It has been nearly six years since she escaped from that barren planet, and Yu Xueying has not been summoned yet, which means that the blockade of Lin Xuxian Zun has not been revoked. The only way out of here is still a starry journey, but it will undoubtedly waste a lot of time.


In addition, he doesn’t want to stay on the purple star to practice now.
On the one hand, I compromised with Yu Xueying in order to save Yu Qifeng and others, on the other hand, I also wanted a better cultivation environment. Now that there is a new way to practice, and the more benefits there are in the future, it will lose its meaning to stay on the purple star. He doesn’t want to be bothered by that woman all day.
How can I leave?
That’s right
Chen’s cold can’t help but shine at the moment. After this metamorphosis, the whole person’s breath has changed fundamentally. As long as I change my appearance again, I’m afraid I don’t even know Yu Xueying.
"You haven’t used all the fairy stones, have you?" Chen Han suddenly thought of a very important question.
"How can I ask you if I haven’t used it up?" Kirin is of course said.
"That is to say, in this damn Jinyuan galaxy, there are 12 barren planets and one flood planet in total, and we can’t get the fairy stone to start the interstellar transmission array at all?"
"You don’t have a fairy stone either?" Even Kirin was dumbfounded.
"What do you say?"
Chen Han couldn’t wait to slap him to death. He gnashed his teeth and cried, "When there was a fairy stone, did I fly with a royal sword?" Did you get kicked in the head by a donkey? "
"What is a donkey? Is it worse than the last beast? "
Kirin was frightened to disgrace. In his inheritance memory, there is no such powerful demon family as donkey. In fact, he is arrogant on the surface, but he has always been taboo about Chen Han in his heart. Who let him have a demon family who used to co-manage chaos? Could it be that besides the legendary existence, there is something around him called donkey, which is also beyond the beast?
Chen Han’s eyes couldn’t help but turn, and the corners of his mouth provoked a bad smile. He looked around and lowered his voice and said, "The donkey is a demon god stronger than the chaotic family. Its most powerful iron hoof magic can kick the biggest star in the celestial world. When I was riding a donkey, you will disrespect me again. When my donkey grows up, I will kick your ass to death! "
After that, he set up a flying sword and flew away from the stars nearby. It is conceivable that there will be another hard and long journey.
Nowadays, the only way is to go to the only flood planet in the galaxy and see if you can find the top-grade fairy stone for starting the interstellar transmission array from those local strongmen.
What the hell is a donkey?
Along the way, Kirin was surprised and scared, and kept asking questions. It doesn’t mean that there is no memory, just like there are very few expressions of chaos.
As it turns out, Chen Han does have the residual breath of the chaotic clan, which is difficult for other immortals and even the general demon clan to detect, but as a superior beast, he can sense it, which means that the donkey probably really exists, which is stronger than chaos.
As a result, the Kirin fire, who loves to pretend to be B but has a low mind after all, never dares to yell at Chen Han again. He is afraid that when Chen Han’s mount grows up, he will give him an iron hoof.
In addition to sending him the clan land or giving him the fairy stone, Kirin also showed great persistence, and her attitude towards Chen Han improved a lot. Let a superior god beast be passive to himself, Nuo Nuo. This is definitely a feast for the eyes, at least don’t worry about this guy getting mad at random again.
Fortunately, the flood planet is in the fourth sequence.
As the cultivation was promoted to the early days of the fairy in Luotian, the constitution became a third-order wind source Eucharist, and the speed of cold was several times faster than that of a few years ago.
Five months later, the two finally reached the flood-level planet, and as expected, a large group of people appeared outside the planet to guard it.
"What person?" A team of armored immortals will block the way.
"My Lord, how can here …"
Chen Han, after Yi Rong’s appearance, looked very careful and scared, but also a little suspicious: "My friend and I were chased and killed by the enemy on the way here, so … isn’t this a flood planet?"
As a flood planet with the lowest quality in the celestial world, the official won’t send anyone here at all. The fairy gas here is thin and complicated, and the natural materials and treasures are not only small in quantity but also poor in quality. Except for some native immortals and soaring people, no one wants to stay here.
As long as you don’t leave this garbage planet, and you are extremely talented, you won’t achieve much in this life.
There are more than 20 people in this team, the worst of which is to pick Jin Xian to fix it, and the impressively led team is actually an early master of Chinese and Western medicine.
Obviously, they are not disciples of Ziluo Palace, or they are temporary practitioners from other planets, or disciples of some local sects. Wangshu Cluster covers hundreds of thousands of planets, among which more than 20,000 are suitable for living. It’s easy to find some minions as Lin Xuxian Zun.
"The whole galaxy has been blocked under the order of oversight. Where are you from?" The mysterious fairy in the early days showed a sneer.
"We have been running for several years, coming from the neighboring galaxy."
"Well …"
The man named Ziwei Xuanxian looked at the two men up and down. One was in the early stage of Ziwei Xuanxian, and the other was in the late stage of Luotian Xianxian. There was a certain gap between him and the target character, and his appearance was completely different: "It’s ok to enter this planet, but … hey hey, since it’s blocked, it’s hard to get in and get out easily. Until the blockade is lifted, all the interstellar transmission arrays are not allowed to be used. Do you still want to go in?"
Not good!
Chen’s cold heart is not hitched. It seems that Lin Xian Zun, in order to deal with him, not only plans to block the galaxy for a long time, but also orders Xu Jin not to leave.
Regardless of the hand doesn’t even have half a fairy stone, even if there is a fairy stone to forcibly start the transmission array, it is bound to face the full siege of keeping near the transmission array and looking at the master. In addition, once the whereabouts are exposed, the other team will try their best to intercept it. It is much harder to leave this starry sky than expected.
"Elder, could you tell me what happened? I’m still rushing back to my old school. When will the blockade of this galaxy be lifted? "
"Is the exact thing you can know?"