed is getting faster and faster.
The investigators tried their best, but they still couldn’t catch up.
"Jingle ~"
"Jingle ~"
"Jingle ~"
A light sound
The tall woman walked out of the shaking figure with a bell and gradually slowed down.
Is a face more ferocious hoarse voice.
"No … to … resistance … I …"
The investigators’ pupils contracted rapidly.
The bell felt a chill rush straight to the top of the skull.
Baimu forest
"The worm man appeared in Silver City?"
The vision of the bell has been synchronized to Fang You’s eyes when she sees the picture.
The pupil shrinks slightly.