Yan Yiyi looked a little serious. He nodded a little heavily. "I found the bones of missing soldiers in a swamp."


Bones, not corpses. A lot of glistening bones glow with miserable green fluorescence. It’s weird and terrible.
Chu generation Ann surprised to stare big eyes "how is that possible? Are you sure those are our soldiers? " When the soldiers disappeared for only two or three days, even if they were unfortunately killed, they could not be turned into a pile of bones in such a short time.
"Where did I see the soldiers wearing armor and a big yellow flag?" Yan Yiyi answered positively. It is not an ordinary swamp. This forest is full of traps and maze. If you are not careful, you will die.
Chu Dai’ an’s face was also heavy. "How many people do you estimate to be killed or injured?"
"I don’t know" Yan Yiyi shook his head honestly and then added, "I think there should be no less than a thousand people from the perspective of the density of bones."
Thousands of people? Chu Daian gasped and couldn’t say a word. What kind of opponent did they meet?
"What is this?" Mo Li also joined the conversation, and his brow was not worried about "Yi Yi, my report, will he …" Mo Li was so worried that thousands of soldiers could turn into dense bones overnight that Zhu Yinqi was alone …
Yan Yiyi took a sip of his lips and was silent. He and Mo left Zhu Yinqi * Cliff to find out, but there was no clue. Yan Yiyi didn’t find any information about the boundary around the cliff. If Zhu Yinqi really fell off the cliff, then … I’m afraid it’s really run.
"Let’s find out more carefully after dawn!" Yan Yiyi couldn’t say anything against his will to comfort Mo Li, and he couldn’t say anything from the truth to hurt his heart, so he could avoid it.
Mo Li opened her mouth to say something, but in the end she closed her mouth in frustration.
"Don’t worry so much about Qi’s report, Ji Ren will be fine." Chu Dai ‘an could not bear to clap his hands and feel relieved.
Don’t squeeze out a smile that is uglier than crying. "I hope so!"
"What happened to Zhu Yinqi?" Just when all three people were shrouded in low pressure, Shen Menglu suddenly sounded behind them.
See Chu Dai ‘an three people whispering to each other, and Shen Menglu was curious and approached, only to hear Mo Li’s question. Later, the short conversation between the three people made Shen Menglu’s heart sink. She had a bad feeling that Zhu Yinqi must have had an accident!
Shen Menglu’s sudden question made all three people jump, but no one answered her question. Chu Daian’s eyes were flashing, and Yan Yiyi’s silence was sadly lowered.
"Is something wrong with Zhu Yinqi?" From the reaction of the three people, it was enough for Shen Menglu to guess that there was nothing wrong with her. "What happened to Shiro Zhu Yinqi?"
Chu Dai ‘an asked Zhu Yinzhen’s head instead of Shen Menglu’s answer.
Zhu Yinzhen looked a little self-conscious but did not hide Shen Menglu’s honest answer. "He fell off a cliff and couldn’t make track for the water city."
Zhu Yinzhen instructed Mo Li to recount in a low voice that Zhu Yinqi was ambushed and unfortunately fell off a cliff. Shen Menglu’s heart sank to the bottom.
"She … got it?" Shen Menglu has a tight throat and hair.
Mo Li nodded with a heavy heart. "Empress Jifei already knows."
"That she …" Can you stand it? Shen Menglu is a little worried. Although she has escaped Zhu Yinqi, Shen Menglu can feel that she still has Zhu Yinqi in her heart, and she is trying to say that she will accept Zhu Yinqi again. If anything happens to Zhu Yinqi, she is afraid that she will be overwhelmed.
"Empress, now is not the time to think about it. Let’s find a way to get out of here as soon as possible and then find the water magic city and say that his little princess has lifted the poison!" Seeing Shen Menglu distracted, Chu Daian quickly said that when the eyes are not worried about the captain, their current situation is more worrying than her mood.
"You’re right." Shen Menglu put away his mind with a wry smile.
"Mom, do you have a solution with water city method? Can she promise? " Zhu Runyue Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t help being serious. He had heard about Zhu Runyue’s real situation from Yan Yiyi.
Zhu Runyue’s body and ghost methods are getting out of control, and now she relies on Yan Yiyi to refine the liquid medicine and barely maintain Zhu Yinzhen. Although he has not seen his daughter with his own eyes, he can imagine that his little daughter must have been tortured and made him feel distressed.
It’s a bit difficult to ask Shen Menglu to solve the problem in Water Dream City. She doesn’t know how to tell Zhu Yinzhen about it. The conditions of Water Dream City are so wonderful. I’m afraid Zhu Yinzhen will be crazy after knowing it.
"I talked to her." It took Shen Menglu a long time to nod.
"Really? So what did she say? Did you agree? " Zhu Yinzhen looked hopefully at Shen Menglu’s side. Yan Yi also set up her ears and waited for Shen Menglu’s article intently.
"Well, she agreed." I couldn’t bear to see Zhu Yinzhen disappointed. Shen Menglu glanced at her eyes awkwardly and covered her eyes.
"Great!" Zhu Yinzhen hugged Shen Menglu excitedly. "Great mother, our little moon has been saved!"
"Oh, yes" Shen Menglu replied with a very complicated mood. She should save their daughter at all costs, but can Zhu Yinzhen accept the conditions of water city?
Zhu Yinzhen was completely forgetful and excited, but Yan Yiyi screwed up his eyebrows. Although he had never seen the water city, he consciously decided that the water city was not so accommodating.