At this moment, a young man who had never seen before rushed to kill him, and his fighting capacity was similar to it, so he had no chance to rescue others.


The adult Whistling Moon Sirius is comparable to the four robberies and scattered immortals, but it is only compared with the ordinary scattered immortals without talent growth, powerful magic weapons and fighting skills. Their claws are comparable to the best magic weapon, but if the other side holds the magic weapon, it will be obviously worse, and if the other side has strong fighting skills, it will be weaker.
The remaining six people are all in the late Mahayana realm, all with two grades of growth, and three of them have strong special physique.
The increase in combat power alone is no less than five robberies and scattered immortals, not to mention the weakest of the six men’s fighting skills is also considered a Chinese product.
The actual combat effectiveness of each of them is no less than that of the ordinary five-robbery scattered fairy, and they are at the same level as the Wolf King. Three days ago, one person was entangled in the Wolf King, and the remaining four people, that is, the five-robbery scattered fairy fighting force, faced with more than 80 adult whistling moon Sirius equivalent to four-robbery scattered fairy, they could not take any advantage at all.
But now it’s different. Chen Han is the only one who entangles the Wolf King, and the number of people who deal with other howling moon Sirius has increased to seven, among which Kouxun also has the first fairy wares.
Don’t think that three scattered fairies with four robberies can fight against one scattered fairy with five robberies, and seven people at most are equivalent to the strength of Sirius in the twentieth century.
First of all, these monsters don’t know how to control energy ranged attacks.
Secondly, they won’t enhance their attack power by combining attacks.
Finally, they are faced with extremely cunning intelligent creatures.
Seven people form a small seven-star sword array, with only a little contact surface. It is impossible for a small hundred whistling Sirius who don’t understand long-range attack to attack just seven people at the same time. The space is too small to be a big guy with a length of more than ten meters, and all of them will jump.
Sirius who can fight with them at the same time has only ten heads at most, and seven people jointly launch with the common sword array. Although the increase is not very large, it is much better than that of seven people fighting separately.
The Wolf King is undoubtedly aloof. When there is only one opponent, he will never find other similar helpers, so Chen Han’s opponent is also only one.
"Tianqi variant, seven stars belong to-nine kills!"
Cang River is in charge of Tian Shu’s command, and the sword of light rushes to tear the void, and the master who fights against ordinary Sirius has more than doubled. This time, it is absolutely possible to kill these animals.
A whistling Sirius was pierced into the abdomen by the sword light, and screamed out thousands of meters. The sword light got into the abdomen and suddenly burst, and its whole body was blown into two pieces by the middle.
The monster who doesn’t know how to practice in the land of great disaster, to what extent the body is traumatized, the result is just like the result of ordinary action.
The body is broken into two pieces, how can it be alive?
The six men looked at Kouxun with strange eyes, because they both found two problems.
First of all, this guy is holding a flying sword with a first-class fairy.
All six of them are gifted, and it is not surprising for them to taste fairy wares at the beginning. At least more than one of them owns fairy wares. The point is, killing this group of whistling Sirius is only the first course. After the wolves kill them, there will definitely be conflicts between them. Who doesn’t want to take Lingshi Mine as his own?
So they didn’t use their real names. From the beginning, when only five people formed a team, they all chose to hide their strength and use the best spirit.
This guy should directly use the magic weapon against the enemy. I don’t know if he is more confident or has a problem with his mind. Doesn’t he know how to hide his strength?
Therefore, they also found another problem, that is, Kouxun’s cultivation is not high, although he has a rare immortal body, and he is not stronger than them under the growth of Xianjian. What does this mean?
If according to his strength, with Chen cold so black wind tiger, it means Chen cold made up for his lack of cultivation, as his companion strength is much stronger than him, I’m afraid it is stronger than the six of them. After all, the black wind tiger has the same fighting power as the roaring moon Sirius King, and any one of the six of them can only be equal to the Wolf King. One more strength is not as good as their Kouxun’s help, even if they have the opportunity to kill the Wolf King, they will be injured.
Cui Shi didn’t see Chen Han injured when he appeared, so his strength must be stronger than six people, and he will also become an early bird competing for Lingshi Mine.
"The sky is changed, and the seven stars are moving-fireflies!"
The light of the seven swords merged into a colorful light band, and all the besieged ten whistling moon Sirius sprayed blood backwards, crashing into a ball with their companions around them.
Among them, the three giant wolves, which were taken care of, were cut into a bloody rain by the light belt, and immediately there were fierce and fearless companions to make up for it.
On the other hand, Chen Han holds a big sword with a length of two meters. This magic weapon belongs to the conventional magic weapon. It is not made by himself for the emperor’s extremely shocking records, and it has reached the level of the first-class fairy. He is constantly confronted with the Wolf King as a melee weapon, which obviously has the upper hand.
That’s right!
Those people can think that his fighting power is strong, but how could he not have thought of it with his mind?
Therefore, his direct use of the fairy is stronger than the Wolf King, which indirectly tells the six people that his own cultivation is not much better than theirs, mainly with the help of the sharpness of the fairy. In fact, if the six people use fairy wares, they can also suppress the wolf king, which undoubtedly makes their preparedness less.
More importantly, both Chen Han and Kou Xun directly called out the magic weapon to deal with the enemy, which caused a misunderstanding to others: their minds were not mature at all, and they didn’t even understand the most basic influence strength, or they were simply visiting Sunset Plain for the first time, and they had never met a threatening master.
This immature guy is not worried, and he can fool him around in a few words, but it is less threatening than others.
Crazy fight!
A fierce battle!
Whistling on Sirius at a terrible speed, finally nearly a hundred wolves were killed, and under the shocking shock wave, they were once again depressed for tens of meters on the ground, leaving countless large and small potholes, sword marks, trenches, as well as scattered flesh and blood fur and residual limbs.
Bang …
Only the Wolf King, who was suppressed by Chen Han, was still struggling. It went all out to pounce like crazy, but how can it pose a threat to Chen Han with its strength?
The seven-star sword array swept across the sky, screaming and pouncing on the Wolf King.
That is, at the moment when Dodge’s strong sword light blasted out and the Wolf King was doomed to die under this blow, the sword array was dissolved in a sudden volley, and the spirit from six of them locked the identified target, and the murderous look spread …
Chapter 355 Kill and seize the mine
Cui Shi locked Xue unintentionally, Cang River locked Jia Ming, Jia Ming locked gold. In short, the seven people who made up the Seven-Star Sword Array, except for Kouxun, who had planned to set up a sword curtain around his body, left the battlefield as quickly as possible, and all the other six people poured the attack to the identified target.
Whew! Whew!
At the moment when six people decided that Chen Han and Kouxun were the least threatening, they decided to get rid of other teammates first. Chen Han, who was attacking the Wolf King, quickly printed the seal of Tianli, and a long bow of a Chinese fairy was drawn into a full moon. Two arrows surprised at an alarming speed and took two of them directly.
Everyone is shocked. At this moment, Chen Han’s attack power has reached the level of ordinary five robberies and scattered immortals without any increase.
It’s not that he doesn’t have hidden strength, and he hides a lot!
At first, it was a first-class fairy, but who would have thought that he even had a Chinese fairy?
Previously, it reached the level of five robberies and scattered immortals under various growth rates, which was not equal to that of the Wolf King. Who would have thought that his attack power would be so strong without any increase?
His own attack power is not weaker than any of the six people, but these people are in the late Mahayana realm, and the next answer is vividly portrayed-he actually has at least one great realm of talent growth!
"Damn …"
Six people were surprised and angry, and they fought back. After all, they just attacked each other, so they had to guard against being attacked by others, so everyone didn’t use their best. At least 30% to 40% of the real yuan was preserved, and all six people attacked with 40%, which is definitely better than Chen Han’s fighting capacity.
"Damn you, it’s late."
A cold smile appeared on Chen Han’s face, and his figure flashed to six people. At the same time, the previous blow launched by the sword array just blew the wolf king of Xiaoyue Tianyue out: "Kouxun, kill the two on your side, leave the others to me, and die … the mysterious arrow-Yuan Chen."
Twelve transparent gas arrows arrive first, and the speed is no less than the speed of light, which is not comparable to the speed of any person who fixes the truth.
Yuan Shen attacks!
They are only one level higher than Chen Han, although they will not be directly killed, but they will definitely be affected.
Sure enough, the six people only felt that knowing the sea seemed to set off a tsunami, and the sudden pain blinded their heads, and Yuan Shen had already been shocked. In this case, the attack can’t be controlled at all, and the threat was immediately weakened by ten times, so how can it pose any threat to Chen Han and Kouxun?