"Ling li? She is just a member of the master’s material world, but this little girl’s consciousness is unexpectedly strong and has not dissipated yet. The words of ordinary people have long been assimilated. "Kalia seems to have a little incredible feeling. After all, compared with the human soul, the gods are like candles in the wind. It is indeed a miracle that Lili can persist to this point.


Liu Yue has roughly understood the ins and outs of all this at this time. It seems that Roux has long been a lackey of Shar. Of course, it may be that he hooked up with the "Night Singing Crown" later. Although it is an artifact, Roux must have finished the method and exerted its strength to get a positive blow from three blade master forces. Even the artifact is estimated to be unbearable. However, the "Night Singing Crown" is worthy of being a three-hallows, and it can actually create a field alone.
If I didn’t guess wrong, Lingli wanted to seize their own strength to repair the "Night Singing Crown". Hey, I really underestimated Lingli. I shouldn’t say Shar. It’s too good for this woman to hide. I would have been a corpse if I hadn’t had a "god-possessed ghost * *".
When it’s urgent, it’s important to save one’s life. It’s too difficult to sing at night. In these few words, those black filaments have absorbed a layer of "soul-refining flying fog" outside Liu Yue’s body, and some filaments have also been swallowed up by "soul-refining flying fog". Now both sides are like two snakes devouring each other’s tails, depending on who can hold on to the end.
"Mr. Lucifer, take your time and enjoy your last time. I won’t be with you. Oh, I forgot to tell you that your student will come to accompany you soon. Haha …" Karia laughed and went there, laughing farther and farther.
Liu Yue finally couldn’t hold back his anger and cursed, "Shar Narux, you bastards, remember that you will regret things today."
Chapter 17 BiXian
Chapter 17 BiXian
"Hey kid, how did you come to this damn place?" The tall elf suddenly said
"I don’t know that I came with my teacher, but I don’t know why I suddenly lost contact with them. I don’t know why I came here. By the way, you haven’t told me your name yet. "
The tall elf hesitated for a moment and said, "You can call me Black Wing." Then he closed his eyes and got up.
Seeing that Black Wings didn’t seem to want to say much, Jacques didn’t bother. After a long time, he suddenly said, "Do you still have that blue fruit with that Black Wings?"
Black wing opened his eyes and laughed. "Are you hungry?"
Jacques nodded his head with a bitter face and looked forward to the theory of black wings. After all, he is only a teenager.
Black wing sat up with his hands folded and prayed silently. After a while, he spread his hands and held a green light mass in his hands. He put the light mass on the ground and saw it squirming a few times. From the inside, a bud emerged, which grew into a small tree several feet high in a short time, covered with blue fruits. It looked very attractive.
Jacques looked silly early and saw that Black Wings picked all those fruits. Every time they picked one, the young tree looked weak. When all the fruits were picked, the tree seemed to have weathered and generalized several powders and disappeared in a short time.
"Take it," Black Wings extended his hand to Jacques and cheered. He quickly picked it up and said vaguely while munching, "Are you a mage? This spell looks interesting, but I won’t, otherwise I won’t be afraid of going hungry. "
Black Wings seems to be interested in talking. "It’s called the magic raspberry technique, but it’s not difficult to learn it …" He shrugged and then said, "Only those who are recognized by the natural gods are qualified to learn."
"people who are recognize by that gods of nature?"
"Well, to put it simply, those who can live in harmony with nature, those who know how to respect life …" Here, the black wing looks gloomy and then says, "If it is not like this, people will be recognized by the natural gods."
Jacques asked curiously, "I have heard of the goddess Merlikai and the storm of Guilun. What other gods are there?"
"There are many races who have their own gods, such as the wood elves who believe in the oak tree father Sivanas, the wild elves, the forest god Riefenlefei and so on." Blackwing obviously doesn’t want this topic to pester him. "It’s not the way to stay here all the time. We might as well find a way out."
"Yes," Jacques jumped up and wiped his mouth.
Liu Yue sat cross-legged in the virtual world with a bitter face, but this was not his reason. He was really pushed to the Jedi. Those black tentacles had eroded his side, and the thin layer around him made him feel strange. Although he had tried to launch "take the gods to resist ghosts * *", those dark forces that were swallowed up by him did not listen to his command, and as soon as they entered the body, they automatically got into his eyebrows and refused to come out again.
"It’s so unwilling. If those forces can help me, I can’t go to this point. No, I can’t just give up." At this moment, a flash of light suddenly flashed through his meditation to carefully explore every corner of his body
Finally, Liu Yue’s attention stayed on the magic nuclear. Since he cultivated "taking the gods to resist ghosts * *", he almost forgot about this magic nuclear. It is no wonder that compared with the ever-changing magic power of Witchcraft, it seems too monotonous and rough. From the bottom of his heart, he always holds an exclusive attitude towards the fact that he is a devil himself.
At this time, the original green magic nucleus has become a strange black magic nucleus, and the number of tiny cracks like cobwebs can be seen faintly on the surface, which seems to be broken at any time.
Liu Yue secretly thought, "A dark inflammatory force swallowed by me was absorbed by the magic nucleus, and the original part was assimilated by me. I can’t believe it’s so easy to blame now."
The dark inflammation that was swallowed up by him that day was originally Shar’s body. Although it was swallowed up by him, the spirit remained dormant. His magic nucleus was waiting for the opportunity to extricate itself. At this time, he felt his homologous power and immediately became active. Fortunately, Liu Yue found that it would not take long before he was afraid that the magic nucleus would be destroyed by the soaring dark inflammation. At that time, even if he did not die, he would be seriously injured. Now this kind of injury is different from death.
Now that we have found the problem, Liu Yue will flash his body back to its original shape, and at the same time, the third eye on his forehead is trying to drive away the dark inflammatory force from his body. Who knows, it’s hard to tell how he drives the magic nucleus, but he can’t bear to detain it.
At this moment, there are strong enemies and hidden dangers outside, and Liu Yue’s face can’t help but look desperate. Anyway, compared with the powerful Shar, his half-tone god is too weak, and Shar drove him to the wall without personally making moves.
The head of life and death hides the unique magic of the Barto clan. Finally, Liu Yue is like a gambler who has lost all his chips. He is crazy to mobilize all his strength and intends to do a desperate fight. "Since you don’t want me to live, everyone will beat me up and ruin your’ night singing crown’. Don’t you like to swallow it? I’ll let you swallow it all at once."
Liu Yue’s rage forcibly merged all kinds of forces with different attributes of the body, and simply plunged the protective body into the virtual black hole.
It’s hard to express his feeling when he counted the black tentacles in an instant. Maybe a tough creature like Liu Yue can be conscious and feel this pain. At this moment, he cursed his overly tough body.
At this time, Liu Yueti is like a powder magazine about to explode. The magic nuclear dark inflammation and brambles are quarrelling. Vitas’s divine power cultivation "taking the gods to resist ghosts * *" is mixed together. He immediately thought of a variety of martial arts fairy fantasy and so on. He has been to the noun "average computer-virus" several times, but this time he has already passed away. He even deliberately tried his best to send his violent and out-of-control power to the magic nuclear.
"It’s a pity that I’ll never see my mother again." Liu Yue had a wry smile on his face, and an instantaneous violent force suddenly broke out and wantonly destroyed everything around him. At the same time, all the animals in the poisonous snake forest fled like a catastrophe, and the earth trembled in a dull roar.