"Yes, if you want to win our loyalty before, you must defeat us very forcibly. Now you need to pass our assessment, and most psychic animals can tell whether that person is good or bad, especially young humans, through that person’s eyes. We still have some other means to prevent ourselves from being treated like that, so we are not worried about being an experiment again."


"So! Although I saved you, now I’m curious about the ability from ancient sharingan! Can you contribute your sharingan to me? " Tree mau after hearing the big elders introduced directly to the wind prison technique guy asked.
This made his behemoths talk to him in a daze? Does he understand?
But to the surprise of all the psychic beasts, the Moro beast, which was still very violent just now, was silent and shrank there motionless
At this moment, "don’t do this. They don’t know your identity. I can probably guess your origin! If I guess correctly, you are not only the last Moro, but also a Roland, right? "
This speculation made all psychic behemoths take a small step backwards. It seems that Roland’s power is really not small, Mao thought to himself.
"Don’t talk? Although I don’t know if you keep your life in the dark, I can tell that you are a human being, not an ape! Apes and monsters, apes and monsters, all have a special fragrance, which comes from a long-term life in such a beautiful environment as Huaguo Mountain, but the smell emitted from your head is completely different from that emitted from your body, which is a special smell from human beings. I will call it popularity.
Besides, you have just revealed your identity, and I found out that you are human when your sharingan is spinning rapidly. Because I’m sorry, as the old ape said just now, I know sharingan better, and I know it better than you think! Because … "
For a second, Shu Mao’s dark eyes directly turned into his mutation sharingan and continued to mutate until the last round of eyes.
"You just accidentally exposed a kaleidoscope of sharingan in sharingan! Although the elder said that there was a kaleidoscope of Moro beasts of sharingan type, according to my judgment, the function of your eyes should be to control the psychic beasts. In addition to controlling the general psychic beasts, you should also control the so-called Moro beasts. "
After saying this, the whole square fell into silence again. Even the elders didn’t know what to say at the moment. This person was Roland. And he controlled the Moro beast in the first place? Not a synthetic beast They pushed over the records of their ancestors, which made them unacceptable. Just when they were about to explode, the Moro beast in the wind prison actually opened his mouth and said, "Yes!"
I was just about to speak. The psychic beasts were stunned by themselves. What’s the situation?
Chapter 54 Roland chance (a)
For a second, all the psychic animals posed for battle, which proved that this guy was really Roland!
"He was not dead? Isn’t he human? "
"How can he live so long?"
"No, will he get back at us?"
The buzz of the giant psychic beasts kept coming to Shumao’s ear. Shumao didn’t say anything, but looked at Roland in the wind prison very calmly.
Roland actually stopped talking after that sentence, but his position was lower than that of Shu Mao, so he had to look up to see Shu Mao and Shu Mao needed to bow his head, so in a short time, Roland couldn’t stay up when two people looked at each other. Finally, Roland directly and simply lay down in the wind prison.
"Don’t you have anything to say? Otherwise, I might just take your sharingan. You should know that you broke the cage, right? Even if you say that you are not obedient, even if I let you out, you can still get up and run for a while. " Shu Mao just sat lazily in the golden lotus and said calmly
As soon as the platform became quiet, all the behemoths waited for Luo Lanyin, and they also wanted to hear what this ancient guy could say.
Probably found the patience of everyone, or maybe he really didn’t have any thoughts. This time he took the initiative to talk, but Shu Mao didn’t expect that he brought great trouble to Shu Mao with one bite.
"Are you curious about what I can live for so long? Are you curious about whether those Moro beasts were real life? Why are you curious about the origin of those dark beasts? "
"I don’t want to know the origin of dark beasts, because I know that all dark beasts are psychic beasts, but they are infected and what dark smells should be the source!"
"Well, you’re right. All the sources are really those dark smells, but what if I tell you that I let these dark smells out?" Roland stubbornly staring at the tree mau eyes.
"Oh, so what?"
"I might as well feel his breath and he has come to save me!" As soon as Roland finished this sentence, a strong dark smell suddenly appeared around Roland, making people unable to see his true colors. When his hand touched Shumao Wind Prison, he heard sitting on the golden lotus tree and suddenly said a sentence, "Those who are fighting against the soldiers are in front of the array!"
"Boom!" It seems that a great will suddenly came to this place, and all the psychic animals were able to bear it. One by one, they fainted, while the original lotus tree was sitting lazily and sat up straight with a serious face.
It’s strange that the virtual thunder caused by Shu Mao is not splitting the rising black fog, but splitting Shu Mao’s own wind prison
"Combination of magic, yin and yang, wind and thunder, wind and thunder cage!"
The whole cage is directly covered with blue scenery and purple Lei Guang, and the two kinds of light are constantly circulating from side to side, while the hand is as black as fog, as if it were really scared, and it actually stopped moving outside the prison.
"is this that man who came to see you?"
Surprisingly, Roland didn’t reply, but this black fog actually replied. "Don’t worry, I’m not the first one to come to you or the last one to advise you not to intervene in this matter, otherwise …"
Behind him, or he was beaten to ashes by Shu Mao directly before he said it. Roland seems to be really scared by Shu Mao’s strength this time! If he didn’t read the wrong words, it seemed that nine words were condensed in the empty space just now. It was Shu Mao who said that sentence, and the most surface word fell directly to smash the black fog. In one second, the black fog would fly and annihilate. People don’t know his identity, which doesn’t mean Roland doesn’t know. So Roland’s expression is simply …
"They just fell asleep. Can you tell me about it?" Shu Mao stared at Roland repeatedly, not exploding! Roland all hair moment stood up.
"All right, I’ll tell you about my fate. Maybe you have some information. I want to ask you something. Would you believe me if I told you that I had been to hell?"
"Are you saying it’s the white bone purgatory in Juelongling?"
"Well, it’s really hell, but I said it’s real purgatory. Only the dead can get there!"
"Oh you say it’s the underworld? That guy just now is the underworld, I know! "
"Well, originally your strength has reached this point? Well, I’ll tell you something about me, because if you’re not strong enough and haven’t touched them or you don’t believe me, then you know them, and maybe you’ll think I’m crazy if I say it! "
"…" Shu Mao didn’t speak but quietly waited for his article.
"Speaking of the place of Juelongling, it is indeed the first purgatory I found, and it is also right to say that it is hell. As you just said, it is indeed a bone purgatory. I don’t know who has so much money to build such a huge bone purgatory there!"