However, the fact beyond common sense will lead them to believe that common sense is denied. If the law is explained and amended, common sense is likely to regress and live in misery forever.


What is unknown is the chronic poison of mental illness.
The man who refused to show up just cast a skill, and all Yuan Baby Johnson planted a solution to mental poison in his heart.
In addition, what makes them wonder is that Wang Gan broke into the rain. He was covered with petals, but he didn’t grow half a peach blossom, as if he had been protected by the performer.
Can it be said that this range-like plough spell can also choose the target? This question makes them want to break their minds and can’t understand it.
Seeing this group of Yuan Baby Godsworn dare not come after himself again, Wang Gan was relieved and flew towards the exit.
"Wait!" Give a warning when it is about to enter the crack.
Wang Gan hurriedly stopped and saw a figure slowly coming out of the dark cracks. He was taken aback when he saw the man’s appearance clearly.
"Wang Gan, don’t get sick." The man’s secret performer greeted him with the same tone and a leisurely smile.
This man-Wang Gan know!
"Teacher Wu … it’s really you …" Xiao Yuejin heaved a sigh of relief as if the answer had been answered in her heart, and she felt relieved in her loss.
Yes, this Wu shidi has always been the object he wants to surpass. Even if the head position is finally decided, he has not changed his goal. He has far surpassed this idle younger brother. However, today he discovered that Wu shidi is as unfathomable as before, and nothing can make him move.
Looking at Wu’s younger brother, he is still in the early stage of Yuan Ying’s repair, but when he stepped into this place from the ground, no one dared to despise him, and he would become the focus of attention wherever he went unless he deliberately downplayed his feelings.
Just as he likes to take care of flowers and plants and study the ecology of animals and spirits now, his low-key life over the years has made all those who have feared, feared, worshipped and hated forget him.
Suddenly, everyone saw that the intruder disappeared in the same place, but no one knew that he had disappeared from sight.
Still from the unknown fear
"Linghuqi, my brother is taken care of by you." A rather feminine sound appeared in Linghuqi’s ear. His eyes were so wide that his face turned red. The strong fear made him break through the confinement of immobilization. Listening to a name that made him full of fear blurted out from his mouth-
"Wu … Taiqing!"
After hearing this name, Yuan Baby Johnson all changed his face, but then he felt a little confused.
"Who is Wu Taiqing? What is this name so familiar? What’s the name that you won’t remember? Wu … Wu Taitai … Wu Taiqing? That Wu Taiqing? !” Gradually, their puzzled eyes were replaced by shock.
There is also a strong fear that makes their calves tremble.
Wu Taiqing smiled kindly behind Linghuqi.
[ w w w ]
Chapter ninety-six TaiQing crazy name one thousand days momentum
Wu Taiqing failed to compete for the position of head of the company more than 300 years ago, and since then he has disappeared. No one in the immortal world has ever remembered him again. It seems that people choose to "sex" to forget the name in order to dispel the nightmare in their memory.
However, when they hear this resounding name again, those frightening memories in the past will vividly make their hearts beat faster and restrain their fears
Although they are thousands of years old, there are very few names that can make them move!
But even if Wu Taiqing seems to have the early repair of Yuan Ying, this "young man" root-repairing method in the eyes of these Yuan Ying monsters will judge that everyone who underestimates others will eventually overturn the previous guess and regret it for life.
But the mystery of strength is not the cause of fear. Wu Taiqing seems to be born to break the law. What he has done is not like a seeker, but like a madman.
Wu Taiqing is a resourceful and crazy man. No one can see through his mind. Even the psychic used to see through him. He enviously called him a "chess breaker" and even the immortal made laws to restrain him.
However, what scares people is that a man who can guess his mind has no idea of the value of life. Everyone in his eyes is equal as pigs and dogs, and his elders and brothers are no exception. If he wants to achieve other goals, everyone can be sacrificed and killed.
What’s more, he can kill people with no intention, but he doesn’t even have a memory afterwards.
Crazy. Totally crazy.
Even though he has killed so many people, he has never had any emotional fluctuations, not even murderous look. His presence has made people wonder what he wants.
Cold-blooded and cruel, such a person has a demon-treated appearance and smiles all day long, as if people and animals are harmed, but the fact of hiding the skin is desperate, and people who deal with him will not get a good chance in the end
At the thought of this person’s "sex", these Yuan Baby Johnson, including Xiao Yuejin, can’t help but feel cold, as if their lives could be deprived at any time without warning.
Death is a great terror to them, but if the other person kills himself with no motive, it is called real terror. It is ridiculous to die without even a trace of value.
Because Wu Taiqing appeared, the atmosphere was suddenly tense to the extreme, and even Wang Gan involuntarily stopped "dew" and was trapped "confused"

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