At this time in the picture, the emperor actually left his teammate Dan Titan alone, but directly chased their pig girl on foot.


At the moment, the blood line of the pig girl is 100 and the emperor still has a flash in his hand, but the emperor’s root is not going to flash!
Step by step, follow the pig girl directly to the tower.
All members of LKG are puzzled. At this time, if they are, they will definitely flash to take away the pig woman’s head.
In the picture, however, the emperor is closely followed by the pig girl, but the distance between the pig girl and the emperor is beyond the scope of ordinary attack until the pig girl enters the defense tower shaking her bloody body.
"He is waiting for Q!" An LKG player can’t help but say
Up to now, they have completely understood that the emperor didn’t pay the flash because he wanted Q to kill the pig girl!
But in the picture, the pig girl has been taking an S-shaped step, and it is very difficult to get a Q!
"Bang!" However, when the emperor Q skill dragon hits the hand, everything stays still! The huge body of the white boar collapsed and was killed by the emperor.
And Yueta killed the pig queen at the moment and paid a huge price to be full of blood. He was fully attacked by the defense tower for three times, leaving more than 200 blood lines!
"It’s a bit silly to rely on this emperor," said an LKG player when he saw this.
I can kill a pig girl in a flash, but I have to cross the tower and almost kill myself. If I see this emperor, it’s a bit silly!
"Silly? No wonder you saw this place. I think this emperor is stupid, too! But keep looking. "
Chapter 36 It can never be gold
The receive pictures confirm that Meng Li dialect.
With 242 drops of blood, the emperor can kill him if he wants a Q plus a general attack. The captain has no fear of strolling like EQ Company 2!
Then they saw a shocking scene, and the magical anticipation that EQ flashed provoked them to flash away from him. Captain EQ’s whole trick was as beautiful as a picture!
Except KOLL, all LKG members looked at each other and were shocked to see each other in their eyes!
From the emperor’s squatting to killing the captain!
They wouldn’t be surprised if these pictures were divided into two parts to show them!
Instead of saving his own side, he went after the remnant blood. The pig woman said that the emperor was very impulsive, because in their view, it was absolutely not cost-effective to change the field.
Without paying the flash to kill the pig, the emperor can’t play because he put himself in a dangerous situation, which is very stupid for their professional players!
Finally, EQ flashed to kill the captain, and it can be said that the emperor predicted accurately and boldly!
But what if these are connected in series?
What if the emperor didn’t save Titan because he knew he could kill his opponent twice? Don’t pay the flash to kill the pig girl. Leave the flash behind. Where’s the captain of the EQ flash to start the flash? What if he knew that the pig girl must be lying in wait to catch their way when he walked to the road?
All this makes everyone shudder at the thought of LKG players.
"Maybe all this is a coincidence? After all, this is gold qualifying "after a long silence, LKGADC didn’t believe in tone.
"well! I am the same as every day, and it should be a coincidence at first. After all, it is impossible for prime players to have such a sense of terror and a big picture.
But later, I specifically looked up this ID. Look.
Meng Li opened the box and opened the face. An English ID jumped in front of them. It was a row of green victories!
Sixteen qualifying sessions were a victory.
"I don’t know which master trumpet this is. Now all teams are supplementing the depth of the bench. If we can find him, it may be helpful to our LKG, but it’s a game after all. Then I’ll see if I can add his friends and talk to him more." Meng Li said.
Kirin Internet Cafe Yefeng is discussing the topic around a professional team base. Naturally, I don’t know how to prepare for ranking again after smoking a cigarette.
"hmm? Someone added my friend? " Ye Feng looked at the right corner and popped up a friend application, but he didn’t pay much attention to it at a glance. When he was anchoring, he opened the game every day. I don’t know how many friends applied, but he was a little sick. He clicked the single ranking button to continue single row
Physical strength is the diamond plus ability. With the help of the Night Maple, it soon passed the promotion and entered the platinum.
However, some players have actually played well at the platinum level. Although there is a big gap with the brain god, occasionally some exercises are still very eye-catching
On the second floor of Kirin Internet cafe, a bag wearing a white halter top, Dong Luoyan and a tall and beautiful woman sat and talked about something.
"Elder sister, you promise me! I’m going to have an interview next month. If I have a live commentary on the competition experience, it will be very helpful for my interview then. "The tall beauty held Dong Luo’s cigarette arm and kept coquetry."
"How many times have I told you that the game commentary is a youthful meal? You are a beautiful woman with education and appearance. If you don’t find a serious job, you have to be a game commentator. Now you have to hold a game in my Internet cafe. Do you think it’s nonsense?" Dong Luoyan tried to pretend to be angry, but the doting in her eyes could not hide it.
It is true that their parents divorced when they were two hours old. The feelings of the older Dong Luoyan and the younger sister Dong Kexin can be imagined.
Although it is a criticism, I can’t hear it at all.
"If you don’t like to work hard in life, what’s the difference between that and salted fish, my good sister? I know you will definitely promise me, and I tell you that if Kirin Internet Cafe holds League of Legends competition, it will not only exercise my ability to explain on the spot, but also be a very helpful activity for Kirin Internet Cafe, which can well announce that Kirin Internet Cafe can be said to be the best of both worlds." Dong Kexin tried to persuade.
"Oh, you little prick, I would have promised you. Show me the plan you have prepared." Dong Luoyan smiled and touched her sister’s hair. Since she went to college, her sister has come to see her less often. Every meeting is a rare opportunity.
Moreover, her younger sister also knows that mischief belongs to mischief, but she has a good plan. Since she came to see her, she must have thought about the plan long ago.
"It’s very kind of you, I knew it." Dong Kexin quickly took out the plan from his bag and handed it to Dong Luoyan.
Took the plan dong Luo smoke line by line to check.
I have to say that my sister Dong Kexin’s planning ability is still very strong. The plan clearly lists the whole rules of the game and the bonuses during the competition.
"The first prize has thirty thousand yuan? Is it too much? " Dong Luo smoke looked at the hands of the scheme bonus amount frowned hair way
"It’s not that you don’t know that League of Legends is hot now. Without so many bonuses, it is difficult to attract experts to participate. Without experts to participate in my live commentary, it is meaningless, and my brother-in-law is so rich that it is only thirty thousand dollars." Dong Kexin said.
Seeing my sister’s expectant eyes, Dong Luo’s heart softened unconsciously and nodded. "Well, I’ll find someone to do the propaganda board."
Spoil it. If you want your sister to be happy, don’t say that 30 thousand yuan is all I have.
First floor lobby area!
Night maple looked at another game and did not start immediately, but entered into thinking.
"I predict ability now there are two ways! The first is to directly predict the trend of the next three minutes. Once there is a fight all the way, I can go to the squat! This method has a high success rate! Because I didn’t play first, it won’t affect the start of killing. The real team battle happened almost as I predicted! "
"The second! It’s just harder to assume! For example, just that sentence, I caught me when I finished playing red, but I predicted the back picture to prove that I was discovered! So I changed the GANK route to catch people from the line, and this time I succeeded! "
"But this ability should be more than these two. There must be other ways to make it. It’s up to me to explore!"
After half an hour’s thinking, Yefeng once again opened the single qualifying session.
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Chapter 37 There is a commentary on the Internet Cafe Competition
The next night, Feng was woken up at noon by the roar of Lin Yanheng, the two goods.
"I’ll wake up with my dick. Don’t sleep with my dick." When Feng was woken up that night, to tell the truth, he really wanted to slap you. Who the fuck is your dick?

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