It’s like looking up at a glowing icon


The moon’s gravity soars.
Vientiane transformation hue
Try to be glamorous.
I like that you are abnormal.
"Ah ah ah ah"
A swing in the front row Tang Yike has jumped out of his seat and choreographed and jumped up, dancing and dancing.
It seems that I really can’t stop tonight. Fans are not worried. Sister Sanmi, please take it easy. Don’t even go so far when singing four.
Everyone knows that singing is a physical activity, not a major. Try kv to find a song that you are most familiar with and skilled in, and then sing it from beginning to end to see if you can catch your breath. In fact, you may not find a singer who can sing a song completely among your friends.
Fast-paced, simple melody dance music seems gentle and easy to sing. In fact, it is not difficult to test the breath at all. It is still difficult to sing and dance while singing.
Looking at the 46-year-old "Hong Kong Auntie", the top executives of East Asian records are filled with emotion. It has been almost 30 years since her debut, and at the same time, she is not ranked first in terms of beauty among singers. On the singing skill of talent theory, she is no better than you; But when it comes to the stage atmosphere, Xiangjiang entertainment circle seems to never find a female artist who can match her.
In this entertainment circle that likes the new and hates the old, 46 years old should not be small for women, but should have retired long ago.
She has been able to persist until now, and it is inexplicable to see her singing hard on stage.
Who said that a woman is tofu at the age of 30? When she is on the stage, you can see absolute beauty chic.
Fans are distressed when they look at it. Sister Sanmei is working too hard. She keeps taking a break and drinking some water.
Especially if you sing a new song, you can’t even steal it, otherwise you can shout "Let’s sing together", which can make you gasp and create an atmosphere. It’s hard for fans to help you if they want to.
without stop
"Let me get drunk.
You get drunk more and more every day.
May you love to go, and don’t part too soon.
The fans haven’t recovered yet. The fifth song, hoo, and so on, continue to pick it up in the crazy scream.
You don’t have to do it all at once.
Give me a second to calm me down.
Love, please don’t do it all at once.
I’d rather you told me in batches.
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
"Ah, hey, I’d rather you sang the songs to me in batches."
"Hahahaha, give me a second to calm down. It’s already exploding."
"My head is shaking off."
It’s not tonight, either. The word "heat wave after wave of climax" continues to explode, and the rhythm is still accelerating. A sharp alarm sounds the sixth song, and it continues to attack crazily.
"Don’t haunt me absent-minded.
A few boring fields to break through
The alarm is as quiet as silence.
There is a curse.
It’s easy to have a night without you.
Let you tell me more about your love for me.
The heart is like a thing, like a thing.
Refuse to believe it?
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Listening to body singing in summer vacation
out of one’s mind
The scene is completely crazy. I don’t know how long the three-meter throat can last. The fans will be hoarse.
"You’re not going to stop, are you?"
"The sixth song. It’s already the sixth song."
"It’s crazy. Sister Sanmei is really singing with an extremely high energy."
East Asian record executives looked at each other, and no one knew how the three-meter concert was arranged. I didn’t expect it to be like this and it wouldn’t stop. The rhythm was crazy.
"After singing this song, you should have a rest for three meters, right? The sound is a little out of shape. What if you don’t take a rest for the half of the concert?"
"She doesn’t want to sing all night, does she?"
"No way, haha. Didn’t you find that the lyrics of suluo’s songs are very interesting? This is called Shake, which means that singing will stop here."
The last scene of Cantonese opera was called "Shake", and it was over after the performance. Now it means that the couple will end their breakup.
"You chase me hide has said very naked.
There’s nothing wrong with you chasing me and hiding.
You know I killed too much time.
Shake Shake can finally be Shake now.
Singing the six capitals in a row is a strong song and a hot dance, which makes everyone feel heartbroken, but it is also the limit of three meters’ physical strength, and it will really explode if you breathe a little.