At this time, even the shopkeeper who was watching jokes outside the restaurant opposite was intoxicated by the smell of the wine, and then his face became extremely ugly.


"What is this? What a strong taste! "
"I have never seen this thing."
"Don’t miss it when you pass by …"
Just as the onlookers were puzzled, Chen Han stood at the door of the store with a battery-powered horn in his hand and shouted, "We accidentally got some wine and specially took it out to share with the folks in Tianxu City. We just accidentally broke one bottle, and now there are only ten bottles left!"
A big fat man in a brocade robe came over and snorted, "Is this wine? Why hasn’t uncle Ben heard of this wine? Ok! Uncle wants to see if it’s good wine today. Do you still need to see a thousand pieces of the best fairy stone? "
"Of course not. Who doesn’t know that the boss of Qifeng Pavilion is the richest man in this city?" A man hurriedly reckon with way.
"The richest man?"
Chen Han gave the horn to Kirin in a hurry and said, "Today, the original dishes and fine wines in our restaurant have been folded up, but the new fine wines and dishes are expensive. All guests can choose what price to enjoy, so don’t say that our restaurant has arbitrarily quoted prices."
What the rich are afraid of is not that things are expensive, but that things are not to their liking.
His words immediately attracted the spirit of many rich people. Without waiting for these local local rich people to speak, Chen Han laughed and said, "Besides, this restaurant will hold a rich carnival in the next hour, only for adults with real noble status."
Darling …
It’s one thing to write this sentence on the signboard, but it’s different when it comes out of his mouth. The tone is clearly telling everyone: those who are qualified to come in represent your identity, or else they are rubbish!
"Well, you should come in for a drink today. The immortal stone is just a trivial matter. If it is not worthy of the name, Young Master will tear down your restaurant!"
"Uncle Xianshi has plenty!"
"Go for a walk! I’m interested in the new wine, haha … "
Some of them were attracted by wine, some by provocation, and some of them were obviously angry: didn’t you say that non-rich people can’t enter? Well, it’s no problem to ask for money. Your shit is not good, so don’t blame me for getting mad and looking for trouble.
Outside to Kirin with this horn propaganda, Chen cold into the restaurant lobby, the layout of the lobby is completely different from before.
In the past, many tables were placed upright, but now they are like a podium in the center of the lobby. The desks are arranged in layers around the podium inside and outside.
More than a dozen people who just came in were about to find a place to sit down. Someone had already arrived at the podium first, holding a microphone and showing a graceful smile, and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats in the outermost free seats. Next, our restaurant will offer free tea and snacks, as well as a large number of dishes and wines sold at a discount."
Chapter 567 Super Marketing 2
"Where are you going to do?" The most advanced big fat man looked unhappy.
"This ….. since it is a rich carnival, there are free and low-priced things, and naturally there are high-priced seats. Our business will be based on credibility. The price tag is clear, and the seats on the outside are provided free of charge, but the seats inside can only be bought by Xianshi. "
"What do you mean?"
"Because there will be many guests coming in later, I’m afraid there will be no free seats."
Kirin is outside, according to Chen Han’s advice, frantically mobilizing human competitive nature. Sure enough, his voice just fell and another guest came in from the outside.
Not only is the placement of seats different from the past, but the front and rear seats themselves are also different. There is only a simple and ordinary desk and chair at the back. Not to mention the great gap in the technology of the desk and chair in front, steaming fragrant tea and various fruits and vegetables have long been placed on the table.
This is identity!
Sitting in the front can enjoy the best, and the first-class seats bought with money can naturally show their unique identity and stand out among so many local rich people.
Seeing the eagerness of everyone, Chen Han chuckled: "In addition, according to the seats in different rows, one of the ten bottles of wine that we just got will be provided to the top ten super-rich people for free. You know, the price of the remaining nine bottles of wine is amazing, which is much higher than the value of these ten seats. "
"How much are the seats in the first row?" It’s that fat man talking again.
"Five best fairy stones for each seat."
"You might as well grab it!"
"If this adult feels cheated later, how about this restaurant giving it back ten times?"
"This …"
The fat man thought about it and finally took out five best fairy stones and threw them to the work next to him. He sneered, "It’s not that simple to return them ten times. If you dare to tease uncle, I’ll make your life hell!"
Chen Han nodded and said yes, and made an expression of eyes to another work. The man took out a bottle of Jian Nanchun and walked to the fat man in the front row.
The jade cup, which can probably hold one or two wines, was quickly filled with crystal clear wine, and the man immediately covered the bottle and retreated aside.
Cheep …
The fat man picked up the glass and took a sip of it with something to show off.
He was the first rich man to walk into Shuiyun Building, the first person to sit in the front seat, and the first person to taste the so-called fine wine. No matter how the wine tastes, he takes the first place and beats others. In fact, he is thinking in his heart, even if the so-called wine tastes not very good, there is no need to care about it anyway, which will damage his face instead.
"This wine …"
The fat man’s fat hand holding the glass couldn’t help shivering, and his eyes almost popped out. It took a while to make a shrill cry: "Oh, my God! What kind of wine is this? It’s so strong, so tasty, so … twisted! Come out, your boy. This wine is all covered by the uncle. Isn’t one tenth of it five best fairy stones? A total of 500 pieces of the best fairy stones, I want them all! "
Those rich people who are still hesitant, hearing his shouts, all threw the five fairy stones that had been prepared long ago to the man and rushed to the front row.
Can surprise the owner of Qifengge to such an extent? This wine is definitely a rare and precious grade. Five pieces of the best fairy stone are not something for them.
"Wait a minute, everyone. There are only nine seats left in this first row." Chen bitter repeatedly stop with a smile, just this moment there have been more than forty people in the lobby.
"I gave them all!"
"You give XianShi? Who didn’t give us dozens of people? "
"What do you say?"
"You be calm, since you big ye so enthusiastically, this restaurant is not impersonal, now give a free quota. As for who will spend it, it’s up to you. The next eight seats can only be let out by auction. " Chen cold already want to good wording, said with a smile.
"Free places? So good? "