Basketball bounced off the floor, and Tang Wenlong took it in his hand. The breeze blew his forehead and Liu Hailiang’s eyes were like the basketball teenager practicing in the wild court that summer.


He stepped on the floor and flew high. James gritted his teeth and flew sideways with him.
Tang Wenlong’s long arm holding the basketball seems to be a basket, but it doesn’t seem to be like a basket gliding for a certain distance. Then suddenly, he turned his backhand and grabbed the basketball with his big hand.
Just hid the big black hand that swept over at this time.
Then "thud" a basketball was smashed into the basket
Tang Wenlong flew to the ground and slipped unsteadily to the ground. He fell into the photographer’s pile along the inertia, and the stadium gasped.
The fans wait for a while stayed in their seats and unconsciously opened their mouths, which seemed to be choked off.
It took only a moment to explode and overturn the whole city. Super cheers!
LeBron? ! God, it’s crazy!
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Chase points
James awkwardly in situ forehead veins stood out jump jump.
Deafening cheer, like the harshest ridicule, penetrated into his ears and bit his proud heart.
Tang Wenlong was pulled up from the ground by Iguodala and Ray Allen.
"I went to Tang, you were so fierce. You finished separating me once!" Ray Allen was amazed that he was also a famous dunk player when he was young. He once participated in a dunk contest, but he was 100% sure that such a dunk had never been completed in his whole career!
That’s LeBron! Iguodala’s eyes are shining. Look at Tang Wenlong from head to toe. Judging from the posture just now, it is difficult for even Carter to complete such a dunk, right?
Take a deep breath, adjust calm and take a deep breath.
James took the baseline serve and pushed it through the half court. The audience was still loud, and it seemed that he was still discussing Tang Wenlong’s rock-breaking dunk just now.
Calm down, he said to himself in his heart, fighting back the impulse of Tang Wenlong to command his teammates to move.
"Can you bear it?" Tang Wenlong stare at that details of James’ step with wide eyes.
It’s strange to be able to hold back!
After all, it’s still American-style thinking basketball. James turned straight forward to his right hand in a second, broke through the lean forward and turned into a bull posture. As soon as he moved forward, his momentum collided with Tang Wenlong.
"bang!" Tang Wenlong stuffy hum a chest was hurt, even if it is well prepared, the body can’t stop leaning back, and then the footsteps drift away from the center of gravity.
James roars like an elephant’s leg, his left arm holds Tang Wenlong’s right hand and dribbles steadily, which is at the same level as Tang Wenlong’s, and then the two men tangle together to break through the line.
The 76 ers have shrunk the defense line, and Gasol’s little bag is coming to encircle!
James’ horse stopped and his sight was blocked by Pau Gasol’s high arm, but he knew there should be a teammate who was released.
James gritted his teeth and threw the ball into the middle by feeling.
Basket Bosh watched the basketball thrown high, held his head up, then jumped up with his arms high, grabbed the basketball with both hands and smashed the ball into the basket.
“AnswerBall!” Miami fans roared that although it was not James’ deduction, it was equally responsive
Tang Wenlong’s eyes narrowed, and this responsibility was mainly caused by the defensive end to the 76ers when James took the lead in the first step.
But James really dared to throw it like this. If Tang Wenlong was still in the defensive position, the ball would be broken in nine cases.
9 to 2 is less than 3 minutes.
Tang Wenlong felt the strong defensive pressure of the Heat, and James recovered his physical strength near the end of the game and became alive and kicking.
Tang Wenlong straightened up outside the three-point line and dribbled behind his back continuously.
James is one step away from him, and Gasol on the other side is coming to prepare for Tang Wenlong’s pick-and-roll cover.
"Double-team the ball holder!" Bosh and James double-teamed Tang Wenlong.
Pau Gasol followed James’ bright eyes and stared at Tang Wenlong like a hungry tiger. He wouldn’t mind breaking the ball if Tang Wenlong chose to give it to Pau Gasol at this time.
Tang Wenlong is not in a hurry. With a shake of his left hand, the basketball goes straight to the other side and comes to Iguodala.
Iguodala and Wade are in opposition. At this time, Wade is also clenching his teeth and sticking to Iguodala’s waist with one hand and breaking his ball at any time with the other.
Iguodala stepped through the unaccustomed dribble and returned it to the outside ray Allen after hitting the baseline.
There is no good chance to score. When Tang Wenlong sees that the tactics are ineffective, hurry to the top of the arc. Ray Allen is not strong enough to throw the ball to Tang Wenlong
At this point, there is one last second left in the attack.
Tang Wenlong dribbled to try to break James in a reverse direction.
When James is ready, it will be more difficult for Tang Wenlong to break through. After all, this half is so big and there is only so much to speed up.
Tang Wenlong, get to the free throw line. Stop the jumper!
James stepped on the ground and covered Tang Wenlong’s shot with his big hand. It was a perfect level defense
When Tang Wenlong was seriously disturbed in shooting, the radian rose a lot, and his shooting strength was erratic, and he felt very bad about himself.
Sure enough, the basketball hit the front and bounced back.
Bosh caught the ball with a long arm and a quick eye, and then protected the ball in his own hands. The 76 ers retreated like a flood.
"Prevention is coming!" Miami fans clenched their fists.
Heat attack James to control the ball
Chalmers pulled down the corner and ambushed Wade, who appeared on the left three-point line. Bosh and Haslem came to James to control the ball and chose a double pick-and-roll tactic.
Crossed Tang Wenlong instantly made a judgment and clung to James before deceiving himself.
However, as soon as he posted the ban, James stepped out and crossed the position to suppress the right side of Haslem’s pick-and-roll
Tang Wenlong followed James to the weak defensive basket, and grabbed the basketball in his right hand and flew to the basket.
Like a humanoid Tyrannosaurus rex, it looks particularly strange.
Tang Wenlong drank heavily and bounced his left arm on one side. Zhang Wuzhi struggled forward to put pressure on James, and the two men confronted each other.
James’s low handball shot angle is small after being seriously disturbed.
After hitting the board, the bounce angle is too large, which is also the same as hitting the outer edge of the basket and bouncing.
"Rebound!" Tang Wenlong and James flew out of the baseline together and shouted back.
The Heat, because of the double pick-and-roll Bosh and Haslem, came back to rebound at the same time, and Gasol Jr. and Iguodala also rushed in and four people crowded together.
The rebound was ordered by Haslem, and a red figure was killed obliquely from the outside. It jumped right in the middle and took Haslem’s second rebound!
The man who suffered from knee injury grabbed a frontcourt rebound at this crucial time!
When he fell to the ground, his knee bent and a sharp pain came to him. He consciously snorted and then returned to protect the basketball. After switching to the left hand to control the ball, he re-entered the three-point line.
A large-scale transfer to the bottom corner Chalmers!
Chalmers received the basketball with an incredible expression. He never expected Wade to grab the rebound and Wade would give it to him in the first place.
Almost can choose to take off and shoot!
"Hey!" Hit! 9 to 5, with the last 2 minutes and 11 seconds left, the Heat chased the difference by 4 points!

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