Yi Yu also saw the anger of the Ninth Five-Year Plan, but he didn’t want to pull back from the brink at all. The look was more like provoking each other.


The emperor cold so way "you are a person! Don’t kneel when you see me! "
Yi Yu smiled faintly. "There are really not many people who can make me kneel down, but you don’t deserve me to kneel down!" He casually sat in the pavilion and reached for the tea lamp on the table and took a sip of it. "So much for the emperor to drink tea!"
You!’ This emperor is angry, but he just let others drink the tea before he moved it. He has never encountered such a thing in his life!
While the Dolly reality is smiling without a word beside watching.
"Somebody!" As the saying goes, the ferocity of "the first day is angry and bleeding" and so on will be embraced with a shout of hundreds of people flying out of the imperial garden and surrounding the gazebo.
Yi Yu laughed. "The emperor is so majestic! Regardless of whether they can catch me or not, do you think they can touch me first or I can kill you first? "
The emperor sneered, "Don’t scare people. I am a real person who majored in the 95 th National People’s Congress. Even if I have the ability to move mountains and fill the sea, I will never hurt my life, otherwise I will be besieged by the whole repair world!"
第四百二十七回 皇帝心()
The emperor looked at the dragon dog with trepidation, and he had already recovered his composure. The evil fire in his heart had already flown to somewhere.
Then Dolly reality laughed "come on! You’ve gone too far in this little game. Say something quickly. If it’s okay, go back! Where to play is not good, you have to scare the emperor to play. "
Yi Yu smiled faintly. "I’m afraid no one dared to scare the emperor like this in the past, but I think that I will think that many things in the world are absolutely like the emperor’s deterrence, but it becomes worthless in the eyes of us monks." I’m afraid the old-timer doesn’t have much respect for the position. "
Dolly reality was a frozen wry smile way "I said smelly little have something to say to me quickly! Don’t talk about my old man’s house. "
The emperor also looks weird and seems to agree with this statement, but he can’t admit that Regal is weak.
Yi Yu suddenly turned the tables and said, "In the same way, the emperor can also kill all those disrespectful monks by thunder! Of course, the former is a pursuit hand to have this strength. "
Emperor was a lag has recognized Yi Yu HuaLiYouHua hurriedly yi way "fairy long teach me".
Don’t stay Yi Yu talk that Dolly reality but sit still face serious way "Yi Yu! Just now, we agreed not to interfere in state affairs! "
Yi Yu gently caressed the dragon dog at hand and smiled. "Oh? Do my predecessors recognize my interference in state affairs? Did I let the emperor officials or let the emperor fight abroad? "
"You! ….. "Dolly reality eyes flashing golden light coldly stared at Yi Yudao" you are playing with fire! If you are not careful, even the whole Qingcheng Sect will be smashed by you! "
Yi Yu face upwards. "Elder overrated! Besides, who stipulates that people who fix the truth cannot interfere with secular interests? "
Dolly real one leng strong way "this is the ancestral system!"
Yi Yu laughed "progenitor system? This ancestral system is just a matter of thousands of years after the emperor’s position! Since our predecessors can make rules, why should our descendants listen to him? It’s like the predecessors who are so advanced but can’t circle the sky and the earth. In this birdcage, there is usually a repair, but it’s hard to be famous in the field of repair. "
Dolly’s reality seems to have been poked by Yi Yu in pain. He gave him a bold stare and stopped talking, but he didn’t leave. It seems that he also wants to hear what Yi Yu really wants to say with an emperor.
The emperor looked at the scene in front of him dumbfounded. Since he was born, he has not beaten the old fairy. Today, he was refuted by a young man.
Yi Yu picked up the tea lamp again, but she felt that her hand glanced at the emperor and pointed to the tea lamp and said, "Tea!"
The emperor one leng hurriedly way "tea! Give Xianchang tea! "
Yi Yu watched a eunuch bring a cup of tea in a panic and put it on the round table. She looked at the emperor and said, "Do you know what a cup of tea is for being original?"
Emperor one leng doubt way "this ….. I don’t know"
Yi Yu said faintly, "Since the Emperor wants to know if the Ninth Five-Year Plan is true, if those arrogant, old-fashioned and bald monks really respect the Emperor in their hearts, don’t you know what it means to be original?"
As the saying goes,’ Clever but the emperor’s family’, whether the emperor is a king or a bad king, is a child prodigy. I immediately understood Yi Yu’s meaning and quickly picked up a cup of tea and knelt down and said, "My brother asks the teacher to teach me tea!"
Of course, the emperor didn’t really want to hear what Yi Yu said. Wang Daoshu was so respectful to Yi Yu, but when he saw Dolly, the real person didn’t move anything, and the emperor’s intuition made him feel that this person did.
Yi Yu calmly took a sip of the tea lamp and said, "Teacher Dong Li, a disciple, naturally can’t be stingy. I don’t know how many people the emperor has met now?"
The emperor held out two fingers. "Two! Just the teacher and Jin Lingxian. "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Although it’s a little less, I’m used to it. In fact, it’s far from being a potential or a hope for the fix-true person. The advantage of the emperor over the emperor’s fix-true person lies not in his great ability to move mountains and fill the sea or in his natural and unrestrained pleasure, but in his long life."
The emperor’s eyes lit up and said, "The teacher means …"
Before Yi Yu could speak, the real Dolly said, "This has crossed the line!"
Yi Yu smiled and smoothed her hand to the dog hair slowly. "Don’t worry, my predecessors. I didn’t teach the emperor’s immortality. Besides, I’m afraid I don’t have time to practice it for years."
Dolly real cold hum a way "there is no best!"
Yi Yu then asked, "Does the emperor want to live forever?"
Dolly’s nose is so popular that it is tempting the young emperor to drive Yi Yu away, but just now Yi Yu’s moves really scared him, and with his years of experience, I can see that this young man is far from contributing. Dolly reality doesn’t want this potential junior to take revenge.