It’s incredible to be away from Yun Qing!


He still loves her, but he knows that there are hundreds of people around her now.
They are destined for each other in this world.
"So …" Thyme raised her bright night pupil and patted Thyme on the shoulder with a heavy tone. "After that, everything depends on you."
Prissy was stunned until the man turned and walked up the hill. He immediately turned his head. "I prefer world wars …"
"But brother, the sky can’t destroy our hands." Bailiyi didn’t look back and threw a rebuttal for Priscilla.
"This ….." Prissy said that he was ready to command the wind tactic. Bailiyi was too light to smell and sigh. "It’s really unlucky for you to give me this burden lightly. It’s my life to share you two casual people."
Today, when they rebel against Bailifeng, someone is bound to replace them.
Otherwise, a big country in chaos and rebellion will easily become the target of a small country around it … When the people are not born, they will die.
It started with them, and none of them can lose the responsibility.
Looking at the rider again, Prissy’s eyes were a little strong. "Who told me that I can’t leave you alone?"
Bai Liyi and others came to the city wall, and when the month was covered with dark clouds and the imperial city was shrouded in a shadow.
Cheep! An imperial city gate!
Yun Yan walked out of the wall in a silver robe and armor with a big step. "Minister! Welcome to the temple. "
"Get up quickly" is gentle but firm.
Hearing this, Yun Yan felt deeply wrong. Looking up, his sharp eyes flashed with horror. "Second Hall …"
He couldn’t believe what he saw. The second emperor appeared in front of him alive! ?
Prissy quite some nai "let the general heart I’m still alive, I will come back to get what I deserve. Chapter 819 Heaven will not die me ().
Although people in front of them are still so gentle and elegant, their brow is a little more majestic and domineering.
Yun Yan was shocked, and his heart was filled with joy, but only for a moment he wondered and asked, "… where are the four temples?"
Prissy weighed the words before saying, "He has gone to the North Cold."
Yun Yan thought to himself that the second emperor was back now, and the four emperors even couldn’t stay. He knew that it was not far from the north cold along the way
Cloud Yan also not much ask immediately pick robe kneel "minister! Swear to follow the second temple. "
The fourth temple actually gave up everything and left, which means he entrusted everything to the second temple
Prissy nodded resolutely and immediately ordered to follow the plan.
Looking at the men hiding in the imperial city, Prissy sighed a long time. "Are you satisfied with this? Tonight all this has become my mastermind. "
When Priscilla said this, he wore a masked man in black side by side and narrowed his dark eyes and smiled, "Thank you, brother, for understanding your brother and taking this charge."
If he doesn’t show up, he will recognize that prissy is the main messenger of all this, so it will be even more justified when prissy falls and prissy ascended the throne, and then he will disappear from the ruling and opposition parties.
Although I really want to rush to the north cold immediately, but … Thyme maple is always his brother. Let him cut off this doomed love.

Dark clouds cover the moon and the sky is gloomy.
Laughter in the Jade Palace, bleak notes fall all over the hall, grapes, wine, night glasses, mellow wine and fragrance float in every corner.
Bailifeng’s eyes are slightly tipsy. She wears Huang Cancan robes and drinks the wine in her right hand glass by glass, while her left hand is holding a beautiful woman in red, the cloud of her hair, petal of her cheek, gold ripples of her crown when she moved, with picturesque eyes and lipstick. Every move does not show this amorous feelings.
"Temple, you’re drunk." The cloud whispered softly, and Wen Xiang collapsed in the arms of thyme maple and glanced at the golden steps and officials.
Once upon a time, she was one of them, looking up at the Buddha, but now she sits here looking down at the officials and everyone wants her to bow.
"Drunk? I’m drunk. "baili fenglang smiled and saw the joy of victory.
Baiguan immediately echoed with his smile.
And that is when …
"Report-!" External anxiety sound of the temple door
The temple suddenly became quiet, and I was nervous for a while. Now all the dust has settled, but it is no wonder that some officials broke in.
Thyme maple’s eyes sank and his eyes were sharp and frightening. He pushed Yun Wan up from his seat.
"Newspaper-! There are rebels besieging the city, which makes the officer stumble and kneel.
Yun Wan suddenly saw that Bai Li Feng’s face was horribly pale, and her heart jumped with a jerk, and she felt uneasy.
"Who is it?" Thyme maple drank the cup in his hand and slammed it "Who is so bold?"
Bang! Broken porcelain splashed everywhere.
Baiguan knelt in fear and wondered who it would be.