"But there is a comparable power in it, and if you get him, you will get the glory of the Salvation God King, and the two families will listen to your orders."


"Ha ha ~ ~ ~" Yang Lingtian smiled. "It’s a pity that I’m not interested in the glory of the king of salvation, and I’m not interested in ordering heaven. I just want to shelter my relatives and friends."
"Shelter relatives and friends?" Bai Ling stayed for a while and then shook her head with a wry smile. "Hehe ~ ~ ~ Yes, the power in this altar not only represents glory and potential, but also represents responsibility. Although Yang Gong received it to protect his relatives, his personality determines that once you inherit the power, you will bear the responsibility at the same time. So it is better not to rely on your own practice to gradually strengthen your family with your own hands. Do you know that the wheel of fortune has already started our World War I?"
"Can you avoid it?" Yanglingtian turned to look at the ancient city shrouded in colorful light and frowned. "If you need to turn the sword around here, then I can help you to leave again."
Bai Ling shook his head with a wry smile on his face. "If it’s that simple, I would have asked Gong Qi to go to the Holy Land, and then I didn’t know that Gong Qi was here. It’s very simple to turn Lun Jian, add me and the night JingXie, and you can trouble yourself with the power. Turn Lun Jian and realize it. Chapter 18 Confrontation with Ghosts and Ghosts.
The sky has returned to clear and bright, and the sun shines with reserve.
Yanglingtian stood in astonishment.
He can’t figure out why Dark Night and Bai Ling insisted on fighting with him all the time.
Before this, he was still following the teachings of his ancestors. Although the dark night doesn’t look like such a "well-behaved" person, for this reason, Yangling Tianshi never thought that there was any possibility for him-I didn’t expect that the strength turned out to be a sword.
Although unwilling to accept the power, but because of this, the night and Bai Ling forced to give up the sword?
No, that’s impossible.
What’s worse, even if he can give up the sword, the sword has recognized his master, and he doesn’t know how to release and turn the sword.
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ It seems that we can avoid fighting."
Yanglingtian smiled. Now that you have been doomed, your heart is naturally calm.
Bai Ling took a regretful look at Yanglingtian and sighed lightly. Alas ~ ~ ~ I really want to have a drink with Brother Yang if possible. Unfortunately, we don’t know if the only way to change the Lun Jian and your master and slave is for Yang Gong to die, so that the Lun Jian will become the main object. Then we will force him to recognize his master’s position. Please be careful when fighting. If I am defeated in the dark night, I may not die. It’s just a matter of life and death, but for the public, the defeat has no outcome and death! "
With that, she sighed softly. In fact, it seems to her that Yanglingtian is the most suitable power bearer, but it’s a pity that the other party’s wishes are different from her own. Otherwise, she may really violate the rules and join hands with Yanglingtian to kill the night and send it to the altar, but it’s a pity that there is no mistake in resisting the disaster and the other party’s will is not here, so there will be no mistakes in the future.
"Yang Gong is injured" thoughtfully for a long time. Bai Ling finally said it gently, but before he finished, a surprised sound suddenly came over.
"Yi how three people also? Haven’t they fought yet? "
Turned to look, only to see that the sky suddenly cracked, and the king of God rode Bai Ze and slowly walked out of the channel with the awakening gods and demons.
"I have seen the God King!" Dark night and Bai Ling leaned forward to salute. Although they have far surpassed the newly emerged gods, they still show enough respect for these monsters who created themselves by praying for the gods ten thousand years ago.
The King of Destiny nodded his head with satisfaction, but when he saw Yangling next to him, his brow immediately stirred up two questions: "Look at you now, it seems that you haven’t fought yet. How can you start here and now?"
Bai Ling leaned over and said, "Yang Gong started this place by mistake."
"Oh, well, now that you’re here, decide the last inheritor and start the altar."
After all, it is the ultimate thing for him to see the birth of the inheritor with his own eyes as soon as possible.
"Follow the Oracle" and the night should be attached to it.
However, Bai Ling hesitated for a long time with a slight frown and finally got up the courage. "Report to my God, King Bai Ling, that this time is not suitable for fighting."
"Oh?" The King of Destiny froze. "What?"
"Because Yang Gong is injured!" Bai Ling took a deep breath and directly regarded the angry eyes of the night as "Yang Gongqi touched here before and was injured in the prohibition and prohibition confrontation"
"Has he ever fought against the ban here?"
The sky is full of ghosts and monsters crashing and changing color, but the focus is not whether Yanglingtian is injured, but that he once fought against the ban here.
Ten thousand years ago, ghosts and gods knew everything here like the back of their hands.
This place is not built by these gods and demons, but an ancient relic of unknown age. When the two gods, the magic statue and the Buddha found this place, they found that there was a powerful force to fight the disaster and counted the cost of life to find out how to enlighten and bear the power here.