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Warm-colored magic lights shine overhead and Chen Senran looks at the opposite Jin Shanshan, posing a Wing Chun fist. In fact, Chen Senran, a young man in armor who is a member of a city-state army, still has scruples behind the surface scruples. Of course, he only makes plans to step on him after checking the other party’s spirit in advance.
Although the other party’s spirit is a little stronger than his own, but with these days, he has mastered the flow of power through continuous cultivation, and he has mastered the fighting intuition and several kinds of killing skills that he can exercise in life and death for many years. Chen Senran is sure to beat the other party without even knowing his mother.
In order to ensure a quick solution to the battle and let the other side use some unique abilities that they didn’t know about this magical continent, Chen Senran came up with Wing Chun, which is usually called the female fist, but the essence is the strongest melee boxing.
Jin Shanshan Jericho looked at Chen Senran and put on a strange gesture, which was neither like an army technique nor a martial art school. Suddenly, he had three points of contempt in his heart, adding that he had won a big victory the other day. He felt that how could such an unknown little role compare with his own contempt and added two points?
So he casually posed for the defense posture of the army’s general boxing, and he stepped to get close to Chen Senran and quickly knocked this guy down.
Chen Senran has seen the opponent’s mentality at the corner of his mouth, and he is not in a hurry to look at the other person who wants to fight with his own strength. This is exactly what he wants to know. Wing Chun’s boxing is called close combat because once close combat is a sticky rhythm like a storm.
Jericho tried two steps before he saw Chen Senran still walking slowly in the same place. He didn’t mean to attack at all. He roared out and stepped into the fist. He made a crazy hook with the intention of knocking Chen Senran down with one punch.
Chen Senran took his time, and a light step flashed past Jericho’s small idea of punching and rubbing his body. He attacked Jericho’s chest and rushed into the spring. At this moment, Jericho was careless about attacking the door. When Chen Senran suddenly punched Huanglong, he was so surprised that he hurriedly wanted to stop boxing. But at this moment, Chen Senran’s boxing potential has been launched, and it has stopped the first punch, and it has been like a flood of fists.
Left Japanese word punch right Japanese word punch left horizontal palm Zuo Zheng palm …
Chen Senran hit Jericho like a stake. It turns out that Chinese martial arts is extremely powerful in this power. Even masters like Jacques and Gragas have suffered losses in Chen Senran’s hands. Now this is much worse than Jericho in Jin Shanshan.
Now the situation is that Jin Shanshan Jericho’s adult was careless at the moment and was hit by Chen Senran, a tiny person in his eyes, from the ground to the sky and then to the ground like a sandbag
Surrounded by a circle of drunkards, they cheered loudly when they saw Chen Senran abusing this seemingly annoying gigolo so easily that they couldn’t take care of themselves.
"the wind! Gale! Strong wind! " While drinking spirits, a group of people shouted the slogan that Chen Senran recently taught. Although I don’t know what it means and the accent is strange, these guys feel excited for no reason. It seems that this place is not a pub, but the sunset will fall on the ancient battlefield.
Chen Senran left his hand after all, but it would really kill him to fight like this again, so his last few punches were empty in Jericho’s face, and he took a step back like Ip Man. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to pull Jericho from embarrassment at this time, but it wouldn’t be fun if he got cloudy. This guy wore armor and his fist hurt a little.
"how about it? Mr. Jericho, do you still want to fight me? "
Although Jericho has not been knocked down and can’t take care of himself at this time, Chen Senran’s mindless fat beating really made him unconscious and didn’t fully react. Although he was wearing armor, the hateful little ant fist seemed to be attached with some magic. Layers of strength directly bombarded his body through the armor, even though his skin was rough, he felt a little injured.
Jericho shook his face a little swollen, and forced himself to get up. He listened to the drunkards screaming at their faces, and looked at them with excitement and arrogance. He smelled the smell of alcohol scattered in the air and felt that he was the biggest humiliation in his life. He consciously wanted to draw his sword, but his long sword was outside at the moment.
Jericho took a deep breath, clenched his fist, and despised him before putting it away. He wanted to use his best strength to kill this hateful guy instead of killing everyone here and torturing that little bitch alive. He licked his bloody lips and revealed a cruel smile full of murder. A scarlet gas mountain floated on his body surface.
"Little ants, I want, kill, die, you"
Chen Senran looked at the layer slowly floating scarlet gas mans heart thumped-some regret just didn’t knock him out in the end or let him out of the power. He suddenly showed a dignified face and squinting slightly to try to capture every flow of murder.
This variation naturally attracted the attention of Jacques and Gragas, who looked at each other.
"It turned out to be Knox Sass scarlet murder Knox Sass military high-level people. I should have thought of it …" Gragas looked at it and seemed to finally have a little interest and was coming over to Dreius.
"It’s a little troublesome. Although Mori’s skill is high, he encounters this absolute force suppression." Jax touched the bar. "Should we make a move?"
I don’t know when the order is fair. Dreius glanced coldly at the pub killer duo, who obviously heard Jax’s words.
Jacques looked back without weakness and felt that Dreius was constantly sending out murder. His hand couldn’t help itching again, but when he saw a small flame rising in little Anne’s hand, he suddenly had a headache. He has seen this one these days. It seems to hurt my little girl badly. If she is allowed to make moves, it will definitely attract the security team of the War College, and it will be more troublesome then.
"That … little girl, don’t be impulsive." Jax didn’t know how to persuade him. Even if he met her soon, he knew how important Chen Senran was to little Annie.
"I know, but something will happen to the little dense forest …" The little girl smiled more quietly, but that kind of murder could not be hidden. At last, she added, "Don’t worry, I am very calm now."
Even if he is used to big scenes, Jacques shuddered for no reason. He couldn’t help sighing a woman … unconsciously thinking of another woman who was even more horrible.
At this time, Jericho’s scarlet gas awn has been pushed to the extreme and close to the essence. Some drunkards are scared to the ground just by looking at it. How terrible is it? There is a sense of murder, and the wind around them is also low.
The scene is almost falling, and everyone can breathe.
Chen Senran slowly closed his eyes at this moment. He knew that the naked eye was unreliable at this time. He had to use the mysterious prophecy of the extreme road to treat that sticky and disgusting murderous look as a constant rushing violent waterfall.
After three breaths, the opposite side breathes for a while, and a sharp and sharp water current rushes towards him from the front at a horrible speed. Chen Senran bet that if he keeps his eyes open now, he will definitely be blasted before he can see the fist clearly.
With the training reaction speed, Chen Senran stepped three steps to the left and took a step back, because Chen Senran sensed that there was a cruel water flow hidden on the right side with the frontal crazy rush.
From an outsider’s point of view, Jericho suddenly appeared in Chen Senran’s position like a meteor, while Chen Senran mysteriously moved slightly but escaped Jericho’s ghostly punch.
Jericho slightly one leng seems to be unable to believe himself. This is more than a horrible blow. He was hidden in the past and bombarded the scarlet fist with an inertia on the fence full of wine bottles. The wine bottles were instantly crushed into powder. His fists kept on until they slammed into the wall.
The solid obsidian wall was blasted through a hole, and moonlight shone from the hole to illuminate Jericho’s puzzled face. "How is that possible?" He looked at his fist this punch is absolutely can blow each other into scum unexpectedly … He hid in the past.
Jericho roared as if to prove that he would never fail. He once again slammed into Chen Senran with his eyes closed and his back to him.
The drunken onlookers had already been frightened by the first punch and had already hid outside. This punch unexpectedly fell again and did not fall on them.