"Hey, I can’t get along with you. These guys are the only ones left."


Being trapped in the Monty Palace by Chen Qi, although he is determined, he can’t hold on to the transformation. He is the leader of several infernos at the same level, and there are more than 100 buddhas, seven Terran gods and 100 million magic soldiers who haven’t elaborated yet, so he can’t resist for a moment and can’t be fascinated by the magical scenery of Monty Palace. His heart is gradually blurred into the realm of Buddhism, and Monty Palace is a statue of the protector of the king.
Chen Qidu’s death of this true celestial being will make many people know that these people have come to the ice road to kill Qiao Yueli, a peerless genius of the ice road.
Road flyover ice has long been closed to foreign affairs, and the force of the ice tunnel department has reached Qiao Yueli, the three-generation brother of the ice tunnel. He has also been well qualified and has been promoted to the level of the Yuan God Dharma, and he has been honed several times in several wars with the inferno, and he has also propped up this king faction.
It’s true that there are three monarchs in the Nine Sages of Heaven, and there is also a dragon flag, a monarchs, whose magic has evolved. It’s this door that challenges Qiao Yueli’s main force, and another monarchs have evolved their own poor magic. They are cooperating with more than six monarchs in the Nine Sages of Heaven, and the remaining five people, although they are only military masters, each has many adventures and talents that are superior to ordinary monarchs. I don’t know how many times they are faint, and they can leapfrog the challenge to rival the monarchs.
After Chen Qidu melted the man, he reached out and pointed to the mysterious tower of heaven and earth, and the mysterious gas turned the magic weapon that someone had taken from heaven, heaven and earth for a few turns, and the soul knowledge in refining became the fifteenth magic weapon of the mysterious tower of heaven and earth.
Monty Palace’s promotion to the true form series, plus this magic weapon’s submission, made Chen Qitai’s dragon tactic enter the country again, and added a number of second bans on Xuan Huang Qi by the highest day.
When Chen Qi made moves, it was purely a sneak attack and a close call. Yu Zhentian Liusheng still had some indecision. I don’t know if it was the ice road that came to others or Qiao Yueli suddenly made what means to counterattack Chen Qi’s mysterious and deliberately invisible. Although these six mana are of the earth, the inferno was born unable to spell subtlety, so although there are two inferno monarchs, they didn’t see through Chen Qi’s means.
Chen Qi has been refining the magic power of one of the Nine Heavenly Saints in a short time, and the little thief has gained a cheap price and is more willing to kill the killer. He has already seen another one, the Lord of the Nine Heavenly Saints, who is riding two magic weapons and throwing his weight around. It happened that his magic weapons in his hands are so good that the little thief immediately moved his heart and still used the same trick. He turned over the tower of heaven and earth and threw this inferno army master to the tower of heaven and earth and still suppressed it.
This time, Chen Qi can no longer hide his tracks, but he is seen by the Dragon Flag Grand King and the Hua Grand King. Although the thief still hides immediately, he is forced by the two inferno Grand Kings to force Chen Qisheng out of the changing dust form, and he still turns into a statue of heaven and earth.
"Qiao Yueli, it turns out that you have a helper again, but although you have something to do, you are not our true rival. Let me catch this man and punish him with several inferno criminal laws. I will show you that if you fall into the hands of our brothers, the result will be a little slower than this fellow."
When you reach out your finger, there is a mass of darkness. Then the curse suddenly evolves into a nightmare and a nightmare world. However, if you are transformed by the curse, the dream world will immediately fall into a number of dreams, and then you will be exhausted by life, and a soul will be absorbed into the world, and you will never get rid of it.
This curse is extremely powerful. If there is no way to deal with it, it will be killed by the Lord Hua in an instant, and all the essence and mana will be sucked away by the world of Hua to increase the mana of the Lord Hua.
Chen qixiu’s taiji diagram, the incarnation of Yuan God, can’t be shaken by external forces. After being trapped in the world of Hua, the little thief’s head is slightly calculated, and the great curse of Hua is so severe that all external forces can’t invade the Yuan God’s calm and light. This has prompted the body mana to shake the world of Hua for three consecutive times and get out of it.
The thief head is also a clever character. As soon as he got out of trouble, he turned up the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower and suppressed the other one of the nine saints alive. That one Chen Qi has suppressed four of the nine saints, which has increased the magic weapon in the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower to more than 19 pieces. The Xuanhuang Linglong Tower seems to have suddenly broken through a bottleneck, and there have been earth-shaking changes in the rapid shock of 991 Xuanhuang.
The mysterious and exquisite towers of heaven and earth are far more powerful than anything else. Even the monty palace and the magic disc are far from being a magic weapon. After all, they are only evolved or swallowed by the mysterious and exquisite towers of heaven and earth, which can be regarded as a part of this magic weapon. Naturally, they can’t match the mysterious and exquisite towers of heaven and earth.
However, it’s really hard to promote the power of this magic weapon. Chen Qi doesn’t know how much effort it takes, which makes all the magic weapons of heaven and earth promoted to the forbidden state of the highest day. But when the thief wants to increase his magic power again, he finds that he devours the magic weapon of sacrifice and refining the magic weapon, which has little effect on the magic weapon. According to this trend, he doesn’t know how many magic weapons he will have to take to feed the greedy bastard of heaven and earth.
Perhaps it was enough for Chen Qi to accumulate before. Perhaps this time, swallowing a few magic weapons just met the needs of the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower in heaven and earth. Chen Qi repeatedly swallowed three people who were truly heavenly and nine sacred, and regained five magic weapons. After that, the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower in heaven and earth suddenly broke through the spurt of nine hundred and ninety-one, and the Xuanhuang gas broke through the realm one after another, and was promoted to the double prohibition of the highest day …
Chapter five hundred and fifteen Five-color dragon flag method
Suddenly, there appeared such a ferocious enemy, the Great King of Heaven, Nine Sages, and the Great King of Dragon Flag. Although he still spoke wildly, he was slightly surprised at heart. They didn’t know that Chen Qi had sacrificed the five magic weapons of Heaven, Three Sages in a short time. The most outstanding genius of these three infernos became the custodian king of Monty Palace, or they didn’t know how surprised he was.
Even if they can suppress their companions, Chen Qi may not be able to endure it. Sooner or later, they will be rushed out by their companions to break the suppression mana.
It’s a moment when there are four remaining saints in the heaven and earth, and the number of spells are added to the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower. The Xuanhuang Qi has been successively promoted and evolved. After the second forbidden realm of the highest heaven, 991 Xuanhuang Qi falls down, which is really said to be invulnerable. No matter how powerful the magic is, the four remaining saints in the heaven and earth will fall outside the Xuanhuang Tower. The Xuanhuang Qi has been wiped out by these 991 Xuanhuang Qi, which has turned into a rolling chaos and penetrated into all parts of the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower.
The sword light that was besieged by the Seven Sages of the True Heaven immediately got out of trouble as soon as it was the fastest strain … Before the dazzling, it differentiated into thousands of sword lights. She refused to split the sword light because of the siege, but the situation changed, of course, she wanted to try to counterattack.
The differentiation of sword light is the realm of "one sword gives birth to all kinds of methods" in fencing.
A sword of light can be divided into thousands of meanings, and all kinds of arrays can be spread. Sure enough, a sword breaks thousands of methods and thousands of methods are wonderful.
Several sword lights condensed into a large array, and immediately the two inferno monarchs were trapped, and the Grand Monarch of Hua and the Grand Monarch of Longqi were caught.
Chen Qi, seeing this, is also happy in my heart and secretly feels that "this man is so knowledgeable … help me trip over these two inferno monarchs, and then I won’t be able to do anything."
Chen Qi threw the Xuan Huang Linglong Tower of heaven and earth into a flutter, and with the help of two military leaders left in the Nine Sages of Heaven, if they struggled, they could not resist this series, which condensed more than ten top magic weapons and super magic weapons to detain them.
Chen Qi suppressed the two enemies and immediately slowed down his hand to relieve the pressure on the friendly forces. He knew that these two inferno monarchs were not only better than themselves, but also the most talented and outstanding people in the inferno. It was unusual for the inferno monarchs to be comparable, so he didn’t dare to take back all the magic weapons and spells together, and brought the mysterious tower of heaven and earth to meet the enemy.
Even if the enemy who is 100 times more powerful than Chen Qi is not afraid of his opponent’s ability, he, like Chen Qi, wants to sacrifice and refine two new military leaders, so this is how to deal with the new monarch and the dragon flag monarch. Both of them don’t believe that this new enemy can really suppress their companions, but seeing that Chen Qi has suppressed five military leaders, they are still full of magic and don’t seem to be distracted, and they are all surprised to suppress them.
Seeing that Chen Qi has instigated the Xuan Huang Linglong Tower of heaven and earth to recklessly fight, the two of them also have their own means. While fighting against the ice, the great enemy has been fighting with Chen Qi one after another. The Xuan Huang Linglong Tower issued 991 Xuan Huang Qi, and the root fear spell was a little slow. For a moment, Qiao Yueli had been trapped and suffocated, and the sword array was instigated. Immediately, the sword light of the dragon flag monarch was captured, and the five-color dragon flag released 100,000,000 tons of light, and the light of the most outstanding new generation monarch in the inferno was suddenly converged.
When you saw that the momentum was not good, you immediately released seven Hua worlds, trapping both Chen Qi and Qiao Yueli, and went straight to the imaginary dragon flag gentleman. But Qiao Yueli’s sword array was very aggressive, and Chen Qi, who was next to him, asked the dragon flag gentleman to show a little sense of escape, and then you drove the heaven and earth, and the mysterious and exquisite tower slammed into the past, cleaning up the inferno gentleman, who had no temper and could count the sword lights, and gradually became silent.
After the escape of the Lord Hua, he disappeared as soon as he twisted his body. Seeing that there was an enemy left, Chen Qi felt his mind alive and secretly thought, "I just robbed those two newly suppressed military leaders. Now I only have 21 magic weapons. Except for the Monty Palace and the magic disc, the remaining magic weapons are not so powerful. It is rare to have the opportunity to take out the power of the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower of heaven and earth to meet the enemy alone .. It is not bad to sacrifice this inferno Lord Jin Gangzhuo."
Chen Qiyuan’s fourteen magic weapons, together with this battle and robbery, are considered to have made a fortune in Italy, but the power of these magic weapons is high or low, which is nothing remarkable. The only one is that Jin Gangzhuo can counterattack all spells and devour all spells, which is a weapon of fighting. Because of his poor physical strength, Chen Qicai rarely has a chance to luck.
Now, the Monty Palace and the Magic Disk can accumulate even if they devour creatures, so Chen Qi thought of refining a magic weapon to the level of being handy to the enemy.
Chen Qi calculated here that Qiao Yueli’s sword light is ever-changing, but it has firmly trapped the Longqi gentleman.
The dragon flag gentleman who fights alone is obviously not her opponent. Even with the help of the five-color dragon flag, she can barely support it. But the five-color dragon flag can cut and break the seal by manipulating the treasure volume Shu. The original power of the dragon flag gentleman is also great. Just now, the dragon flag gentleman has relied on this magic weapon to block Qiao Yueli and at the same time resist the power of the ice road star array.
But at that time, he had the help of the Great King and Yu Wusheng. Now it’s his turn to support the pressure alone, so Qiao Yueli’s mana is too much for him. He has a little thief next to his head to spy on the Dragon Flag. The Great King struggled hard with these two enemies, and he couldn’t say it. He was depressed and secretly thought, "I killed several protoss kings with this magic weapon, and many more refined gas men have used it to practice together. The five-color Dragon Flag method sacrifice has been refined into a legal treasure that is in line with my Taoist method. Even if it is a true heavenly palace master, with this magic weapon.
Although the magic weapon is not a war treasure, it is more powerful than many war treasures
Qiao Yueli won’t talk about it, but Chen Qi is also proficient in all kinds of magic weapons. In particular, he has built dozens of small Buddhist worlds, which is also known as the eternal pure land. It is the strongest and most defensive of the three Buddhist lands, and it can be used to overcome greed, love and hate, cut off all kinds of consciences, and then set foot here without pollution. The dust is as clean as glass, and Chen Qi can also fix the other side of the practice into a thief. No spell can trap him.