"Cheng" Liu Qingyun immediately said that "Li Daoyou is in charge of the payment."


Li Zhenqing said in a low voice, "Please ask Daoyou to change your clothes first and don’t reveal your behavior."
He said that he had put a white cloak on Liu Qingyun and then said, "Dao You should pay half of this lingshi?"
Chapter 331 Asking for price
"Good" Liu Qingyun is also very generous and said, "I have prepared five hundred and ten thousand Lingshi"
Say that finish LiuQingYun has taken out 51 LingShi "brother ZhenQing please count"
Li Zhenqing said with some dissatisfaction, "We have increased the price by 100,000, and it should be 560,000 by half."
Liu Qingyun is not willing to care about the gap of 50,000 Lingshi. "Taoist friends are confused. Although we added 100,000, we agreed in advance to pay 510,000 yuan before returning the sword well, and then pay it later."
Li Zhenqing listened to what Liu Qingyun said, a little unhappy and unwilling to cause trouble. "Well, you said that after the job is done, we can’t add 100,000 Lingshi or we will lose the business."
This used to be no money for business, but Li Zhenqing kept saying, "We will lose if we lose 100 thousand." Who knows how much he got from it? Liu Qingyun doesn’t care about him. "Let’s go in."
It’s Li Zhenqing and it’s another complication. "Okay, we’re going in. It’s this guard, the officers and soldiers. The samurai always have to collect some money. Who will pay for it?"
Liu Qingyun is also happy. "Since I handle affairs, the money will be paid by me."
Before leaving, the female practitioners in Tianyinge had already loaded him with gold, silver and jewelry, which were not worth much, but the worldly things were unfavorable and now they are all available.
It took Liu Qingyun more than ten miles to learn why the sword well was so tightly guarded. It turned out that this was the tomb of the Zhou Dynasty.
Just this week, dozens of imperial tombs were built in hundreds of miles near Tianshan Mountain, and the troops were guarding the sword well. In the name of guarding the imperial tombs, they were really good at knocking and squeezing.
Even a baby expert like Li Zhenqing brought Liu Qingyun in, and Liu Qingyun had to sprinkle gold leaves everywhere. According to Liu Qingyun’s observation, "I’m afraid there are not sixty or seventy tombs near Tianshan Mountain this week by Li Daoyou?"
Li Zhenqing immediately replied, "That’s right. At the end of the Millennium, our big Zhou Dynasty was the urban capital of Luoshui. Think about how many emperors will die and all these emperors’ tombs are near the Tianshan Mountains in Zhou Dynasty."
"How many? It’s almost four hundred. "Liu Qingyun made an estimate according to his own experience." There may be more people in almost twenty years. "
Li Zhenqing answered Liu Qingyun’s question: "There are not so many sixteen people. We in the Zhou Dynasty enjoy the country for a long time and …"
He lowered his voice and said, "And he has always been wise as a fox."
Liu Qingyun couldn’t help but be taken aback. "It is pitiful for an emperor to enjoy the country for a hundred years."
That’s right. When I heard this, Li Zhenqing laughed. "Daoyou is extraordinary. The most bitter thing about our big Zhou Dynasty is that it’s never been a generation that can really enjoy the country. Even the emperor’s grandson has a lot to give up."
Liu Qingyun also knows why. Since a generation of emperors have enjoyed the country for a hundred years, Shou Yuan is less than 120 years old, and his grandson often dies before him.
Moreover, the emperors of the past dynasties have better understood that the pressure on the face of such an old monster is naturally amazing. Liu Qingyun asked, "So the royal family of Zhou Dynasty can flourish for a hundred years in the Spring and Autumn Period except outsiders?"
Li Zhenqing shook his head. "No friends are wrong. Although we all washed swords and wells in the Zhou Dynasty except for one person, there are many ordinary people in Shou Yuan who are different from those who advocate chaos …"
This is also difficult. Since the emperor can flourish in the Spring and Autumn Period for a hundred years, it is also boring. It has become a common practice for soldiers to make trouble. Liu Qingyun thinks it is very interesting. "Is that longevity a gift?"
"I don’t know …" Li Zhenqing said this a bit lonely. "I don’t know what the reason is …"
He was a monk in the later period of Yuan Ying, but his practice reached a bottleneck, and he saw Shou Yuan fall for more than a hundred years, so he was very curious about the secret of royal longevity in this big week.
You know, emperors often die at the peak of the Spring and Autumn Period, and few of them can live past 50, but this Zhou Dynasty didn’t know that every time they can reach 150, very emperors can live to 300.
Moreover, according to Li Zhenqing’s private observation of the previous generations of emperor Xianyun, it seems that it is not normal to die, and there seems to be great potential to continue to live. Shou Yuan was forcibly taken away by the secret method.
All this made Li Zhenqing full of curiosity about Zhong Mi Xin, but after hundreds of years of observation, he learned that if he could get the longevity method of the Zhou Dynasty, he might live another two or three thousand years. Shou Yuan was comparable to a distracted monk.
He also knows that this should be the biggest secret of the Zhou Dynasty. If he really knows the truth, he may be a dead end, so he will not pursue it after considering it for a long time.
However, this topic was evoked by Liu Qingyun today, and he couldn’t help but think of this secret story of the imperial dynasty. "Liu Daoyou, this is my secret story of the imperial dynasty in the Zhou Dynasty. Are you here to understand the meaning of the sword today, not to ask about these old things?"
Liu Qingyun is no longer troubled to continue Li Zhenqing’s progress. The more you go forward, the more gold and silver you will spend. These troops are actually soldiers. Although Liu Qingyun changed his clothes and led by Li Zhenqing, they recognized this as an outsider at a glance.
But they seem to be used to sneaking into the imperial tomb, asking for bribes everywhere, and the more they go in, the higher the price. Fortunately, a group of female practitioners in Tianyinge are well prepared
And in the inner layer, in addition to these generations of soldiers guarding the tomb, there are actually many powerful people who are martial. According to Xie Qiuyao, these people are definitely not simple. The strong can kill a monk then with one punch.
They don’t want to ask for some gold and silver. It’s as simple as that. They ask Liu Qingyun for Lingshi, Liu Qingyun and Li Zhenqing to negotiate. "Li Daoyou didn’t say that it’s been a few weeks. If I go there again, I’ll have to have Jinshan Yinshan …"
Counting up, Liu Qingyun has set up more than 10,000 Lingshi up to now, and these people are very professional. They will do things immediately after receiving the money, but Liu Qingyun seems to have an endless momentum now, and I don’t know when it will be the end.
Not satisfied with LiuQingYun Li Zhenqing is often "nothing man also meaning so tens of thousands of LingShi? It takes another lingshi to complete all the merits. "
Chapter 332 Unsealing
"more lingshi?" Liu Qingyun is really angry. "We agreed on the price in advance, and you insisted on increasing the price by 100,000 Lingshi. I recognized this Lingshi, and I also paid for it, but now I’m being slaughtered as a pig. No wonder I’m so bullied."
Fortunately, this area is sparsely populated, and besides guarding the imperial tomb loyalist, who is Liu Qingyun? Although this sound is high, it is not afraid of being heard.
Li Zhenqing is still eloquent. "Liu Daoyou, we can not refund the deposit. You can go back now if you want to go back on your word."
This he is pulling a face to "Liu Daoyou want to know that our brothers are among the most sleepy Yuanying monks in Putian. Other monks can be down a peg or two, but we have been relegated to guarding this imperial tomb and suffered a lot, and we can only take a vacation in a few months at ordinary times …"
"It’s not enough to give us a little lingshi by the Zhou Dynasty." Li Zhenqing did not hide his dissatisfaction. "But we have to stay in Tianshan this week to save our lives."
The Yunlong Club of the Zhou Dynasty controlled the Yuanying Friar, so it can be said that the image of Biyunzong is based on the amount of sea fighting. If a small clan like this can produce a baby friar, it can enjoy the resources of the clan. However, even in the Yunlong Club of the Zhou Dynasty, even the friar like Li Zhenqing was not paid attention to because of his face, let alone cultivate a lower friar than him.