There, a touch of bright red rose in the snow white.


Three-foot-high scarlet steam is so conspicuous in the snow, especially when seven figures fly out of it, as if seven meteors had slipped through the snow-white curtain.
Seven blood-red lines leaving noodles
Disturbed the snow white
Snow white drifts
Possessed dry emperor with Zhao Dingsi repeatedly retreat.
There was a hint of wonder in his eyes.
He felt different in Yan Zhongxia’s Blood Nerve.
It’s not innovation.
But …
At present, the cage of Blood Nerve has been broken to a new level.
That’s how far he’s been peep.
"Impossible! 」
"It’s impossible! 」
The possessed dry emperor shouted at him and looked at seven bloody figures with chilling light in his eyes.
Then the flying snow disappeared
Scarlet red
Two stripes of scarlet
The possessed dry emperor’s body also flashed scarlet, but Goethe rose scarlet, which was different. The dry emperor was more hidden and gloomy, like a stagnant pool.
And Goethe?
Warmly rising scarlet is like water vapor.
Blood nerve!
The original is different from Blood Nerve!
It’s not surprising that Goethe did the emperor’s blood nerve.
At the beginning, the "mad king" was a horse-herding Jianghu, which messed up the whole Dagan Jianghu. I don’t know how many classics were copied by the major sects.
There is a saying in Dagan Jianghu that perhaps the major sects in Jianghu have disappeared.
You can find it.
So Goethe is not surprising.
And then he guessed it.
"Although you broke the cage through innovation, you just made me a wedding dress-
To devour your blood god, then I can break through the existing shackles!
I will really mean …
Immortal! 」
Possessed dry emperor laughed.
Gloomy, scarlet and dull in winter
It’s like a toad bulging its jaw
As soon as he raised his hand, he caught Goethe’s desire to be in two places at once.
But I haven’t waited for him to take the essence.
The desire to be two places at once disappears
Not only the desire to be two places at once disappeared.