Looking at the departed Helan Xun lost in thought …


Worldly desires, he doesn’t understand these things, and the gods won’t have such feelings
But looking at Jin as a proud man, Helan Xun thought that if he could, he would also like to have a worldly desires.
Mo Chi came to a lake with Brahma. It was strange that it was extremely cold everywhere, but the lake didn’t freeze
The lake was clear and white with smoke.
"You are a descendant" Brahma suddenly asked.
Mo Chi paused before nodding "Yes".
If he had a choice, he really didn’t want to have such dirty blood.
"That’s no problem," Brahma turned to look at the people behind him. "You should also have the same strength as the heavy family. If you really want this strength, then jump from here."
Raise your jaw and lift it toward the lake.
"That’s enough, right?" Mo Chi body like some trembling.
"Yes," Brahma closed his eyes slightly and took a step toward him. "But I don’t know if you have the courage to try."
See brahman day wave look Mo Chi blinked and asked "you want to help me? Don’t you hate people very much? "
Brahma’s look changed and he was noncommittal. "I hate people, no matter before or now, but if you really have power, you can protect her. Helan Xun and I have been dead for too long, and our power has been weakened too much."
"I see." Mochi smiled politely. They wanted to protect important people, but their mood remained the same.
He didn’t hesitate a step burst one fell into the lake 89 Chapter 89 Beyond mortals (3)
Brahma was silent when he saw that the man was righteous.
He can’t understand that people in his mind are all humble and weak races.
But what he saw Mo Chi and Li Yunqing were very different from the people he remembered …
Surging cold water pours into your body without feeling cold.
Mo Chi felt that he was lightly stepping on something. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a white world.
There is nothing but white.
No … There is a woman in front of me.
"You … are you?" Mo Chi is not sure to ask.
The woman, dressed in white and with black hair hanging freely, turned her head pale and smiled sadly as if she were going to drift away with the wind.
Mo Chi squints and always feels that the man is somewhat familiar.
"You …" It was in the blink of an eye that the woman had stretched out a hand and brushed his face. "Your eyes are very similar to his."
Mo Chi was as calm as ever, and his eyes flashed a little surprised. "Are you Lan Yin?"
Yes … He remembered the blue music painting as if he had seen it in the palace.
"I am reincarnated by the ghost method and can live at the bottom of the lake, but you actually came, which means that things have finally developed to this point?" Lanyin despair expression flashed by.
Mo Chi suddenly felt a little ridiculous and hated all the blue sounds he loved.
But in front of Lan Yin’s eyes, there is no resentment.
"I can give you my psychic power …" She floated up lightly and put her hand around Mo Chi’s neck. "But promise me to help him."
My heart is full of flavors, and I think that Fei’s words are still suffering. Mo Chi laughed slowly