In his eyes, the movement of agarwood and Tianmen building foundation is a little big, and the aura of Fiona Fang Baili has been swept away, and the aura of Huaguo Mountain is almost condensed into liquid, which also makes Huaguo Mountain get great benefits. Those Lingcao flowers and trees are growing wildly.


Huashan had a serious face, and Yang Jian’s face was also a long-lost look of joy. If a character like him has the help of the eye, even if Wan Li is far away, he will naturally see the scene of agarwood Tianmen’s foundation.
"It didn’t disgrace my reputation!" With a gentle finger, the Three Virgin of Huashan saw the movement of agarwood, and her face suddenly showed her heart and smiled. She gently touched the imaginary agarwood, which was both delighted and distressed.
It is gratifying to see that the child is about to ascend to heaven, and it is gratifying to congratulate him. It is distressing that his child can have such a movement at such an age, and he can imagine the suffering.
Similarly, the breakthrough of agarwood has touched the great minds of all parties in the three worlds. With the growth of agarwood, the day is getting closer and closer, and everyone has a sense of urgency in their hearts. There is not much time left for them.
Western Lingshan has taken over from the Tathagata Maitreya, sitting on the altar and giving lectures, sitting on the bodhisattva Lohan, standing in awe. Listening to the future Buddha’s teachings, I found that the pot-bellied Buddha suddenly stopped his lecture and looked up to the east with a complicated look on his face.
"What happened to the Buddha?" Aside the standing treasure moonlight Buddha respectfully asked.
"The weather is about to change," the future Buddha sighed softly, which seemed to mean something.
Baoyue Moonlight Buddha suddenly became stupefied and showed a complicated look of excitement and fear. Their challenge was getting closer and closer.
And the demon Lord in the new underworld looked at this scene. It took a good half-day for him to sigh deeply. After all, he was a step behind.
"This is the center of this disaster. It’s a great chance to have all the saints suppress it smoothly and steadily without experiencing any mortal disaster. This merit is much better than that of his predecessors." The bodhi old zu of Styx said enviously
"Time is also life!" After saying this, the bodhi old zu of Styx closed his eyes, and now he has already put everything in the new underworld, which will be his future and his era beyond hope
Aquilaria naturally doesn’t know that his breakthrough has attracted the attention of the three worlds. At this moment, he has no experience. Although he can follow the instructions, he can pierce the gap between heaven and man, but it is a matter of knowing how to get there.
At this moment, a gentle voice suddenly came to my ear, saying, "Don’t rush along the meridians to condense what you can think of instantly in your mind."
This sound gave the direction of the six gods, Aquilaria sinensis, and he followed the words and said that the imperial envoys and aura traveled all over the place, and finally the abdomen gathered.
"What should I think?" Chen Xiang heart andao
I don’t know that a lotus-shaped treasure lamp appeared in his mind for the first time, and the soul poured into the abdomen, and the aura instantly condensed into a treasure lamp.
As far as the aura seems to be found, the terrible aura around the vent site has poured into the original very illusory treasure lamp, which has become more and more solid.
I don’t know how long it took for the aura of heaven and earth to be absorbed by agarwood. One closed eye suddenly opened two lights, and the eyes passed away. Looking around, agarwood found herself staying where weeds had already grown to her waist. This half-day effort seemed to have changed heaven and earth.
He breathed out a sigh of relief and saw a slightly illusory treasure lamp suddenly appear in front of him. A feeling of blood connection came to him. This was the greatest gain of his practice. Although he didn’t know what this thing was, he could tell him that this treasure was connected with his life.
At this time, the agarwood suddenly let out the Guanghua Lotus Lantern, which broke through the prohibition of the Three Notre Dames. Without the agarwood body, two identical treasure lanterns appeared. If it was not for the agarwood’s own life, it would be impossible to tell the difference from the appearance.
At the same time, two lotus lanterns emit dazzling light at the same time, and the agarwood gaze actually collides together. Suddenly, the dazzling light shines on the top of Huaguo Mountain, and the agarwood method can see things clearly.
This change made him feel a little nervous. After all, it was a magic weapon connected with his life. If there was an accident, it would be good.
"Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. You’ve been pregnant for many years, and you’ve been deeply influenced by external stimuli. This enables you to build a lotus lantern-shaped road base with the help of Tianmen’s foundation. Now it’s a coincidence that the power of the lotus lamp will increase greatly and your road base will become more stable."
Chapter six hundred and fifteen Word from master
Gentle and elegant voice has a reassuring power from the side. When agarwood turns her head, she sees a blue gentleman standing not far from her, and the rough sea is like the sea.
And agarwood remembers that this is the man who made his name in his dream. He immediately bowed down and said, "Brother Liu Chenxiang, meet the master!"
Lu Yu sighed lightly when he saw this. "It’s not easy to come all the way."
Aquilaria smell speech almost shed tears. It’s difficult and dangerous for him to be one and a half years old. If he hadn’t been gifted and famous for his skill, he would always strengthen his body. If he could walk this Wan Li to Huaguoshan.
"Please give me a spell!" Chen Xiang sincerely worships studying.
"Learn magic?"
"Save the mother!" Chen Xiang said that the firm words made people look askance.
"Do you know what you will face?"
"I know!" Chen Xiang replied that his uncle’s handsome but unsmiling face flashed through his mind, and he felt that he had a long way to go. How can such a powerful man defeat him himself?
"No, you don’t know." Unexpectedly, Liu Yu said this, which caused his doubts.
But see Liu Yu gently waved his sleeves, and a water curtain showed the towering mountain by the appearance. It was Aquilaria sinensis who had been to Huashan, and the familiar dangerous peak made him recognize it at a glance.
"Look carefully!" Lu Yu’s words sounded in agarwood’s ear, which made him involuntarily raise his head. At this moment, he found that Huashan actually had a golden beam of light, which seemed to have a mysterious breath. At first glance, agarwood could not help but want to kneel down. He was determined and had a stubborn spirit. Even though he was suppressed by this breath and trembled, he still did not bend his knees.
Lu Yu secretly nodded when he saw this. If such courage saves his mother, it is a castle in the middle.
"What is this, sir?"
"dogma!" Lu Yu’s answer is very light, but it’s like thunder agarwood ringing in his ear.
The dogma says that agarwood is mortal, but it is often heard that stories often violate dogma, but he never thought that dogma could still be seen.
Actually, he didn’t expect that even Lu Yu didn’t expect that the saints could visualize and abstract the dogma, which was beyond his imagination.
"Your mother seems to be pressing Huashan Mountain, but in fact, it is the rule of the avenue. If you can’t break it, you can’t save your mother!" Liu Yu said through
When agarwood heard this, she couldn’t help showing a look of despair. This is a dogma. To what extent can she break the dogma that can bind the gods and immortals? It sounds like a fantasy.
"Is my mother going to crush this Huashan forever?" Aquilaria seems to ask Liu Yu, and it seems that he can’t bear the sudden news.
However, he quickly recovered his composure. Since his husband said so, there must be a reason. Perhaps it is not impossible.
"Please teach me!" Aquilaria pleaded again
"If it’s a strip of heaven, it can be used, but at this time, the strip of heaven has become tangible. Since it’s tangible, there is a way to break it."
"If broken?" Aquilaria hurriedly asked the heart rekindled hope.
"Man has gone through many hardships since Nu Wa created man and our Terran appeared in the Three Realms. How many predecessors have gone on and on? After all, people have stood in the Three Realms and become the real protagonists of heaven and earth. Sages have spared no efforts to open avenues, making humanity prosperous. Now, with the growth of Terran, humanity will become stronger and stronger. If we can make use of this force, we can break the ground." Liu Yu will listen to agarwood’s eyes together for the first time.
"But this humanitarian force is not so easy to borrow," Liu Yu said gently.
"Please teach me how to practice agarwood. Even if you are poor all your life, you should borrow humanitarian power to save your mother." Agarwood looked at Liu Yu with a firm will and a burning eye.
Lu Yu smiled with relief when he saw this face hanging. He knelt down and lifted agarwood up and said softly, "It’s good that you have this heart. I will give everything to you, but now that your mana is low, even if you borrow humanitarian power, you can bear it. When you practice with me, I will lay a solid foundation for you and then teach you how to borrow humanitarian power."
The two men decided to be a teacher and apprentice. Lu Yu took the agarwood mountain. At this moment, the monkey in the mountain and Princess Luo Cha and others had already been attracted by the earth-shattering scene of agarwood. Just as they were about to get to the top of the mountain, they saw a Mr. Sven in blue walking slowly with agarwood.

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