The congested streets have been disturbed, and people are dodging to make way.


Feathering heart call bad frown low "cen let out murderous look to lead this small out of town first"
Cen asked, "What murderous look? What are you talking about? "
"I don’t have time to explain that it’s up to you to pursue murderous look."
"Ah? Why does it sound like scolding me? "
"Stop it and hurry up. It’ll be trouble if the official family comes."
Teenagers swallow food and move still. Two red lights come out like weeds and stare eagerly at him a few feet away. The short blade in the hands of the little nv slowly turns, and his eyes are as bright as the morning star and as cold as frost and snow.
A burst of hot lng rushed to Cen’s face, and he saw that the young man suddenly grew up and stood tall, and the excitement was thunderous. Then her face changed slightly, and her body suddenly took off and retreated. The young man screamed and descended, and he didn’t hesitate. Cen didn’t think about anything. This little cat turned into a tiger with a slim waist and twisted rapidly toward the city. In the eyes of the young man, there seems to be an image of her chasing her. I don’t know how many roadside stalls have been knocked over all the way, and it has caused bursts of drinking and scolding.
"You also" feather has just opened your mouth, and the feather has been chasing the two men like arrows. They went to Nai to spit and feather and scratch their hair, knowing that they can’t catch up, but they were really worried but didn’t know what to do.
"Small bold dare to stop me waiting for the army horse!"
The dark horse is as strong as a dragon, and a team of more than 30 people arrived at the hnlun site. The first officer was worried about the emergence of the whip in his hand.
He looked up at the general and suddenly laughed, "Hey, lend me your horse!"
General officer and then nu way "unless crazy silly? Bring him to me around. "
Feather arms "you take you take! The demon king is a distinguished guest of the Ye family. If you have something to do, lock me up and go to the Ye family to collect the reward! "
The general officer is even more angry and his face is flushed bright red. "Playing the fool! Don’t you want me to take someone myself? "
When two soldiers answered the horse, a lazy voice said, "Don’t start work. He is really our guest."
An old man was squeezed out of the crowd, and the two soldiers, with great momentum, immediately faded and went to Nuo Nuo to retreat. Even the general officer was embarrassed and hurried to jump off his horse as respectfully as Sun.
That’s how Feather felt, and then he grinned, "Old man, you are not inferior."
The old man met the sweeper before noon, and he didn’t mind feathering and poking fun at the general and saying "give him your horse"
"But Grandpa"
Feather a surprised dark I feel that this little boy is really a sun who wants to laugh, but the old man suddenly straightened his back and shivered, but he had the concise momentum of the battlefield in King’s Landing. His eyes sparkled like a command of the leader of a horde. This change was abrupt and weird, and he felt a chill and wanted to turn around and run for a while. Suddenly, the pressure around him suddenly spilled away, and the old man smiled and pulled the reins, leading the general horse to him and smiled at him kindly.
"The kid borrows something and wants it back."
Feather hu to a wink "old man"
"You are so realistic that you respect me now?" The old man patted him on the shoulder and asked in a low voice, "Are you really the devil who killed Lingfengtang?"
Feather coughed shyly and said in a low voice, "Hey, hey, it’s me who paid a hundred silver baht and invited a few singers to help sing Hey, hey, be famous while you’re young."
The old man ha ha smiled and slapped him on the shoulder. "You little brat look at ing and your belly is full of huahua intestines."
Feather took the reins and vaulted the horse to "don’t say thank you, Xie Qingshan won’t change the green water."
"You are talkative!"
The old man smiled and slapped his ass. The horse screamed in pain and ran down the street, but he didn’t expect the boy to panic and make the horse flutter like the wind blowing willows.
"I can’t ride a horse." The old man turned his back and walked over to see his drunken figure muttering.
And including the loyalist soldiers, no one dared to stop them. On the quiet side, they looked at the old man with equal respect.
It is even more embarrassing to remember that I didn’t ask the old man’s name just now.
Sweat on the palm of your hand and sweat on your forehead. For the first time, I feel like a frog in a hot soup, but there is a way out. The devil’s wing keeps changing its shape from bow to knife and from knife to bow. She can’t make a choice. She clenched her silver teeth and tightened her facial muscles. ru, her face became sharp, her eyes jumped like a flame, and her ears were filled with screams.
Cen is dressed in red, bright and dazzling, but not as bright as that flame, juvenile red. It is a kind of heat that can burn all extremely fierce fires. This flame chases Cen and refuses to give up the flame in the hands of teenagers. The long knife splits the air and rolls up layers of hot lng Cen, which is like a canoe in a sea of fire. On the one hand, it has to resist the hot air. On the other hand, it has to be afraid to let go. She is shaped and flows around the teenagers, but she can’t attack a knife.
How to fight this fight?
Mo Yu doesn’t know that Cen doesn’t know either, but the only thing Cen can be sure of is that she will die if she doesn’t put her hands and feet on it. Unlike Mo Yu, she can control the attack range freely, both far and near. What she is good at is close combat, short feet and Xu blade, and the enemy kills each other in life and death, but she can’t get close to the cascade of murderous looks. It’s easy to dry her hair. The most important thing is that her killing method is to splash blood with a knife. If this can be used against the teenager in front of her?
Finally, hu turned out and Zhang Xucen took a few breaths and shouted, "What is it if the wood wants to kill me?"
Before the words were uttered, the hot air rolled up again, so that she couldn’t say that she had gone to one side, and the flame swept across the ground with a long knife, leaving a long foot. The soil at the crack was black as it was roasted by high temperature.
Less nv finally vomited swearing, and his arms spread out and pounced on the teenager with a step. He reached the teenager with a short blade in his left hand and a flame knife in his right hand, and the short blade in his right hand was severely tied to the other teenager’s throat. The ugly face stuck to Cen, which was even more ferocious. It really startled Cen, and the short blade hand trembled slightly and deviated from the attack direction. The teenager was so fierce that his head flashed sideways and his left arm circled around the little nv neck.