At this time, if the four people who have just made a fuss don’t trigger it, it can be as good as Xie Lin’s competitive nature and aggressive nature. At first sight, the demon corpse lures the enemy and traps people. The five-line forbidden heart is angry. I feel trapped and waiting to be saved doesn’t mean it. I also believe that the power of the divine light is wonderful and suitable. I have encountered the same chaotic scene before, and aunt and light cloud first said it badly. Later, the demon corpse was not harmed by a little resistance. Instead, it was injured and fled like Zhou and Li. The three officials said that they had encountered five threats before, but they didn’t launch the power. My aunt heard and heard that she didn’t survive, and her ancestors had prejudices. According to the first half of the scene, it was not a nun who banned the law, but it was better to say that the demon corpse should be punished as many times as possible. The magical power of the nun had already been calculated, but the power was reduced when the time limit was full, otherwise it would be difficult to succeed today. Of course, this is the central Olympic area, which is more powerful than other places. My father and Ye Gu also said, but when I heard the master came, he said that It’s better to retreat and go out, and the forbidden method has never failed, which has triggered the five-escape power. The existing divine protection will also be as bad as the whole. It’s against Ye Gu’s warning that in the future, she will say a few words and spend a little more energy. Forty-nine days of hard work will be put to good use. It’s not wrong for Zhu Tianyuan to learn from "Destroying the Magic Treasure" and take everyone to escape from the ground, but it’s also as before. When the demon corpse is reversed and banned, it’s dark, so it’s self-doubt and itXie Lin thought of here to see the aunt, the light cloud, even the official red and the Taoist Yuan God all transported Xuangong to keep calm, and his mind was very quiet, and he laughed. Even if the forbidden method is really powerful, everyone has two treasures for self-defense against the enemy. How can it not be so reserved? Can’t help but blurt out "at this time, the scene is not much different from the haunted demon corpse outside. The five-line banned power has not yet been launched. I think it’s a nun who has already calculated that the banned time has expired, right? Now everything is timid? If we don’t look for heaven and treasure, we’ll just retire and wait for Sister Yi and the three of them to come and join hands. At this time, let’s find two ubers to trip them up and go to my sister and sister Qiong when they have leisure. "


Although Xie Lin felt that it was too easy to see things, I didn’t expect that the situation at that time was like a forest with extremely fierce mines and gunpowder everywhere. I wanted to see a little Mars, but I didn’t know how fierce it was. But I held a fire in my hand and put the medicine in a daze in the forest. When I moved a little, it broke out faster than when I heard Xie Linyan’s words, which dissuaded Xie Lin from thinking, "Since the small practice, I have rarely encountered a big battle. My aunt’s mana is not mediocre, and she is quite conceited, but she looks at the five escapes here." I am afraid that I will not be able to do anything according to the final forecast, but I will have a little loss and experience to see what it is like. "Because Gu Li said that it is best to calm down and wait for action; I can also see that the aura around me is just dark and gloomy outside, but I am tempted to try it. I can’t help myself. I am presided over by the divine light and laughed. "My sister is so cautious, we might as well take a few steps back and try again." At the end of the sentence, I will retreat from the divine light without consulting others.
Xie Lin, half curious, half competitive, and half impatient, decided that people talked too much or the forbidden law failed. He didn’t want to fight with the holy mother. When he deliberately retired, he also speculated that the previous position of the five-line ritual was specially left. It was better to quit, but everyone was surrounded by the five elements. At this time, it may not be possible to keep still. A slight move and an ambush were triggered, which led to resistance according to the violated palace, followed by the changes of the five elements. If there was no savior, it would have reached a critical juncture. There is a flaw in the forbidden method, and it is wonderful to take advantage of the gap to invade a defense inconvenience, unlike when you first enter the door, although you are forbidden, you will be alert because of the deep roots of the four people. At this time, it is necessary to relax a little, and the illusion is full of ups and downs. All spells and magic weapons are ineffective and are still mentally suicidal. Even if the work is pure, the roots are deep and alert, and the cliff is suddenly alert. People have been trapped and can only carry Xuangong and struggle, unless it takes a very high mana for outsiders to save or the forbidden law department to stop self-care, it is still difficult and dare not relax. Wei Xianke and his wife are famous figures in the Kunlun Sect. They were once caught in the danger of being banned by Guishui, but they were rescued and only survived. It is really broken.
My aunt has been on tenterhooks since she knew that she had been tricked. I heard Xie Lin’s bad breath. I wanted to stop it before I could wait for the export of Xie Lin. It was just a matter of time. I just didn’t think about it. As soon as the divine light turned, it was like burning oil at the touch of fire. I caught a glimpse of the green scenery around me. It was like a kaleidoscope igniting together. At the same time, I rolled up thousands of layers of clouds. The potential was faster than that of four people. Before I saw it, the green gas disappeared, and the scenery in front of me suddenly turned and mixed with water and fire
Four people had previously chased the demon resin when they started. Xie Lin had expanded the divine light outward in advance, which was as high as the population. It was about three or four zhangs. The periphery of Fiona Fang was as high as nine zhangs. The original intention was to prevent the demon resin from stealing the sky. It was easy to meet the door and block it, so that it would not escape and the four people would squeeze into a magic weapon. After the flying sword was put into use, it was found that the trap tube and the people’s question-and-answer calculation did not reduce the dust and fog. It was like a building with auspicious light and all kinds of light standing in the yellow cloud, which made the Buddhist mana more wonderful than usual. At this time, Xie Lin had been pulled by a nun to stop any more action, and the words had not been exported to Xie Lin. Seeing that the ban on bentonite had been triggered, the landscape turned from green to yellow as if it were severe. Because there was no harm and resistance across a layer of divine light, I thought, "After all, the holy nun is sitting dead, although her mana is high, It seems that it is much worse for the people who wield the left-over spells to preside over the luck. The power of this earth is still poisonous, and the golden light of Moshiwu is not much stronger. "On second thought," all the sisters see this matter very seriously, and these people are all Emei Xiuxiang, Zhou and Li, who have been through the past few days. How can this be so? Maybe the power has not yet been released, or maybe this fog is strange. At first glance, it seems strange and not very thick. How can it be dazzling, solid and clear, but it can’t be seen far at all? Not surprisingly, the first two scenes of darkness, greenness and yellowness are different, and the initial situation is quite different. It seems that the package is not very thick and dense. Is it really amazing? "
At this time, Xie Lin’s mind has been a little banned before he suddenly became alert. Such an idea is a disaster. There is an article that wants to take care of it. He still relies on the power of the divine light. He is timid. Fortunately, in recent years, he has been given a ride in Buddhism. When the mind of the banned person changes, he has scruples. He should think more and more about it. The power of forbidding the law is also growing with the other party’s discouragement. Xie Lin is a demon with high concentration and high distractions. When the reaction begins, he still holds on to think ahead, although he feels a little powerful and
The 251st flame can shelter, microwave can make waves, a lamp can make waves, and the peanut world has several evil scenes to protect the demon altar.
After all, my aunt followed the Dragon Slayer for many years. Both Buddhism and Taoism have profound attainments, and they are more cautious because of their long-standing enemies. Although they are not as thick as Xie’s sisters, they have many rare Buddhist bonds. After all, they are very experienced. Thank you, Lin is blessed with a unique talent. Before she came, she should have been careless and self-reliant, and suffered a few big risks. If the police don’t feel that she is tired of her own line, the light cloud is that she has been diligent in practicing her magic recently, and she is more cautious than the aunt. Gu had once again warned everyone to be more and more calm and dare not ignore the official red. Even if the former is still in the mountains, many elixirs have been highly awarded, but she has only got a few fashions and is in harm’s way in Xie Lin. Four people should have this difficulty, but they are only temporarily sleepy.
Light cloud, officer red all know that the mana is not good enough. Once alert, they are afraid to talk at will. Gu is a bystander. When you see it clearly, Xie Lin has repeatedly advised you not to listen. I feel strange in your heart. In recent years, Xie Lin’s special skill came in and received instructions from teachers. It’s not that I don’t know the forbidden law. How can it be so amazing? It was expected that she was inadvertently fascinated by the forbidden law, and her mood was reversed. If she really entered the illusion, she would not be defeated. What’s the frustration of inviting a good friend for thousands of miles? Thought of here, the hands are busy, and Xie Linxian doesn’t persuade her to look closely. Seeing that her face is still radiant, her eyes are still shining, and her eyebrows are slightly raised. It seems that she is confused and her heart is not deep. Although she is a little safe for a moment, she is still careless. At this time, she is in a difficult situation. She must take care of both people and the bureau, and she may be as fascinated as she is. If she is not bad, she will be harmed. Xuangong Town will seize her mind and fly a knife. The magic weapon is released together to protect the four people and the saved Yuan God. It is safer to add a layer of security in case of the negligence of the divine light, and at the same time, it is calculated to prepare the camera to give Xie Lin a blow to make him alert. When Yunyun saw that the situation was not good, he dared not speak, but he also released the flying sword and the magic weapon. Because he was not ordered to dare to move, he still guarded the side. The Yuan God saw that the ban on the five elements had caused anxiety, folded his eyes, and settled peacefully.
It was a flash in the pan, when my aunt was preparing for the mysterious work of the former Buddhist. Unexpectedly, Xie Linzheng was thinking about it, and suddenly she saw my aunt tightening her hand, light clouds and Zen light to release flying swords and magic weapons. She couldn’t help but be angry and funny when she was held by my aunt. Because of the inconvenience, she thought, "People are deeply prejudiced and may not believe it, and if they expand the light of the gods, they can try to argue about the strength of the martial arts."This kind of earthworks forbade the establishment of wonderful yellow dust on the four sides, which seemed to be illusory, and what resistance made it difficult for the divine light to expand. The four sides were stronger than the iron man and the divine light, and it was difficult to move, and it gave birth to extremely fierce pressure to squeeze the divine light into the center. When Xie Lin saw it, he couldn’t help but be shocked and realized that it was a terrible busy force to resist, and the four sides were a pale yellow scene. Suddenly, the yellow shadow flashed, and thousands of layers of yellow clouds and golden light flashed together, and the amount of dark gold was caught in the center, and the heavy rain generally hit and approached The divine light, that is, the explosion and split, is now more and more. When it arrives, it will burst, and the impact will be self-contained. The maximum size of each yellow light is amazing. Once it bursts, it will be deafening, and the number of thunderbolts will be extremely dense. The burst sparks and starlight will gradually merge into a continuous and magnificent earthquake. The sparks and starlight will cover a wide area and splash each other like a kaleidoscope. The combined stars, mountains and seas will be fierce and magnificent. Although they are separated by a layer of divine light, they will make people dizzy, tinnitus and palpitations. Xie Lin has If you have been to such a battle, if you change your skill, you will be in a panic when you are in this situation. I don’t know if you are a good mind, you can’t take care of yourself. The five elements of qi will fail first, and the five elements of qi will immediately invade people’s illusions, and they will be hopeless together. Even if all the people who come here are not taken by the devil, they will be helpless. It is lucky that they are not tied up.
At this time, the situation is in a crisis, but fortunately, Xie Linxian’s bones and roots have been robbed and cleaned up repeatedly. All of them are childlike innocence, thick roots and thick roots, and they have been raised by immortals since childhood. The method is both high and close, and they have learned from Xiao Hanshan’s diligent practice. Although they practice "Destroying the Magic Treasure", they are not pure and easy to call the devil, but they are not banned deeply. The true god has not shaken yet. It is a little confusing that the physical strength is still strong. When they see the situation, it is extremely dangerous, they stand up and I can’t help but think of being trusted thousands of miles away, not only failing to help adults, but also making my good friend tired. Hugh said that one of the people who lost his reputation should die with shame, and he struggled with the divine power of sexual destiny. Although the magical power of the earth was so strong that Yuntao was hard to resist, especially the lightning of the earth was so powerful that it hit the central government. The fierce power shocked and swayed, and the aperture was getting smaller and smaller, and the periphery was reduced by more than half. According to this situation, Fiona Fang could not support it any more.
However, Xie Lin is still not afraid and suddenly thinks, "I will never be robbed by this tragedy, and all the people who come with me are naturally blessed and blessed. Besides, the evil is good and the evil is also broken. How can this situation be so sinister? What if the whole person and his aunt are good at Xuan Gong Yuan Shen’s solidification, or what harm and how bad it is, but the flesh will not be destroyed in form and spirit? The official red bone has not learned well for a long time, but it is poor. "The mind is busy and busy, and the three people look at it carefully, and they first change into a hasty situation, and they try to cope with it without listening to good words. With a little shame, they will be frightened and lose their minds, and even complain that their eyes are not light everywhere. Magic magic weapon divine light around a circle, each with a clear mind. From the side of calm and upright, the fierce and evil potential is as straight as not being heard and invisible. The aunt released the flying sword, Tu Longdao and a magic weapon together, and the light cloud was connected into an organic whole and surrounded the body. She was driving, hiding from the light, closing her eyes, and settling down. The Taoist Yuan Shen was more transported by the blue gang, and settled down safely. Zhuang Jing and Xie Lingong were deeply aware of this situation. It suddenly occurred to me that although the resistance on all sides was too great to act at the beginning of the soil escape, the divine light could still resist the impact of oppression. At this time, the secret was complicated, and the heart was a little panicked because of his poor situation. According to this situation, he immediately increased his power and thought about it."Since the arrangement of the nun should not be so reversed early, although her own resistance is still so fierce, her aunt and others were so timid before. At this time, she should be even more frightened, but unexpectedly, she secretly guarded her appearance. Instead, she once urged herself not to underestimate her self-reliance, which led to this loss. When my father said that the nun was a first-rate figure in a side door, she was deeply rooted in rewelding. Because of her previous life, she was restless and angry, and her fellow friends bet that she wanted to try her strength and wisdom. Although she was ignorant and enlightened, she did not go to an evil end. Learning is not the Xuanmen’s authentic body. Although it has never been evil, it has planted many evils. It is a combination of Buddhism and conversion to the pure land. It is complex and has a magical power. It is not a Buddhist method. Later, it is always a step away from perfection. Two old Zen masters with bridled eyebrows gave directions and heard a few words. It suddenly dawned on them. Only then did they realize that although Buddhism put a butcher knife on the other side of the shore, it was wrong and wanted to be sanctified in the flesh. Only then did they make a vow that the Yuan God would sit for a hundred years and beg for the right method, but the demon corpse was solved. Although she could not realize it immediately, her mana was both subtle and incredible, especially the one that was better than the mind-forbidden method, and the five-escape methods were different. She had to inseminate her as a legal person. Breaking through the eternal monks and being competitive, people can be as good as she is when she talks about Buddhism and Taoism, and all factions of good and evil are not even four or five people alone. At that time, it was impossible to achieve positive results. This hundred-year death was also due to this father’s command not to be rash and self-reliant when he entered the cave. He was also quite wary when he saw things. The five-element ambush has never been added to his father, and Ye Guping’s daily admonition tone has recognized the frequent talk and mistaken demon.Most of the banned corpses in the cave have expired, and the demon corpses have suffered a big setback. So I look at things easily, and I don’t know when I was banned. Now I see that three people are so stupid when they recall the other, and even the father and the teacher should forget that they were caught in a trap and fell into danger. Fortunately, their skill is still strong on weekdays, otherwise it would be unimaginable. "
At that time, the ideological trend was like a ups and downs. Schelling was so busy that he calmed his mind that he wanted to be transported. Xuangong first restrained his mind, protected the divine light, and his body and mana would be enhanced with recovery to harm and then tried to calm his mind. As a result, although he woke up, his mind gradually recovered, but his power of prohibition also increased, especially his distractions. Although he had a deep foundation in learning, he still felt that he was barely aware of what he expected, he was not bad, and his mind was a little confused and worried, so he tried his best to calm his mind.
Xie Lin was in a hurry to designate the divine face outside the body, and now it was urgent to go astray into the magic. A line of people were in danger. Although they were not banned before the attack, they were also slack at this time. Instead, they stimulated the chaos to sink their minds and fight against the virtual life, so that they could be lively and treat their heirs calmly. Seeing that Xie Lin took a look at everyone, he followed the expression and turned to his eyes, and his face was heavy and radiant. He still designated the divine face to resist the external pressure, knowing that it was a little time. My aunt knows that this is also extremely dangerous. Although Yuan Shen is refined and pure, some people have already reached the stage of perfection in Buddhism. In case Xie Lin’s fascination has reached the point of perfection, the past cannot be broken, so that he will be alert and himself will not be involved. Nai four people are in the same boat, and even the saved Taoist Yuan Shen has become an organic whole. One of them must be fascinated and suffer. You must first fix Yuan Shen as four people, and then get rid of it. Otherwise, you can’t take care of this head. If you follow the forecast, the magic with a slight flaw will take the lead. It’s hard to protect one’s health. Even if it’s not so bad, the three people in the same school are not unconscious, and then they will fight for a magic weapon to escape from danger. It’s also a matter of asking for advice, but they are very cautious about people because of other good laws. Ask the holy mother’s silent help first and then advance and retreat very quickly
How dare you look at Xie Lin when he drinks? He looks busy, restores the latent light first, and keeps himself awake. Fang Yunhui looks forward and looks at Xie Linlai. It seems that ordinary people incubus will wake up and struggle in his heart. This move will also wake up and recover. After a flash of light, he suddenly wakes up and listens to a big drink. Suddenly, he realizes that his mind is restored to the spirit. Xie Lin’s Buddhist skill was originally high, and his power was greatly increased. However, the power of the earth is still fierce, and the divine light has returned to its previous height. That is to say, Xie Lin can’t stop growing any longer. At this time, he has already remembered that a few days before Xiao Hanshan got up, his father, teacher and Ye Gu successively showed that the machine was appropriate and not suitable, and the five elements were calm and peaceful, and the five elements were combined and changed. After the operation, they had to start the magic to stop the palace, and there was hope of getting out of it. They could barely avoid being more impetuous. Because of the illusion caused by mental restraint and loss, they lost the game because of danger, vigilance and fortunately, omissions, but E power could be restored to its original height, so they could no longer
Seeing that her spiritual wisdom has been restored and she knows that she has been harmed, she has been instructed by the law when the teacher respected the mountain to have characteristics. The future has long been predetermined. Although the ban is extremely high, it is necessary to be able to solve the problem at that time, and it is not a first-class evil spirit. However, it is not difficult for her to get rid of the ban. Xie Lin’s mana should not be banned. Maybe it was a little arrogant and self-reliant. Although it is still careless, the mind material will not be banned again. It will be much less to resist the five dangers. I can’t help but feel relieved and put my courage on the defensive. In case there is still negligence, I have not told everyone that it is necessary to regenerate Geng Jin or Biegong Miao. As soon as the yellow light flashes, the four-limit Yun Tao suddenly disappears, followed by fenglei and miscellaneous Jin Ge. The sword and arrow are sharp in front of them. First, the golden light and the silver light are shining in layers. If it is like a crazy wave, it will flood in all directions. The divine light will be slightly loose and stressed. It is still able to support it. Unlike the previous experience, even Xie Lin has been careful to resist the original state without seeking success. It seems that this stalemate is not much. After a while, thousands of gold brothers suddenly appear in the gold and silver light. Knives and swords shine like frost and snow, and they fly towards the divine light. The tighter and denser they are, the more numerous arrows and crossbows, and the smaller the projectiles are, like rainstorms and waterfalls, which strike each other in front of them, and the thousands of stars flash in the light of gold and silver. Thunder and fire and rain are dazzling, and it is hard to stare at the symphony of gold and iron for a while, and the complicated sound is merged into an extremely violent explosion, which is more shocking and dazzling than before.
The four of them finally calmed down and listened to nature like this. When they got half a cup of tea, the two lights of gold and silver flashed two times. Before that, the cloud of yellow earth appeared again, and it was even more fierce. Unexpectedly, the two miles were only mixed and disappeared. When they were surrounded by dark clouds, they didn’t feel how bad they were at first sight. Suddenly, a large piece of Xuanyun rose and heard the tsunami from far and near. Seeing a line of white light around the cloud, it became a great circle, flying far away and dazzling, and Yintao made a loud noise. Like Taishan coping, it hit the side of the gods There are several huge crystal pillars protruding from the smooth surface, and the flying spring suddenly spurts straight in. As soon as it comes near, it suddenly blows up, even the huge earthquake bursts, but it doesn’t dissipate. The gray brilliance with the size of tens of millions of balls has hit the outside of the light, and it has its own impact. The second crack is heavy, and the hail rain usually hits the hardest. Those that are scattered by the water column burst, but there is a gap, and the impact immediately increases. Once it hits, it splits again. It is still so fierce and fierce. Compared with the bentonite, Geng Jin added some victories. Xie Lin didn’t prevent it from being so powerful that even the divine light was stepped up by the impulsive party. Unexpectedly, there were several water columns in the wild waves of the vulva. The scene was as powerful as it was. Although the divine light was almost unbearable, the violent shock was almost unbearable
Why did the aunt ask about the taste of Gui Shui Shen Lei because of Ying Qiong’s double-fighting demon corpse in the north cave layer before the light cloud? The gesture of light cloud is much worse than before. My aunt thought to herself, "I can’t believe that the power of Five Duns is getting stronger and stronger. After running in sequence, the five elements will be combined. If you don’t stop the official red as expected, although you are familiar with the martial arts, your strength is still shallow. It is commendable that the large array is calm as usual, but it is hard to know whether you can win this big battle when it comes to the emergency and whether you are in the middle of it for a long time. In fact, people think that the time is very long. Although teachers show that the opportunity is fleeting.
My aunt’s mind is busy telling the official that the general should pay attention to it. It is possible to worry about five things, and it seems that one should go through the wood and live in the fourth wood. The five elements are not equal, and now they may produce other resistance. If you don’t control it, you will be afraid that the wood will make a fire. If you can’t control it, the five elements will be too powerful. If you lose your head, it will do great harm. It’s best to finish the fire. Whether it is feasible to try it now depends on your own gestures.
At this time, the mysterious fog suddenly conjured up Huang Yun and Geng Jin’s two-color strange light, and even flashed and then disappeared. Four people didn’t know that this was the five elements’ combined transport. Every time a line was born, it would add great power. However, it has been shown that the five elements have to appear together, but at this time, it is not obvious that it is more and more Hui Gao’s eyes are not visible. It seems that when the five elements are ready to run together, it will be impossible to control it. In fact, it is not necessary for wood to be made of wood, but it is not necessary for wood to be made of wood It’s a good thing to make a mistake and miss the opportunity crisis. It’s a common sense of Taoism to infer that it should be a phenomenon. Fortunately, the aunt warned the official red to be a little wary, otherwise, although it will not destroy the Yuan God, it will be seriously suspected.
Among these five elements, the first one is soft, and then the second one is fierce, like a small wind, and the branches are swaying at the beginning, and the leaves are swaying, and the Xu Shu is soaring far away. All of a sudden, the trees are rustling, the wind is blowing, the rocks are flying, the sand is dancing, and the waves are ringing, and the roar is even more mixed with a kind of extremely sharp and piercing, very harsh and shocking natural palpitations, which are getting worse and worse, like a tsunami, landslides, the earth’s axis turning over and millions of drums roaring together. If the universe is going to collapse, The scene in front of evil is ten times worse than before. Since the wind and trees are together, there is not much difference between the blue clouds and the first time. Many of them are quiet and moving slightly differently. The four-in-one Lv Yun is like a wave, and at first glance, the situation is still not very fierce. The evil tsunami immediately accompanied Jiasheng and gradually turned green in Lv Yun, and the power of the light became more and more powerful. Everyone felt that there was a great potential outside the divine light to oppress and rotate without this change, which increased a lot of pressure. At this time, although Xie Lin was wise and early. Once again, I felt that the situation was critical, and I didn’t dare to relax. If I didn’t make great progress, I would retreat. That’s not to say, it was followed by the green clouds flashing and roaring, and suddenly millions of blue pillars of different sizes came from all over the world. This blue pillar was different from the previous earth, gold and water, and it didn’t explode and split in the future. First, it was like a wild wave, and the back waves urged the front surge and burst, and the first floor came to the crowd to eat the protective light, and then it stood upright and pressed forward.It’s full of pressure, and I can’t see the end except that the heavens and the earth are filled with blue plungers and the tsunami suddenly stops. These millions of blue columns of different sizes rotate and squeeze each other, and they rush into eating the divine light blindly, and the more they are angry, the more they rotate and rub, the more they emit a kind of extremely dense anger, which is sharper than the different roar in the early wind, and the pressure has naturally increased by many times.
Although the four people saw that the five-dun ban changed once, they added a lot of power, but they didn’t expect that the ban on Ebony was so fierce and evil, and they didn’t know that it had changed from layer to layer. In the fourth house, it was necessary to make a fire with thousands of trees for a while, and the crisis of the five elements was imminent. Before the light cloud, they had seen that this time, they were completely different, especially the strange and the aunt were relatively surprised. Xie Lin felt that the power of Ebony was far better than the previous one, and his own capacity to resist it would be dwarfed. He knew that this time was different and tried If it is pressed, the divine light will be bound to be tightened even if it is not broken. Fortunately, it is already difficult to support the sacred light of Yimu at this time, and its power is still growing. Is it so sinister that it can reach the end? I thought about it again and again, except that I violated Master’s commandment not to destroy the scenery in the cave wall, and I made a big risk. I still fled through the ground and my hands were still in a hurry. It was even more difficult to escape when I was forced. At that time, the situation was urgent and I was waiting for it. I thought about it, and the pressure on millions of green columns that were transformed by the four-sided B-wood divine light increased because of friction and rolling. At the same time, every column had smoke billowed up and gradually shot a silk or two of blue Mars. Although the red road force was shallow, it was forbidden to give high advice to all the saints I am eager to help you, and I have been working hard for days. I have been extremely poor, and I have seen that the situation is not good one after another. I have long seen that the younger generation who have not learned have trusted me. I have a profound moral strength and dare not make a mistake without orders. I feel worried and suspicious, so I secretly step up my vigilance and wait for silence.
Although my aunt misunderstood the teacher’s instructions and didn’t realize that this was the five elements’ harmonious movement, after all, she had learned a lot over the years, and she had seen the official red exercise on weekdays. Mu Dun had tried to learn and was not ashamed to ask. Although she was diligent in attending classes and planning to save her friends from evil, she received a good friend and went back and forth to Xiaohanshan to study in her spare time. She also knew that a green column of tobacco suddenly touched the inspiration together, and she suddenly realized that Mu’s life was full of fire, and the five elements were all ready for natural harmonious movement. She also saw that Schelling was so powerful and weak. How It’s not good to move one’s mind. It’s not good to give orders to the life officer. When the red is not waiting for C to cremate, he suddenly sees the rescuer Yuan Shenzhong open his eyes again and face Xie Lin’s hands and scream, "Don’t move!" At the same time, I caught a glimpse of Xie Lin’s face suddenly turning, his eyebrows sinking, his hands pinching his spirit, and the tactic would move. I saw at a glance that it was the tactic of Zhu Tianyin, said by my teacher, the Dragon Slayer. I knew that Xie Lin was competitive and not durable. Seeing that the situation was critical, I wanted to kill and display the magical power of a saint who had been gossiping a few days ago. It was strictly forbidden to escape if anything happened. Fortunately, I could escape if I was not injured, but I would also destroy the fairy house. Xie Lin had verbally dissuaded me from coming and rushed to the past unexpectedly. Take a long view. "Passing 18-wheeler, this time, my aunt waved her hand and watched her mind and started to breathe continuously. At the same time, the official red is gaining momentum, and it is extremely fast. My aunt’s vigilance is a little late. Although it is less than a blink of an eye, the millions of green pillars have been flying like a knife. Fortunately, the wood cremation has continued to pay attention to the fire. Mars is still blue, and the official red is ready to start at a rapid speed. Otherwise, it will be half a second late. The green pillars will be blasted out of Mars immediately. A sea of fire, followed by the five elements of E-soil, Geng-Jin and C-water, will also emerge from the shadows, together with the five elements of E-wood and C-fire, giving off incredible power. One or four people will never be able to support it for a long time, and the magic weapon and flying sword will lose their spiritual efficacy and fall into the trap of those five elements one after another according to the depth of each humanitarian force. It is doubtful that they will be hurt if they die. Now, although this misfortune has been avoided, four people are still trapped in the magic lamp of C-fire.
Yi Gu, Xie Lin and Guan Hong were originally working together to launch the magic weapon that people in the light can display. Spells are sent to the outside at will to discuss the harm of the magic weapon of the characters. Unless the legal person loses the main control, it will never be possible to invade one step. Xie Lin will stimulate his spirit for a while. In addition, he will be unstable in his mind, and he will catch a glimpse of the blue smoke and light sparks outside the divine light. The official red has also launched his hands to fly to the divine light, and the blue sky seems to spread out. It is also divided into four directions and six directions, facing the tens of millions of blue pillars from the outside and covering them from the outside. Only when he touches Xie Lin, will he feel the light and the resistance is light, and he will be I want to praise Guan Gong for a few words, but I haven’t yet exported them. See the blue column sparks surge up and eat the green clouds. Even after a few conflicts, I never gained power. Suddenly, I lost a cloud of green air in the East and ate the green clouds. At the same time, all kinds of smoke and light in the four places suddenly exploded and were wrapped up, but I didn’t feel how much pressure came.
Like this, the smoke went out several times and turned into a green light. Suddenly, the sky was shocked by the sky. The new changes showed that a little bit of Mars protruded in the green light, and then it blew itself up. It was already a piece of crimson light, and some scenery was faintly revealed in the four places. A green gas was coming out from the light obliquely, and both the aunt and the light cloud were "yi". When you look at it together, you can see that the divine light outside has been wrapped in a silver flame, and there is a layer of red light outside, which has been restored to its original state.
Everyone is smart, eye-catching, fairy root and fairy bone are different. Although the ordinary body is trapped because the mana is not equal to the soul, and the five elements of the palace are not banned, the battle has been stopped by the official red. The change of the sky has been made up by the convergence of the earth, gold and wood, and the power of the fire has increased. The power of the fire has decreased, and the power of the palace is much worse. Everyone can see the truth and falsehood when they look at it. Take the scenery they saw before and think about it. First, Xie Lin wants to inform everyone about the size of the place where they were born. Light cloud has been alert for a long time, and then look at each other inside and outside. It turns out that the four people have fallen into a fire escape method, and even the people and the divine light are suddenly and violently trapped in front of the temple. The silver light surrounded by it is a strange lamp flame. The flame head of the lamp is not too narrow, such as not calming the gods and thinking about transporting Xuangong. Observing it calmly, I still can’t see the real scene and the scene outside the fire, and the scene outside the fire has blurred and disappeared. The divine light has become a virtual scene. It seems to be as tall as before and trapped in a flame.
Aunt, Xie Lin’s first physical experience is amazing and incredible. Everyone knows that the scene is a little negligent at this time, and it is most likely to be possessed. The official red is especially important. The Bank of China law prohibits the transportation of the fire. It is also the reason why the fire in Mu Yi is booming and the devil is now invading extremely fiercely. If the concentration is slightly poor, the devil’s mind is slightly shaken, and the other wood is not controlled by the five elements. The luck is still weak and the law helps her. Take a careful look at the official red and sit down in the light. It is a brilliant and lively instrument. Ying Lang’s mind is single-minded and unexpected. When it is difficult to start, there are two or three strands of tobacco flames in the branches of the wooden palace. There are conflicts in the green clouds. I can’t believe that this moment has been made. Everything is different except that it is still pale and moist, and it seems to be folded from the tree head. The green clouds are extraordinarily fresh and clear, as if the essence is much better than that of the previous one. I didn’t think that she was so diligent and had such a high concentration at an early age. She secretly praised it.
Mid-week light cloud is a n experienced person who has seen others banned. After a close look at the scene, I felt a lot of visions. Seeing the aunt and Xie Lin, Xuangong silently sat on standby and saw that the official red mistake had to be like this. For fear of dividing the official red mind and not daring to speak, he said to the two humanity."My sister’s past experiences and experiences are a drop in the ocean, and it is difficult to resist how high the mana is, and it is also difficult to hold on to the Wei couple for a long time. It is easy for sister Shi to save Yan Er’s younger brother from throwing water into this cave a few days ago. When Joan and I saw her mana, I had to be taught by Yi Bo’s parents to know the details, but I was still afraid. I said that there were strange dangers at any time, and it was difficult to deal with them. After I didn’t dare to be a little careless, I realized that the general plan was still as close as the grave. She looks very carefully at her shoes. She usually looks very different on her own. It is very powerful. This is a central point. The forbidden method is even more severe. However, I was afraid that I would lose control of my mind first, and then I saw that the situation was not very strict. After careful examination, it seemed that the three of us were trapped at first, and we still felt that the location in the sea was blurred. Since Qingxia condensed, it became more and more crystal clear, so this different-looking sister misjudged that the holy nun was a magical edge, but she hated the demon corpse and counted it as evil. It was too easy for the younger generation to learn and not to watch While displaying magical powers, we left this wooden wood to prevent the five elements from moving together and breaking her dharma. However, we got a nun, and the younger generation is not an outsider. We can resist the extremely difficult situation with one hand, and we can do things according to this situation. Even if we are trapped in the fire palace, our minds must contain different opinions. We must make great efforts to calm down our minds, so we can’t relax our distractions. For more information, please look at my sister’s previous exploration. What are the warning signs? It seems that you don’t have to take this leisure time to concentrate on understanding and explain in detail that we are left here. Does the holy mother have a heart? Is there a way to get rid of demons and treasure?Be on guard at all times, don’t be careless, and don’t get away. If you don’t grasp the opportunity, you will never move. "
When they heard the words, they woke up, the more they thought about the light cloud, the more they felt reasonable. A test of the fruit was a sign. Xie Lin was trapped because he was afraid of danger. His good friend didn’t dare to take risks again. He saw things again, and his activities were dark. "My sister in Qianshan often said that I was eager to win, and I didn’t know how to get rid of evil spirits. I didn’t know how to turn greed into anger, but I would be able to win in the future." If you meet a leader in the magic religion or a rival who is not evil, you will never know whether you will win or lose, especially if your work is not pure. At that time, a slight negligence will protect you from being countered by others. I didn’t know that I was frustrated at the first shot, although it was difficult to get rid of the wonderful nun first. It seems that the situation is fierce. Try again? " I didn’t know that I had just done it in the dark, but suddenly there were five colors of strange light, wind and thunder, and the pressure on the outside was as heavy as mountains. It was hard to resist the divine light. Only then did I know that it was not good. I didn’t strive to stop quickly and regain my mind. Because I didn’t plan to do it, I almost gave birth to chaos. I was ashamed to look at three people, such as Gu, who were planning to come up with a good idea when I was young, and Gu said a second attempt to get out. Suddenly, I heard that men and women were laughing and cursing from far and near It is believed that the enemy has come to watch the actual situation and meditate. It is already late at night. Yi Jingying is out of trouble. Perhaps it is a holy nun who left a line here and waited for Yi Jing, Li and Xie to come together to eliminate the demon. I didn’t know that I was busy paying attention to each other, so I was in a coma and watched the demon corpse and the various demon parties, but I was worried that the green Xia method of red was hidden by the demon corpse and it would be difficult to prevent it from invading the monster.
I was thinking that the demon corpse had joined the poisonous Moshi and seven other demon parties, and they had approached the palace gate and stopped to listen to the poisonous Moshi’s tone. He was so arrogant that he wanted to lead the people to go deep into the bedroom. He said, "The old thief is cunning and sinister, but we have to worry about your help, but after all, your Taoist friends’ mana is still as bad as expected, and people should be careful to deal with it." Then he said, he immediately applied a smoke and flashed outside, and there was another compliment. Fiona Fang’s platform was the door, and the demon corpse stood at the poisonous Moshi. After Taiwan went to Taiwan, Moshe followed him to set up the demon body and pulled it up. The main banner was grinning proudly. When he came to the Seven Demons Party, his expression was already inconsistent. He barely saw two ubers in Taiwan. While he was walking, he kept flattering Moshe. His intimacy was unbearable. Everyone seemed to be jealous. The demon body was all unhappy. At this time, it was more and more enchanting. It was not appropriate to see everyone unhappy and look back from time to time.
When everyone looked at the five elements of the ritual in front of the temple, there was an extra pot of the ritual demon resin in the second middle school. It was forbidden to destroy the five elements of the ritual demon resin. Suddenly, the waist was slightly twisted and leaned against the chest of the poisonous Moshe, and a pair of fingers were squinting at his comrades. He said that there was a red-faced and long-body demon in the demon party, and immediately he was furious and drank a "Yu Niang …" The bottom words were not exported. Moshe pulled out of a canopy of Wujin Guanghua with a strange smile and lifted it forward.
The diabolical way was already somewhat awakened before the future, knowing that it had been fooled by the plot of the demon corpse, knowing that the second Uber had been hijacked, and did not want to offend the demon corpse openly, but secretly and frequently practiced evil charm. It was still not dead, and it was a matter of hate, love, doubt and fear that both ends of the first mouse would stop. I thought, "Let’s just act with the camera anyway, don’t be careful, don’t be perfunctory until the matter is over, but don’t care too much about it." It’s a big deal to choose five people. She can’t help but be jealous and jealous when she sacrifices. She knows that the poisonous Moshe has been bewitched by the demon corpse. This gentleman’s temperament is not the same as that of the demon corpse. It’s also a fool’s effect. He wants to drink the demon corpse’s plot and the poisonous plan. If he can realize it, he will not stop. Therefore, it’s a pleasure to turn against each other. Otherwise, when you get away from it, it is forbidden to launch people to kill the demon road. The mana is also quite weak. Here comes the 90-year-old man who is more alert. First, he was confused by the demon corpse and drowned too deeply. Once he woke up, he made plans to guard against the second Uber. At this time, he talked widely and secretly prepared to escape.
However, the second Uber has already agreed that the demon corpse should be shown to be single-minded, so it is necessary to ruin all the people who come together and kill one or two people to bully first. Therefore, the demon road has only opened its mouth, and the golden light is as fast as a button. In the busy schedule of the demon road, I saw that the poisonous Moshi suddenly turned his face and just flew up two feet, so he ate the demon light and was trapped in the suspension. Fortunately, people took the lead, while exercising evil methods to defend themselves, they cursed the poisonous Moshi and grinned slightly. Then they ignored it and waved their hands, and the room was full of black goldYu Niang was trapped here and didn’t look for you, but you pigs and dogs threw themselves into the right person. I have said in public that Yu Niang is a beautiful fairy and can’t forbid people to love her, but she can’t be two places at once. Although she falls in love with me, you pigs and dogs who don’t know how to live or die must not be brave and occupy you. You haven’t left the tunnel yet. The treasure has not been taken out yet. Today, the winner has a five-escape method. If the official breaks it, he can go straight to get the treasure. I can take it at will, but if I get it first, I will take it without this agreement. No matter who breaks the five-escape method and destroys the corpse, I will be able to break the palace and go straight to the treasure wall to take out the treasure and the road. I am willing to give up Yu Niang to destroy the corpse and clean up the mess. I will also make a contribution to arrange the successful person’s gift by Yu Niang according to the expected method. If it is difficult to push back, I will not retreat Don’t blame my husband and wife for being vicious, you stupid pig and dog. When you are a governor, you want to swallow a swan’s meat. You beg for mercy from Yu Niang, but you want to escape when you get cold feet. Now that you know that pustules should get out of here as soon as possible, you want to be happy, but you won’t work hard to contribute. There is no such cheap thing as a pig and dog like you. My husband and wife can’t die because of breaking the law. My husband and wife can only borrow your true soul to do things. You deserve to be reincarnated and vote for the Lord afterwards. You are timid and betray you What’s more, take your example and tell other pigs and dogs to see what will happen to them. It’s still tiring for my husband and wife to destroy themselves. "Say, put your hand on two fingers and the demon light will flash up and spin endlessly."
Although the demon road first realized that the demon light was powerful, it relied on the change of Xuangong and had spells. The magic weapon can still resist the thought of giving up the body, burning in anger, cursing, cursing and cursing. At this time, it is just one thousand times that people and magic weapons are brought together to ruin the change. Unexpectedly, the demon light has such fierce and evil power. Only when it turns, the protective treasures fail, the demon light flashes two times, and it bursts one after another. Wujin Yun Guangzhong sprinkles a shower of stars and colorful rain, and the demon body is wiped out. Although Xuangong changes, Yun Yuan Shen has never died, and his body has been burned by fire, and ten thousand arrows have been saved, and the pain is more than death Cruel and forbidding, and when I was young, I had to be physically and mentally destroyed. I couldn’t help but feel scared, palpitations and arrogance. I cried out, "Yu Niang, I came all the way from overseas Wan Li, and you worked hard to serve him. I was so stupid that I was so miserable. I know that your husband and wife will bully me and don’t want to live. I beg you to read my penance for hundreds of years. It’s not easy to show you, but before I die, there is always a little incense. Allow me to be relieved. I would like to live my soul. You only hope to keep
When the demon corpse heard this, she smiled from her back. "Do you miss me? Do you plead with your husband to let you go?" Speaking of the last two sentences, the demon said that the demon light made him shudder and scream, and the pain has reached the extreme. I caught a glimpse of the demon corpse’s words, and I felt that I had a vitality. I resisted Chu poison and trembled, and replied intermittently, "I know that I dare not survive and beg for mercy, and my true soul is good. You are effective in breaking the law to get treasure." Before I finished, the demon corpse immediately changed his face and made a complete change. He shouted, "Damn pigs and dogs dream of your mother! I was born with someone I didn’t love. How many times did anyone dare to betray me halfway? Just like this, you’ll die a hundred times, and it’s hard to get rid of my hatred. This is just my husband’s impatience. Tonight, he’s busy taking treasure for revenge. This luxury is cheap. You’ll only suffer a little less from living. If I treat you sexually, I’ll make you suffer a hundred times before I will destroy you. Dare you ask me for mercy? Where’s the courage? These pustules have no bones. I really regret getting to know a pig and a dog like you before. You should accept your own fate quickly, shut up your dog’s mouth, vomit and wait for death. If you talk too much or force yourself to support me, it will make you feel better not only if you want to provoke me, but also if you have to suffer more for no reason, you will regret it. "
"We should finish our business early so that we can go back to the mountain with me and enjoy ourselves. How can there be much gossip?" As you say, when you rub your hands into a finger of demon light, you immediately strengthen the fire. Generally, the demon road bursts up. You can’t hear the evil spirit. It’s hard to come back to life. You are so angry and bitter. You gnash your teeth and struggle to swear, "You two demons and ghosts should be happy. I am guilty of evil, but you are so evil …" The bottom words have not been exported. The demon light poisoning fire and thunder have exploded. The demon road has been shattered and the demon road has been shattered. It has yet to fly away and eat the demon light.
The demon corpse regained its enchanting posture with a smirk on her face and a smile on her lips. She said to all the demons in Taiwan, "It’s quite strange that I didn’t know how much to achieve this result. At this time, I think that the poisonous Taoist friend has treated you too much. If you can’t help me, the poisonous Taoist friend loves me too much, and his straightforwardness has angered him. He has ruined many years of work and even destroyed his soul. There is another layer. Although we are affectionate and righteous, he has always said what he wants to do. No matter who gets the treasure, you are like two minds. Although the Demon Party is a famous figure in the cult, it is much worse than the poisonous Moshe. The demon is so vicious and vicious, and its predecessors’ death is terrible and violent. It has long been shocking. Before and after, it was fortunate to know that the demon corpse deliberately violated the rules and made a dead end, but he was willing to sacrifice, or he could still make a good choice in death. Although he thought that he dared to say no, he was frightened and worried. How can we go back on our word first? " Another replied, "How can Yu Niang get cold feet when he plays for death without complaining?"
When the demon corpse heard the news, he made a smile at the two demon parties, and Moshe was jealous. He saw the demon corpse all over again with a smiling face. It happened that there were three demon people who were originally disciples, two of whom were proud of the demon disciples, and they had two magic weapons to escape. In the future, they had to look forward to seeing the difficulties before they died. I still hoped that the demon corpse would be reluctant to see this situation, but they were timid but not very willing to elaborate for the time being. Machine to escape while wanting to be less decent and unwilling to show too much fear, so the three of them agreed to answer, "Yu Niang really did a lot of hard work to help you out, offering sacrifices and refining magic weapons, and also injured two fellow disciples. First, I listened to a master’s words, but I didn’t know much about it. At this time, I saw that his magic power was really high, and my master and I knew that people were not as good as others. Even with years of hard work, I would never dare to take credit for Yu Niang’s wild thoughts."
The Third Demon Party originally intended to be famous in the Left Road, but it was so humiliated by the Second Demon that it was forced to see people in the future. Therefore, when you show your generosity and hope, you flatter him with a few words to make him less hostile, and then you will wait for a gap to escape. Except for the slightly different titles, the three of them have almost the same tone. I don’t know that the demon corpse is conceited and unique in ancient and modern times, which can reverse what the immortal wants. The people who hate her the most are indifferent to her, especially when it was her life and death. Although her heart was strong and her heart was afraid, there was an old lover who suddenly woke up and jumped out of the net to die and die. She was no longer confused by her, and then she destroyed the original body of the precious corpse to Eye betrayal reminds me of the ancient nun’s jade die law, which once said, "All those who betray their relatives and leave evil charms should be counted out." Since those who broke the precepts in the past years were driven away, all the people who made friends with evil factions wanted her to be confused, but they all died with loyalty and wisdom, and they were even more aware of their lust. She refused to go back on her word. At this time, she didn’t blame herself for being too lewd, but she blamed how this happened one after another today. The suspicion that the legacy of the holy mother will come true is ominous, and the doubt is palpitation. Suddenly listening to the three people is another such statement, which is even more touching. The taboo is gloomy, a sneer is suddenly turned to anger, and it is about to turn around.
The three demon party members are extremely alert and cunning, talking and laughing. They have already paid attention to stealing when talking. Moshe, a poisonous man, is staring at the two demon parties on the right. They seem to be about to attack and resist their angry eyes. At the same time, they see that the look of the demon corpse has suddenly changed, which is even more ugly than the previous vicious demon road. I suddenly remembered that I had heard the demon corpse curse and rescued my old lover. Why didn’t I pay attention to trying to please Moshe, and forgot the taboo? Knowing that she is sympathetic to snakes and scorpions is bound to be up to no good, because it is much higher to estimate her mana than to die first. The magic weapon refined is especially wonderful, which can replace the dark feeling. "At this time, it is fortunate to advance and retreat. When I first arrived, I still feel that the new magic weapon can be broken. I didn’t know that it was difficult to break the ban on the outer hole a few days ago. It is difficult to break the situation. There are five elements in the main palace, but it seems that it is possible to be tempted by two ubers, forcing the demon corpse to break the ban law, so my heart is full of preparation After the situation changed, the demon corpse was so vicious that it was so cautious to look at the door again. The light and thunder were faint, and it was very dangerous. If the door was good, the fruit would die. The Yuan God could be guaranteed, and it would be the demon corpse who lied to others about the evil law, and it would be destroyed in form and spirit. Fortunately, the success of the demon corpse will also make these Taoist priests and gods ban copper and assimilate the demon complications. They are often tempered and miserable. If they are to be believed, she will not be able to go in anyway, and she will not be destroyed by the evil spirits and enemies. Isn’t it unfair that dogs and men are happy and happy? It’s hard to change a destiny. Damn it, you can’t live to think that it’s a daily evil that deserves it. It’s much worse to ban a nun than a dog and a woman’s black magic. It’s better to take a chance outside if you are ruined by an enemy. There are still a few threads that can escape quickly, and most of you can get rid of it. "Thought a turn in a demon corpse around the line will be sent to send people to wink at each other quietly at the same time to launch the highest mana, draw the road and raise your hand to send out two green and cloudy fireballs, one straight at the demon corpse and one straight at the demon light, which will explode as soon as it is present.
The demon corpse and the poisonous Moshi suddenly did not prevent the demon light from being washed away in a big hole. The poisonous Moshi seven evil spirits were mysterious on cloudy days. Luo’s mind was faster than that of one who despised the evil spirits and had killed them as an example. When he was trying to resist, he was jealous again. When he was thinking about less, he did not pay attention to the other two rivals’ minds. These three demon parties were all experts in the East and the West, and both of them were able to send out two big yin thunder while using evil methods to urge the flesh to break through the demon light and escape. On the one hand, the change of Xuangong transported the Yuan God to the Dharma and Taiwan in vitro and flew invisibly to escape the potential.
Demon corpse’s straight line method caught a glimpse of Yin Lei’s beating, because it’s the same demon light. I hate the three demon party’s language. I want to arrange it properly. First, I will force these three knives into ambush. Even if the ban is broken successfully, I will make the magic weapon of Yuan Shen, which has suffered a lot, increase its power and eliminate evil spirits. I never dreamed that the fish in the net would actually bite the other side’s Yin Lei, which has been trained hard for many years to break the hole. Geng Jin banned the moon spirit, the moon spirit, the true essence and the poor amount of Yin, the ghost Shenggu Geng Jin’s ban is effective against the enemy, but it is very powerful. It is conceivable that the demon corpse has yet to be broken. This thunder can’t help but endure a hundred years of hard work. It is very alert and the physical body has been destroyed. It is the Yuan God Xuangong’s change. The crisis has been quickly fled to one side to avoid the front. Although it has not been hit hard, the yin thunder is fierce and there is no demon light and fire barrier. Once it explodes, the demon corpse’s evil methods are widely distributed. The five-line ban method is specially designed to deal with the door. In total, it is only a few feet in Outside, the demon light and fire are full of the seven evil spirits on cloudy days. It is not an ordinary evil method. The demon corpse is as difficult to pass as preparing or predicting the poisonous Moshi beforehand. At the same time, the two big shock fireworks burst as dense as the star rain. Don’t say that the demon corpse method escaped from the extreme urgency, and even the poisonous Moshi was injured. In comparison, it is still a demon corpse. Although it is fierce and poisonous, it is not like the poisonous Moshi being violent and rude. It is also that the Yuan God is not easy to get hurt. When he avoids it, he will condense the Yuan God and display the mysterious skill.When the armpit is very different and so close to the side, I get a glimpse of the heart’s injury. It’s still exploding. He doesn’t know that the demon corpse is mean and cunning. Although it’s not heavy, it’s tricky. I can’t help but be in a hurry and make a fuss
According to Moshe, Xuangong opened his mouth and sprayed a dark green demon light to protect himself; While I was busy rushing to the demon corpse, a piece of demon light covered the demon corpse. When I was near the demon corpse, I wanted to ask her if she was injured. Then I suddenly remembered that my enemy was fleeing on the road of Yin Lei, and I became more angry and anxious. Although I was flying fast and furious, there were still many obstacles in front of the cave, and I was so angry that I couldn’t catch the enemy and chew it into pieces, so I couldn’t swallow it to get rid of the evil spirit in my chest. So I put the demon corpse in a busy hand, and it soared like a raging wave, and it was as fast as lightning. It’s only a blink of an eye in all, but the enemy is also an expert. At this slight panic, the shadow thunder on the left side has sent out a thunderbolt like a string of beads, and it is about to rush out of the optical network, and the demon light and fire are trapped in the encirclement.
According to Moshe, it is concluded that while the enemy is plotting against him, he will fly invisibly, and he will follow the thunder and curse "Knowing evil animals!" If you are invisible, you can’t escape from my eyes. "Say it’s waiting for the law to make people escape when they are captured in the sky. It’s like trying hard to live in the dead. If you want to be trapped by demon light and evil fire, Yin Lei’s skill will be poor and you will know that your enemy will be worse than your predecessor’s death. The invisibility method has been broken by the demon’s light and then hidden, so it just showed its true colors, and suddenly the thunder blew itself up. It was very boring. Lei Zhen was crushed and three people were killed at the same time. He shouted "Stop it quickly!" According to Moshiqiu, I deeply thought that the Yuan God still had a big demon light flashing for two times. Hugh said that there was no trace of flesh and blood even robbing the gray shadow. Although his demon party was also injured, fortunately, it escaped from people’s hearts and harmed Yin Lei. When I saw it, I sent it to the second Uber. Although I didn’t dare to accompany the move, I was busy with the protection of the law. I suffered a little accidental injury, which was very slight. When I saw it, I looked at each other with horror. I couldn’t do it.
According to Moshe Yu Nu, the figurehead is trying to intimidate the demon corpse. Suddenly, he flew close to me as if he were angry and happy. "Why don’t you listen to me?" Kill these three stupid things and you’ll get over it? " According to Moshe, he put his arm around the demon corpse and asked, "These pigs and dogs are really deceitful. Fortunately, you are not hurt. It’s a pity that they are afraid of being captured and suffering. Since Yin Lei killed them, they didn’t give him more bitterness. If you say that you are hurt, you will touch your finger or say a wrong word. A few pigs and dogs will die first." It’s hard for you to have such high mana to act against the enemy, so reckless and careless. It takes five powerful gods to evade the prohibition. It’s hopeful that I can ambush and exert my mana at the same time. How can you forget? I have destroyed their Yuan God a long time ago. Even if I can do as I wish when I was young, I will work hard. Besides, these three pigs and dogs are really hateful. It is not enough to eliminate them. My husband and wife hate to avenge their assassination. It can be said that it is not necessary for me to observe them coldly according to their suicide scenes. " According to the evil spirit, Moshi is like a fire. I can’t help but sneer at the meaning of the demon corpse. "I hate these three pigs and dogs very much, but I didn’t expect them to lay down their lives for revenge. It’s true that my hands are in a hurry, but you mean that the enemy has escaped, but it’s not easy for me to escape from the seven evil spirits on a cloudy day. And this treasure is telepathic, so I don’t think it’s an enemy’s original body. What’s wrong? I’m not at ease when I’m banned by the five elements. It’s because you’re timid and insist on advising me to be cautious and beg for everything. There’s no need for people to worry less about you and try less first. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll be insured by myself. What do you want to say? "
When the demon corpse saw him angry, it changed to smiles and replied, "You are still arguing with me. I also think that it is an enemy’s flesh. However, the enemy has great merits. When people are in a hurry, they are also monks. When they know that the Yuan God is destroyed, they will be arrested and they will hope to survive for a while. Their own destruction is both unreasonable and quick. That fellow is really different. As soon as it is launched, it will shock you into a hole, and then it will almost be rushed out. Later, it will not be impossible to resist the potential of Yin Lei. I haven’t seen how to force the conflict yet, but I’ve stood up and made a stand against the thunder and blew myself up, and my body cracked with the destruction of the divine light. Hugh said that Yuan Shen never saw even a wisp of smoke and gas, and they showed great reason. You didn’t feel proud at all, so you neglected to be concealed by them. It’s hard for them to know each other. It’s better to hide Yuan Shen from the side first, or it’s better to escape when we’re done. Otherwise, we’ll take advantage of the gap to avoid our revenge and eat them secretly. Isn’t it more irritating and
According to Moshe, when he heard the words, he was awakened by the demon corpse, and he couldn’t help jumping. "You’re right, I was negligent, but I didn’t have a warning sign to break through this optical network. Even if they escaped skillfully, I could chase me and tighten the optical network to see how far they had fled. If they don’t show up, they will be chased back to refine their lives and souls, so that they can get rid of this evil spirit." "You are impatient, aren’t you?" It’s good and bad for you to act like this, and others are also injured. Can you escape my husband and wife with these three stupid things? I was slightly injured when they attacked me, but I thought that they had betrayed me and fled, and they were distracted and conspired to hurt people. I have long prevented them from cleverly making that East-West trick, just as I have all the tools ready to deploy and calculate my enemies. At that time, I didn’t ask if I was busy transporting Xuangong first to defend the surface of Yin Lei, so Yin Lei was badly injured and timid, flying around and dodging, but actually preventing them from escaping. They were dark, and I knew that my avatar was even more afraid that I would find that I would crash with dodge, if the place was too narrow, my flight would change quickly and carelessly, so I had to launch a ban at the same time. These three stupid pigs and dogs came to test my magic weapon power, and now I was trapped in a I think this pig and dog hate me, and my husband and wife will know very well that they are lucky to be strong at this time, and they will refuse to make efforts to be clever and cause trouble. I want to order the three of them to go in and make them feel guilty first, if they still have their heart and gallbladder cooked by me, they will not dare to sprout him again. If you don’t finish it, take it away and turn around with you. Isn’t it more interesting to take them for fun and revenge slowly every day than to finish it with one blow? "Second, the demon corpse is cruel in nature and falls in love with evil. When it is said, it is charming with eyes and smiles in spring, and it makes ten thousand kinds of romantic charm. According to the poisonous hand, Moshi smells his arms around the demon corpse and laughs with joy. The demon corpse pushes his hand. "It’s getting late. Why don’t you let go of the divine light?" Everything is in order. It’s time to get the treasure. "According to the words, according to the evil hand, Moshe received the shekinah outside the demon corpse and returned to the stage together. The demon corpse pinched the tactic, and the hand was lifted and a piece of five-color smoke flashed across the stage to reveal five kinds of artifacts.
Four people, such as the nun, were trapped in the fire palace, and the flame head of the magic lamp visually looked lifelike outside the door. Seeing the form of the door, the nun jumped on the platform and sat on the platform, and the five kinds of ritual objects were also listed in the same order as the door form. After each ritual object was reversed, there was a demon’s complications, and the clouds and the fog faintly shrouded the poisonous hand. Moshe held a seven-foot tall banner, and there was black gas flying around the back. After the ritual objects appeared, the demon corpse looked back and smiled. According to the schedule, the poisonous Moshili threw the banner in his hand forward, and a five-color demon light surrounded the main banner and flew to the five-element magic weapon. The demon corpse was waiting for the banner to fly out and drink a "disease!" The streamer turned sharply, and the smoke immediately flourished. Previously, the black gas also turned into dozens of demon lights of various colors, which were scattered in all directions from the top of the streamer. Most of the lights were dim, not very fresh, and did not turn. It seemed to be strong as if they were essence.
Demon resin is then line method has a pale yellow Guanghua suddenly like a snake spit letter even for a few flashes, which is a great way to earn escape potential demon resin scolded, "Lao Huang, do you still dare to be stubborn by this time?" Because I was loyal to me before I missed you, I thought that you had higher powers and could preside over this memorial for me. Although you were born with a soul, you never suffered as much as others. How can you be ungrateful? Darling, I’ll try my best to see the size of your meritorious service and the way you live. I’ll protect you, and I’ll try to protect you. For the time being, the Yuan God is difficult to destroy. Although I fell into my hands unexpectedly, I was trapped for a while, but you can escape with a slight gap. Don’t say that this slogan has been refined for many years, and your Yuan God has been banned. Even if you take advantage of my legal gap to escape, Taoist friends can fly as fast as thunder and how far they can escape. It means that consultants can chase the seven evil spirits on cloudy days. You must know that you will be destroyed by his evil spirits. I think you are usually so alert and stupid, as you are afraid of the old thief Niwu escaping from the ban or betraying me. It is even more stupid when you deliberately pull the button at this critical point. I know that you are not the only one who has the main living soul. You can be as successful as you are stubborn. I want a job.
Back in the 252 nd, the situation was gloomy, and the plan was poor and light, and the party was arrogant and fierce, and the party was trapped in the golden screen.
There are many living souls attached to the demon coffin made by the demon corpse, who are eager to steal treasures and get away quickly, but they are still short of success. Most of these living souls are high-ranking people on the left, and most of them are still powerful. The demon corpse knows that the evil methods he has committed are too vicious and fooled by tricks, so that he will hate himself for being caught by mistake. Although he barely managed to stop the emergency, he could not resist trying to escape, but everything was fine. A slight negligence or defeat made him escape, which greatly reduced the power of the main coffin and also produced a reaction. Although he was prepared not to act rashly, he was also due to the fact that Sure enough, it’s only in one scene that a main living soul wants to earn and escape as usual. He can’t be in an emergency at this time. He has to fight back his anger. Although he hates the inconvenience, he persuades himself and makes a secret signal behind him.
According to Moshe, when he was ready, he immediately cried, "What is the value of a dog’s evil spirit? I will destroy him with nonsense." The demon corpse deliberately tried to dissuade him, but the yellow light turned a deaf ear, and the more urgent it was, the longer it was, the more it was, the more it was. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but be furious and fierce. He shouted, "There are not many people in this thief’s way, and he is so hateful that he will be removed." Although it’s terrible to rely on one’s own mana, it can hinder one’s self-confidence. It’s not pregnant to see the fish in the net and still dare to be stubborn and not listen to it. He raised his hand with a demon light and pulled it out. I don’t know whether it’s the demon ban or the yellow light deliberately dying to spell out his side. The yellow light is tightly attached to the banner, but he can’t absorb it. According to the evil hand, Mosh’s anger wants to destroy the living soul and the demon light with his hand immediately.
Second, the demon’s mind and body have long been banned by the holy aunt, and they often turn upside down. They don’t know that the demon corpse was originally intended to make a demonstration, but on the one hand, they hate that the living soul wants to get rid of the anger and become a tiger-riding demon. When they hesitate, the main banner has been hit hard and wait until they realize that it is not good to stop it. Although they hate that the main banner is a big failure, Moshe’s reckless lover is not an ideal lover, such as a glamorous body, which has been destroyed for many years. Yuan Shen has condensed the expertise of strangers, and he has recently gained the People with high mana can’t stop talking about mana. I don’t know if I can cope with struggling to deal with it, but I feel a little empty, such as daring to offend the whole thing. "This main banner is to suppress the five elements of dharma, and when it is difficult, I can’t think of self-defense, but my heart is too poisonous. I want to add more power. I have taken two roads with high power, and I am eager to refine them, so that this banner will end up with hatred and death. As a result, my white heart is broken. Fortunately, the five escapes have not yet been launched, such as Take it and let the poisonous Moshe defend himself against harm and see how high his mana is. If he really wants to do something, he will simply inspire him to get into the net. body double is so entangled that it is difficult to get rid of it. "
Thought of here, the demon corpse was born with poison, but instead of complaining, she looked back and smiled. "This is all because you want to go back to the mountain in anger. Although I am in a hurry to ask for help, I am not taken hostage all my life. When I see someone else, I will say that my mouth is entangled, which makes people sick. There are quite a few wrongdoings in this class. I have a delusion to occupy me and fight for the wind and fire, and I will lose both sides. Because they come here for either treasure or color, they are all malicious. I cherish the old thief. The forbidden law is very powerful. I will Anti-victimization can be an enemy except for you. At that time, you didn’t love me deeply. Now that you have decided not to bother each other, you have to be forced to think of the benefits. These living souls are tempered by one master to prevent the unexpected. Who knows that time is too short, and the effect is slightly worse, so that this loss is destroyed in your heart. Although it saves me a lot of scruples, my forbidden method has flaws, such as a lifetime response depends on you. "
According to Moshe, I know that this master’s banner sacrifice is not easy to be damaged by my own intention. I am uneasy to see that the demon corpse depends on myself and I am not happy. I laughed. "If you worry too much, I will destroy this treasure. It is much worse than my mana. I am not far from the right now. You said that the enemy’s words have been fulfilled and you will die. Don’t move now. Isn’t it too timid? This cave is deep underground, where is my palace magnificent? After success, you see, I have to raise my hand and shake it into pieces. I will fall into enemy hands in the future. I won’t be able to wait for you any longer and I will do it myself. "